sunday 02/11/2008

Lol read the Elo game rules...all the way down at the says that as long as u are within the top 35 and u dont play enough battles ur Elo will drop down... and i'l bet that 1434 Elo is DEFINELY within top 30

Well theres the Elo rooms as well....

Thanks !

If you actually read the game's rules, you will not find what happened to you by that I strongly suggest that you read the game's rules first to understand the game better..


This is my DT T2 deck i am using right now
plz comment on and how to improve

I dont know much about uppers but for the bangers i would say
blaaster bodenpower graff b ball
uppers erm...i dunno. lol

Well i would say freaks....with boris, olga and maciej,erpeto, cassandra...even miss ming. at least, compare her with frida.
or maybe bangers, with kluwn and blaaster and such.

Sorry Here's The Deck smiley


Good good all u
it just broke 1000 ratin
keep goin
still 30 each

saturday 01/11/2008


This is what you call a real pill deck buddy

Lol rate the 2nd one
its the final improvement b4 tessa cr

Lolz.. I got a Vickie together with an Enzo in a pack!

Gheist goes well with everythin smiley

He would work nice with Junkz, tbh smiley

How about Ashley her damage reduction can come in handy.


friday 31/10/2008

I think a pirana's deck is only good as a full deck with leader like 0-JP.

But I do use them with the gheist clan and they have a preset of over

The best cards to get if your cheap are rhed, smokey, andsom, tyd.its on the more high end scale but its good.

oh snap, thats mainly for T1, im not so good at T2's so i hope thats not what you play in! ^.^

Is it any good.
Read description first.

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