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sunday 07/12/2008

Change John To Copper's Dog 1*

saturday 06/12/2008

And i know, i need Kolos and Kenny, and probably some more.
Oh, and i have Glorg

Ok, heres how you do it..

you do Preset: 255481 (but don't leave a space)

like this

New Found Acts is preset: 255481.. hope that helps, if not you can always PM me for more help.. smiley

Thank u guys and i like bozzy's advice maybe i should try all these 2 clans so i can have a direct feeling of the difference

Someday it will playable in ELO smiley

Delete, im making a new one. i realized it could never be elo

friday 05/12/2008

I would pair them with roots because of they strength and there soa bonus

heres my thoughts (this is if you are as rich as me lol)
kerrozinn cr (hattori or possibly lost hog)
windy mor
xia lemming 2*
unagi 1*

there we go a nice balanced deck, well done u have exceeded yourself there 1984.

Interesting hmm interesting indeed
rhed out adsom in (because rhed is rubbish and adsom is gr8 with morphun)
tula for spycee
apart from tht interesting deck

Oh big mistake on tula for hawkins,
hawkins is a staple for piranas.
take rhed out her power is tooo average for elo and isn't that gr8 anyway.
replace her for smokey.
tula for spycee
apart from that your sakrohm half is gd maybe na boh for wakai but tht depends on the player because i sometimes use na boh for defence plus it will balance the deck a bit because u have only got 1 damage reductor. (note* wakai is gd anyway so u don't have to listen to me). anywho thats it gl with you deck.

Kind moderators, please close this threadsmiley

Settled on alternative deck, check it out =)

Keep hula lvl 2, but do what the guy sai dand get Olga instead of maciej, and lvl up yayoi, then it will be good.
My deck is the same except cassandra instead of Splata cas no1 will sell for 85k lol

First question: yes
second question: a higher level card may be stronger, but sometimes the total level exceeds 25 and u cant play Elo/T1 anymore. thus, players cut down on the levels so the entire deck can fit in

extras: a few other cards u can play not at full level :

gwen lvl 1
wanda lvl 1
noon stevens lvl 1
charlie lvl 4
yayoi lvl 3

juicy lord lvl 1
vermyn n lvl 3
and much, much, more (im sorry, but these are the only cards i can recall)

Just made a pretty decent elo deck and i would like to know hwat you guys think.
Leave comments here or on the preset page.

Any ideas?

Thats what i didsmiley i made it a preset but no one rated it

thursday 04/12/2008


My decks are:
as you can see, i like reducing damage lol, plz rate and comment, thanks smiley


cheap but very strong deck

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