friday 31/10/2008

Cards not in cirrculation will be very expensive, smiley

Use vermyn N *3 stars, smiley

Go mono rescue! arrrgh! smiley

If they are the same starcount the one that is attacking wins

Montana it is!

As regards to the poison, well what u mentioned is not entirely impossible, just like winning with nina in the first round and ludmilla the next; this is a good question lols because i asked this to myself when i first started....the answer is that the poisons will not stack and the later poison will take effect.... let me draw a diagram cuz words cant say much....

1st round : Nina 6/2 Poison2, Min1 ----> Win Opponent's Life 12 - 2 = 10
2nd Round : Azel 7/4 Poison3, Min3-----> Win Opponent's Life 10 - 4 - 2(Nina's Poison) = 4
3rd Round : *some random card* ---------> Lost Opponent's Life 4 - 3 = 3(Azel's Minimum is 3 and
(not 1)
yeah hope u not a good artist so....yeah =)

Survivor? get a good win and u might just swop in credits to earn u a good 3 more cards

thursday 30/10/2008


Thanks everyone

mods close subject please

Nice preset man

Alright sweetie.

Replacing Chikko with Saddy would be a very smart move. Another vital(inexpensive) Banger to get your hands on will be Kluwn. No doubt about it. Save up for those two. Or, if you don't care about stars, Platoona, really packs a punch.
Sentinels are a pretty bad choice with all the good ones being quite expensive... but some good ones are Lehane and Miranda.

You'd probably be better off switching from Sentinels to Fang Pi clang and picking up Yusuke, Xia Leming, Rei, and Windy Mor.

But that's just some advice. I hope it helps smiley

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wednesday 29/10/2008

True. So learning more about the market would be a reasonable to dosmiley

Nope, only one that counted in the rank
so if you got 13 and 13 again, only one of them
or maybe 13 and 15, only 15 that counted

for example
with 13 wins you win 1st place for today
you get 20 credits

and the your wins (13 victory) will be added in weekly and monthly pool
so maybe you will get additional credits if you enter top 10 weekly and monthly pool (if you get top 10 in monthly pool, you must be in top 10 weekly pool)


please rate and green faces apreciated and on the ghiest one please no coments on the CR i just put it in there cus i like it smiley thanks

@D C Jishi3 Im looking for 11 star half decksmiley

miss lulabee
wee lee

tuesday 28/10/2008

I need help whit a All Stars/Roots survivor deck!
Here is my deck now:
How can i improve it??

Is there any chance that the mods can edit posts to change links to presets and guilds to this format? it makes it so much nicer

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