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sunday 16/11/2008

Low budget? ulu watu u can try jeff, buck, shayna, etc. if u really cant afford that try coraille and nympheea.

Both =) Anita comes first if u dont have steve



Not bad, but dammage is way too low...

saturday 15/11/2008

You're best off with a couple of clans (else sacrificing bonuses is just stupid) and going for both 2* and 3* cards.

Prince Jr

Jackie 3*
Dorian 3*

Whilst this retains only 3 2*'s it gives you huge average power (4 cards below 7 power, 2 of which give the opponent -2 power) as well as a decent (though hardly amazing) spread of damage and abilities.

Of course adding cards like lyse teria will make this deck amazingly good, but this is the discount version. I still think that having more than a couple of clans kills yourself against anyone that has any idea of how to play.


it's a four caln deck and founr ELO banned card deck

Nn is right: you can get mass of points by levellig up cards, or knocking out noobs with many pills saved in the danger zone.

Update list:-
Force Majeure(Ground Zero)
Academy of elite team
Elite team
Mod(Force,Merm) & Admins(Fraggle get special mention here an Euzebe too..smiley)

All of them teach me a lot of about this game..smiley and other things too..smiley
and lots of other people..if i right them all..i might have to make 2-3 post..or more.. smiley

Best regards,

Not everyone has lamar

Get rainbow packs they are very lucky:

i got:

Can any give me any ideas on how to change it:


20k isnt enough for Uppers... ive tried by starting on the low and mid cards... only to be put off by Jackie and Zatman

on the other hand Montana... cheap cards overall. I have 3.5k sitting and im tempted to get a Montana half deck.. i think i can just afford Don and Mona.

friday 14/11/2008

Id suggets neither because then one week for elo you couldnt play if all you have is them

I find theres truly no decent 3* cards in the Bangers and i find if opposed SOB clan their power becomes as poor as FP clang

What do you reckon I should change? smiley



thursday 13/11/2008

Platinum > meyen
luba > ludmilla, but ludmilla has 1 less star
work on getting cards like z3r0 d34d, methane, toro, and leviatonn

Look for cheap cards with high power

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