tuesday 18/10/2016


And she's affected by their abilities too.
She just isn't worth it

sunday 16/10/2016

Hive, Raptors, Riots, Frozn and Skeelz/Berzerker.

Sadly I find it happens in all the rooms on the app even when you play against Human opponents but support replied to me saying they know the problem and are trying to fix it.

friday 14/10/2016

Can't see anyone's avatar profile picture

Disclaimer: Art is not mine. I wish lol. smileysmiley

They're a thing again. They're just over really quickly and you're very likely to miss them if you look the wrong way.

monday 10/10/2016

For like a normal game you miss some time but luckily those rounds are longer so you have more time to lose. In DT the time is too short for you to actually deal with the lag

KATJAGGER and APEKA are my favorites. KATJAGGER made Wave and Kenjy and is nailing those RB arts . APEKA made Dan and MC Decay and other classics.

sunday 09/10/2016

Yes, la junta seems more favourable than gheist

OK, it seems the trends are showing much different information than the charts do. The trends seem to be more accurate out of the 2. Does anyone know if this is something they are going to fix anytime soon?

saturday 08/10/2016

Wait I just realized that was a pretty obscure reference. My bad, yall, play Nuclear Throne.

jerromy: Don't worry about it.
DUCPowercreep: You're a tier-1 bro, bro.

The requirements change from guild to guild

friday 07/10/2016

That is true.
ok I guess I just smiley

Will we have adverts of hive cards now?

thursday 06/10/2016

If you win vs SOB, you get poison 2, min. 3
If you win vs SOA, you get poison 2, min. 3 (if the bonus is active)
If you win vs neither SOB nor SOA, you get poison 2, min. 3
So it's like Protection: Bonus, but better, because you don't need to have another Freaks-card in play

Tbh I have to agree with OPG, it is more valuable when there is some more insight rather than repeating the stats etc

wednesday 05/10/2016

I mean he's got a point (Mokra & Hawk will always be better than Kagura), but that's hardly a piercing insight.

Yeah, that is a good point. smiley

Another DT match was left hanging during my turn. smiley
Looks like my opponent was the one to time out though. smiley

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