saturday 18/10/2008

Like one month ago, there is a player that ask me what is your preset for survivor
but I ignor that player lol.. smiley
but here you go, my deck for survivor

Survivor T2 Sakrohm+Ulu Watu

Its Prese-(No-N)-t

friday 17/10/2008

Petra murray wakai/na boh (your choice) uranus would work a little better

Now only this: and the Preset above do exist. 2 Version which one do you think is better? The original or the alternative?
Thanks to anyone who has wrote comments, suggestions etc.
Thank you all smileysmiley

smiley smiley smiley smiley => + 180 points

gooood smileysmiley - thx all !!!!

Oh nvm, anyways look at my preset and rate it

My all time favorite Gheistmare deck is-

Z3r0 D34d


It works well because you have a OHKO in one half with Kolos and a 2HKO in the other with Methane and Leviatonn.

Great deck but too expensive.. hehe..smiley

thursday 16/10/2008

Low life

K thanks please close

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Need more souls. i'm still not the best player, i'm decent i guess, (i have trouble with judging me. anyone else i can judge) and i get over 1300 with this deck.

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Comment and rate plz!!!

It's called random.. each card has 1/8 chances of coming out each game. however, this does not automatically mean that it SHOULD come out 1 in every 8 games. It's the law of probability. there's not cheat or code or whatever in this game.. it's all about chance.

Oh, my math can be so poor sometimes smiley

Thanks!! smiley

According to new blood pack I also would say Nightmare and Sakrohm

Miss Ming (1 *)

I need one for attacking
and under 40k

I like to play with mono clans like Rescue and La Junta, smiley

@ WindtheGreat

Thanks ! I Will Have To Buy Marina And Striker Only !


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