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sunday 23/11/2008



saturday 22/11/2008

What should i cange in this deck? please help

New players

I version of this deck

Who do you think needs replaced if anyone and rate green plz =p smiley
Pure Pill manipulation

Taham to Gibson
Sting to Dhalia

Um dark love, i think it shows all decks with the clans you pick and then all the other clans in that preset.

No battle table. just abilities

Rate and comment please. Thanks! smiley

deleted - This is my Second Fantastic Four preset published. smiley


the instructions are in the preset

thnx everyone!!!

No one likes this deck so delete this subjectsmiley

The thing for me with the -pills is that you know they will spend atleast that many with no negatives. That makes me want to play the - pill guys with no pills because I will have to spend 6 or more pills to win.

The smattering of starter cards that The best I got was a single Uncommon and full of assorted commons of various factions. The only ones I have more that one of is 2 bangers, 2 rescue and 2 junta that I have managed to get from the little bits of clints that I have been able to earn

friday 21/11/2008

In same attack situations, lower star count card would win

if both have same star count and same attack, card who attacked first wins

-next time, read the game's rules..it's all there..

I completely agree with you RG365, but as long as you don't play him where he's obviously hurt by his ability, he's, IMO, better. Also, in ELO, Warren, Unagi, and the other power=opp power cards aren't very common. Obviously there is a lot of SOA out there, which is why I'm still torn between Kang and Randy, but overall I believe Randy is the better choice over Robb because of the extra 2 damage. There are only 4 cards for the All Stars that have more damage than Randy, and they all cost more stars and aren't very easy to fit into an ELO deck, nor are they worth it IMO. Of course there are different playstyles and different cards that go better with different decks. I'd just like to see Randy get some love smiley

They have more than 2 life and usually 1st or 2nd round. So it does not explain why it is not working for me

What should i choose?
Freaks or Junkz?

Please close
thanks smiley

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If it isn't letting you take cards out of your deck, then that's something else, and you need to report that to a mod
otherwise, n00b-nati0n is completely correct

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