monday 22/10/2012

I wish to join the tournament.

Thanks smiley

sunday 21/10/2012



An event full of tournaments, lotteries, eliminatios, fights for card packs, unexpected decks and all kind of emotion.

Do you think that you have win? Do you think that you have lose? The winner will be unexpected.


Entrance fees: 1000 clintz.

Start day: The event will start when you reach the number of 50 players.

Is OBLIGATORY to donate at least a card or a pack of cards with an approximate value of 500 clintz.

Everybody, win or lose, can win cards, that's why is necesary the donation.


Thank you everybody, please join into the event and rate green! smiley

There are still some spots left. We will start monday so you can join till then.

It starts November 4, 2012 and ends on December 18, 2012 about

read before asking

thursday 18/10/2012

Death to all necros!

wednesday 17/10/2012

When would the event start ????smiley

Who is the best with montana ?

@mistblade14 The name and release time was said on facebook. Lizbeth won, and she's gonna be released in 4-5 weeks.

monday 15/10/2012

Fatigué des lotos traditionnels là-bas? Pensez un loto est fixé ou l'hôte est juste de laisser son / son amie victoire? Eh bien rejoindre mon loto. Ce loto loto est un peu interactif où les joueurs vont se demander qui, selon eux, gagner au loto et si vous choisissez celui qui obtient au premier ou deuxième vous gagnez un pourcentage de leur prix de leur part. N'hésitez pas à joindre voici les règles:

Piggy back Lotto. Son régulièrement au loto, mais 24 heures avant les joueurs de dessin sera demandé si ils aimeraient se «greffer» un autre joueur. Si vous décidez de «greffer» à quelqu'un d'autre, vous pouvez prendre jusqu'à 50% de leurs gains en cas de victoire! Si vous décidez de ne pas se «greffer» qui que ce soit, alors vous "vous ferroutage qui signifie que les 50% de vos gains en jeu la moitié de son innocuité. Si plusieurs joueurs se greffer le même joueur, puis le 50-25% à gagner est répartis entre les joueurs. Toutes les questions s'il vous plaît demander. * Les joueurs seront éliminés 1 par 1 jusqu'à ce que les gagnants sont partis.

Bong's Piggyback Lotto

join all lithuanians latvians and estians smiley

Still open until Nov 10 smiley rate green and join

Please close, I put this in the wrong forum. my sincerest apologies

Only a short time left to join for this premiere lotto event.

wednesday 10/10/2012

Could some one explain please

tuesday 09/10/2012


the premis of this event is lieka real life swap meet, but with abit of randomness added in for the fun of not knowing that you get.

you offer up a "lot" of 10 to 15k can be 1 expensive cards or a few less expensive card taped together to make 1 big super card smiley

anyways check it out for more details.

we will draw lots in about 2 weeks

sunday 07/10/2012

Hi guys this is my first event so feel free to join and have fun. I am sure this is not a dead event and remember me. I will held other events in future smiley Be proud of a Wise Men Distracted member smiley Here's the link:

saturday 06/10/2012

friday 05/10/2012

Prizes have changed drasticaly, and there are 7 spots left

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