thursday 16/10/2008

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Comment and rate plz!!!

It's called random.. each card has 1/8 chances of coming out each game. however, this does not automatically mean that it SHOULD come out 1 in every 8 games. It's the law of probability. there's not cheat or code or whatever in this game.. it's all about chance.

Oh, my math can be so poor sometimes smiley

Thanks!! smiley

According to new blood pack I also would say Nightmare and Sakrohm

Miss Ming (1 *)

I need one for attacking
and under 40k

I like to play with mono clans like Rescue and La Junta, smiley

@ WindtheGreat

Thanks ! I Will Have To Buy Marina And Striker Only !


Topic Can Be Closed ..

wednesday 15/10/2008

I do not remember my first pack smiley

Id like it if you posted a comment, smiley for me it works very well

If you have bought credits and haven't got them yet, then you should warn Customer Support about that. ( you should get credits as soon as you enter a code)

Or you could use rebecca, whichever is cheaper at the moment (i didn't check before i wrote my post)

If you want try your skill All Stars + Piranas, try:

Striker 4
Marina 4
Asley 2
flo 2

Tyd 3
Smokey 3
Bloodh 5
Hawkins 2

Noodile 1*
Ashley / Mario / Flo

Thanks, I'm starting mono GHEIST and Freaks since they're very cheap. Please close.

tuesday 14/10/2008

Sharon is a decent 3 star, maybe simon. oscar too, he is a 6/4 at worst, unless SOA'd


whoa! i never thought that i can make a SOLID budget deck on Rescue, nice one smiley
now even new players can make solid decks.

i think having a Kenny (15-16k) + Kolos (18-19k) plus the other Nightmare clans are not that expensive.
since all other cards in it are listed (not counting Cr's of course) below 5k.

speaking of an expensive deck, maybe Piranas with Dalhia (15k-10k) Hawkins (10k-8k) Bloodh (5-7k)
and that's just the top 3, not counting the 5 cards that you might wanna put in on a mono or half.

Highest damage calculation:
Round 1: Azel with fury, Opponent life : 60 - 6 = 54
Round 2: Kolos with fury, Opponent life : 54 - 12 - 3 = 39
Round 3: Kolos with fury, Opponent life : 39 - 12 - 3 = 24
Round 4: Kolos with fury, Opponent life : 24 - 12 - 3 = 9
Total damage = 60 - 9 = 51 smiley smiley smiley

Highest life gain calculation:
Round 1: Kenny with fury, Your life : 60 + 10 = 70
Round 2: Kenny with fury, Your life : 70 + 10 = 80
Round 3: Kenny with fury, Your life : 80 + 10 = 90
Round 4: Kenny with fury, Your life : 90 + 10 = 100
Total life gain = 100 - 60 = 40 smiley smiley smiley

If you're using a Rescue deck, they dont rely on Leaders, they are best as a mono-clan.
now, for keeping the Leaders , keep Hugo. he's the best Leader there is, next to Morphun

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