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monday 10/11/2008

Thanks everyone
i want a 2 clan deck for ELO
so i just want to know which clan with the Junkz can make a gd deck

For one, you need Kerry, Elvira and Steve to replace Ghoub, Bobby and Denise.

I think you should stick with GHEIST and buy some of those: Luba, Meyen, Gheistling, Darth, Platinum (Luba and Meyen worked very well for me in early levels). If you feel that earning clintz by fighting is too slow then purchase credits and get some booster packs.

I agree with capn, if you can afford the cost of managing a 1* card in your deck.

sunday 09/11/2008

I agree with O_CaULIFLOWER
also try sak they got a new 5 star card that seems to be needed and good in elo

From the word itself, random is random. No factors affect how it will hit you in the game. No techniques as to how you can hack/alter the random factor to make it work for your benefit.

I believe that this is a technical problem. If you have more questions regarding this, please contact the customer's support services. Or you can also drop the admins or moderators a PM regarding it. We are more than glad to answer questions with regards to the game.

Though, the answer for your original question is simply what I posted above.


If you have any questions with regards to the game, please don't hesitate to contact the admins or the moderators. We'll gladly answer your questions as much as we can.

Note: DO NOT contact us for credit problems. This should be sent directly to the customer's support services.

Yeah that'd work. but i dont like to replace cards very often. besides, wanda lv 1 is hard to buy. i'd do ellymae to feelyn i guess

Sorry wrong link heres the new one

What deck is good in ELO?
And what clan's?

Overall smiley Bloodsphere is right Sentinel rocks, but if you need one of those I would say Montana or Rescue

Need your budget. But just by random inference, I'd say Freaks/Ulu

For easy building I suggest something along these lines with roots/sakrohm

Miken Moose - 340 (arno will keep dropping in price in the near future and will likely end up cheaper than this in a month or so)
Rico - 350
Yookie - 685
Noodile - 800

Murray - 580
TrinmkkT - 840
Corrina - 900 (in a few weeks-months ludwig will liekly cost considerably less than this)
Petra - 1850 (quite expensive as it stands, but a very good card)

as prices drop it'd be quite easy to get Eris for ~2-3k who is a completely insane powerhouse and drop corrina for na boh or wakai for relatively cheap.

This instead of netting you an average deck nets you a very useable strong deck with completementary clans.

U wont get any decent decks with that kind mof money and since beginner ullu doesnt exist take all stars they are best cards for theyr price even tho u could take piranas aswell theyr good too

If u are going for elo make rescue since theyr the best elo guys if u make mono if u wanna do sentiel elo deck then u will hav to half deck it id sugest piranas make aurelia,dayton,lehane,hawk/copper and smokey,hawkins,dalhia n tyd

Noodile is useable in lower levels tho

Ops forgot to put the deck here


Please comment and rate!!good game...

But not that kind of budget!

Lol thanks all i thinksmiley

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