saturday 18/10/2008

I see nothing wrong with that deck. in fact i have used decks basically the same as this and done very well in ELO.
the only change you might make is blaaster to vermyn n but i like blaaster better

Why did people start rating this down?

Ok so far i have a Sakrohm/Bangers deck:
B Ball
Na Boh

I want to keep this Elo and i have 5000 clintz
I will take any suggestions to make this deck better
thanks smiley


this is my newest preset,please rate + comment


Just a thought, but most type two matches end in KO, so you should really think about that.

Ok , Now I Know How To Auto-Link A Preset .

Like one month ago, there is a player that ask me what is your preset for survivor
but I ignor that player lol.. smiley
but here you go, my deck for survivor

Survivor T2 Sakrohm+Ulu Watu

Its Prese-(No-N)-t

friday 17/10/2008

Petra murray wakai/na boh (your choice) uranus would work a little better

Now only this: and the Preset above do exist. 2 Version which one do you think is better? The original or the alternative?
Thanks to anyone who has wrote comments, suggestions etc.
Thank you all smileysmiley

smiley smiley smiley smiley => + 180 points

gooood smileysmiley - thx all !!!!

Oh nvm, anyways look at my preset and rate it

My all time favorite Gheistmare deck is-

Z3r0 D34d


It works well because you have a OHKO in one half with Kolos and a 2HKO in the other with Methane and Leviatonn.

Great deck but too expensive.. hehe..smiley

thursday 16/10/2008

Low life

K thanks please close

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Need more souls. i'm still not the best player, i'm decent i guess, (i have trouble with judging me. anyone else i can judge) and i get over 1300 with this deck.

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