wednesday 14/12/2016


all cards which have rb are currently not available in market for short time,
thanks smiley

Hello, i didn't know where to post this but i think i found a bug in the Arcade mode, every time i pick zoid against the A.Is in season 2 they just end up timed out

tuesday 13/12/2016

Morla Rb: just needed a power boost that's all an she be good nothing more needed changed.

monday 12/12/2016

Well i thin the graphic competition has volume 1 becouse vol 2 can be a card design and let the first competiton finish first

friday 09/12/2016

Well i think you shpuld evolve the idea of rb rather than scratch and replace. And by that i think old cards should be there they are a part of history, stats not so much stats get outdated and new abilities are released so giving the rb cards updated abilities look totaly fine by me. That way you get a problem solved on the kiki and kiki cr since kiki need art update and his reapearing was something of a rebirth like rass the need to update the old cards and balance them and eaven give them abilities that will give their clans more deck variations that can be played So keep the old way and if release rb with updated ability and stat give it to the old version too, in that case the art from the old card can be like the character developed further instead of just repeat the old card with different art style. The possilibilities with the rb are a lot so make it be the best it can be. Giving people more options and choises on their decks can make people use more or the resourses this game provides rather than buy the 8 most op cards available and play them until you get some good scores. A clan has around 50 cards and the 8 cards combination for a deck should be more than one for a mode.

But things now are not bad the arts are good the downside is that you need to put a lot of efford and resourses to aquire a old outdated card that can barely be used or if usable has a replacement or is elo banned. So its for collector purpose and the old card has more collector value.


thursday 08/12/2016

C Wing is stapple but Wilde + Hilly Billy is fun smiley

tuesday 06/12/2016

sunday 04/12/2016

Don't worry, Dt's = Daily tournament

This la junta/uppers isn't bad, you can also play brianna instead a 3*

® TQ ★★★★★

And for La junta/pussycats you can try:

Ashikaze ld - noemi - nabrissa - Sera M1 - pilzken - brianna - jane ramba cr/naja ld/milena//glover and for a 2* there are tolliver and scooty, you can choice from many cards, depends from your stylesmiley

Anything involving Knockout or Winning fights with a certain clan should not work.

I use training particularly for Poison Missions. Pillz to some extent, but it is best used for Poison because of the 15 LP.

saturday 03/12/2016

All leaders have a steep -25 on there own i believe.

an other cards like the 12 damage cards like kolo's has like -15 so it is a large number.
when i troll a dt i got full pussycats.

friday 02/12/2016

thursday 01/12/2016

Wow! That looks a lot like classic UR! Nostalgia! smiley

wednesday 30/11/2016

First look through all the clans
find one you like visually an ability an bonus you read them an think i like this clan.
then try them out about 8 or 4 cheap ones to give them a fair shake.
also trying other clan as a half to see if you like them also or playing like that.

find out about the clans an what is there strength an weakness all clans have them.

then one you find a clan you like get all of that one clan you can get an watch it become easier to win more an more then once you got all the clan you wont go for a second an see if you can find another clan that can mold to you main clan to make up for said weakness.
not much to it really stragity an tactics hard part is finding were you fit an with who.

Thanks man, I can't find it here on the new website haha. :*

tuesday 29/11/2016

I believe so. I used it when they first introduced the Premium packs just to see if it would work. Don't know if they've fixed it since then or not...

monday 28/11/2016

And roots fail vs the roots frozn deck where AI has kiki cr and calindra cr

I summon this card in attacking position.

I like the idea of Winter Wonderland Pack for Christmas. But how about 'Christmas present' packs? Three different packs that looks like gifts, costs 35 credits each, contains 5 cards, at least 1 rare guaranteed, 1 Rebirth guaranteed and with each packs contains an other set op clans that's for the buyer at the beginning unknow. On top of that Charlie Rb, Kolos Rb and Shakra Rb will be available each in a different pack smiley

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