saturday 25/10/2008

Check them out!smiley
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friday 24/10/2008

Toss mayhem out, smokey and tyd are good, i like tula but not andsom or rhed. hawkins is useful but expensive, so maybe spycee until hawkins is an option.

as to the uppers, stanford and frankie h can both be useful, but if you want to toss one of them out, toss stanford and try to get burt, for the damage reduction

Nah this deck is pretty gd already

Thanks XD
but at least drawing kenny with two damage reducer and sargh seems good for me, nistarok is not only as a damage reducer, this card can be used for attacking
nistarok is good for me, good damage reducer (especially against big enemymaybe kinda lack of damage, but some cards now with 8/5 stats (dalhia, enzo)
I think 8/5 is balance smiley
I will try this deck smiley

Agianst all star?
rescue, montana, uppers
almost everything with good power and +/- attack can defeat all stars since all stars has medium to low power

which clan i the best to use againt uppers? (with jackie and zatman in it XD)

Aside from what you already have, good cards to pick up from Piranas are Rhed, Katan, and Hawkins (though Hawkins is a bit overpriced right now).

Mono Montana?

Hugo (5) 0 clintz
Edd (4) If you wait a bit he gets down to 1400 or lower occasionally
Oscar (3) 300
Giovanni (3) 300
Sharon (3) 300
Simon (3) 250
Prince Jr. (2) 400
Filomena (2) 200

Total: 3150 clintz

Hugo is one of the best leaders for Montana... the only expensive card you need is Edd, who is affordable at 1400. Prince Jr. is one of the best 2* cards, his ability is so powerful with the bonus and you'll use him and Edd in any Montana half deck anyway. GHEIST and Roots fear the Montana bonus, Hugo and Giovanni ignore SOA; meanwhile Edd, Oscar and Simon kill Piranhas and Nightmare. Sharon and Filomena are good walls even without if their abilities are canceled with Montana bonus and 7 or 6 power. Montana bonus cancels or trumps Junkz, Sentinel, Sarkhom, Uppers and Rescue bonus.

Montana is not improved much over this deck even if you get Mona and Octavia (but yes, they are better with those two). Mona improves over Sharon; Octavia would likely replace Simon, but Simon is really good against Piranhas.

Preset: followed by the last 6 numbers in the address gives you the better links, as in deleted

N a non-random room, who wins if the two attacks are the same?
Currently, if two attacks are the same, the fight result is randomly decided (the chances of winning being equal for both players).
In the event of equal attacks in a non random room, the player controlling the lower level character wins the round. If both the characters are at the same level, then the player controlling the attacking character wins.

A direct quote above from the rules FAQ. Since Kang cancels out the leader bonus, 7x6 is 7x6 no matter how you look at it. Kang has 3 stars Hammer has 5.

Check public presets, depends on what cards u got, smiley

Need a SOA card.. Kolos will be hard to play against, replace Skiner to be ok, smiley

Cute deck! smiley

Cute deck, can be improved w/ Collector cards, smiley

Force Majeure's choices are mine too, pero madami din maganda na *1 stars ha, hehe! smiley

Random factors make good "i lost to that sh*t card" stories, smiley

Nightmare due to kolos, smiley

I still use rescue when im bored, hehe! but you need Aurora or not at all! smiley

Ulu-skwatter! smiley
bored as usual! smiley

Hikiyousan *5
lulabee *4
buck *4
warren *1
blaaster *4
vermyn N *3
b ball *2
graff *2

GG's! smiley

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