thursday 02/10/2008

Ghiest goes great with other clans like nightmare. piranas, all-star they are rarley used by them selfs in mono clan

Get rid of igniss and buy a luba he's a useless card lubas cheaper and much better even though i have almost all the gheist (im missing 5,2regular and 3 collectors)i have igniss i dont use em im a gheist collector but igniss should be common and luba should be uncommon if you wer to switch it upsmiley

Im making a type 1/2 jus not elo

He isn't purchasing credits, he is using his tourney earned credits. That said, he should purchase credits (even if it is only a few), so he can sell etc.

Links in the original post are dead now. My preferred inexpensive deck is deleted. Winners of an older cheap deck contest were Pleasure Cruise for New Players and 6.5k Deck for new players. They're a bit more expensive now than they used to be b/c some of their cards left the New Blood packs, but still affordable.

I'd say freaks anyhow, because if you poison them fast with them, you have attack reducers that make your opponent waste pillz to overcome them or get hurt worse.

I wasn't jokingsmiley lol only kidding is a good deck u should be proud

: Sakrohm : Hugo / Eyrik
: Piranas : Eklore / Morphun / Hugo
: La Junta : Ambre / Timber / Hugo / Morphun / Eyrik

You should read the UR Gameplay School forums b4 posting these ideas. Coz its not that good for experienced players

wednesday 01/10/2008

Hmmm....this is a bit out of you price range but heres a cheap ulu watu deck I would recomend
ice jim
gaia noel

that totals 25 stars so you can use it in elo...i beleive the over all is like...5k?

Ehh maybe without copper and havok it might be but, dont have any ideas for em. thanks anywayssmiley

@ B-Debo

Agreed, but your draw is random, you just need to make sure that your deck can handle bad draws ok...

In t2, you can get more points if you have a lower starred deck, like a 26 starred deck, so I would use this for t2 survivor really, and ambre and kolos works well, just remember to bluff every now and again with it, don't keep thinking it will always work.

Get the reducers from Sakrohm or a high damage clan ( say Bangers ) and use em with Freaks


please rate and commentsmiley

"Some people even thought that red faces should be punished, but some of them are just people who have bad internet connection so it would be unfair"

Its unfair that green faces and angel faces will have benefits

because its really good to have equal traits no matter what having benefits is unfair to "us" who has bad connection to internet"

so this is nothing...

tuesday 30/09/2008

: if Nightmare would have an 8 power card, i bet it would have no ability..



prince jr


Eadh / Sheitane

Prince Jr

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