sunday 26/10/2008

Thanks 4434553422 AoEM_Martan Special thanks to Groslm
@Groslm thanks for ur suggestion again
Onik seems like a gd card but i'm doubt its ability based on a courage its so predictable
I didn't play Junkz before but I've read a lot of articles they say the main 2 cards for Junkz are Gibson and Veenyle
ur build gives me a brand new thread out of the old thoughts
I'm always stick to the old thoughts like Gibson Veenyle Kenny should be in a deck
Junkz+Nightmare Junkz+Gheist Which is the better choice?Or If there's another better combination with other clans?
Whether there's a better deck combo power and dmg perfectly I know theres no best deck it only decides on the playstyle
But I have no playstyle yet now sadly

Plz rate and comment

Please open this preset for T1 freaks and piranas (normal and elo)

Ah.. my bad,
lyse teria price is more than 3.5 million XD

Try cool i got lulabee once. but only once smiley

Pussy montana, smiley

Ashigaru is very usefull because when your building a deck with a leader you can put him aside so you have less cards to choose among leaders and makes the pick easier....

saturday 25/10/2008

My deck i have had it since i was lvl 9smiley please rate

How did you say yourself new to this game since you are in Veteran rank already?? Back to the point, I'm not good at ELO deck building.

Trish, wardog, dean, brian, xia leming, rei, macumba/ linda, and kati.

good luck.



Freaks 10 stars deck is very strong
Pussycat should be Wanda Yayoi Charlie Baby Q
Louise won't be a gd card when there's so many Gheist and Roots out there
Emma is also better than her
Just my opion

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Beginner tips

There's a gd mono deck in the public presets

Mono Sentinel deck is strong in the ELO now for their 2 newcomers Hawk(R) and Lehane(U)
SENTILE UNLIMITED!!!!!!!!! is the deck what I'm using now u can put ur Skiner(C) in for Dayton(C)
Or a deck with Hugo
5*Hugo(R) 5*Hawk(R) 4*Coby(U) 3*John(U) 2*Aurelia(C) 2*Lehane(U) 3*Dayton(C)(or 3*Skiner (C)) 1*William(C)

Surviving the nightmare Should i change anything?

This is my deck for tourney's... vote please...

Lelena Is A 5 Star

Well peeler is the better card overall and the more damage reductors the better

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