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sunday 09/11/2008

New one http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=220680

La junta is one of the best choice of mono clan after smiley
pretty much they don't have any disadvantages
maybe what you need to notice is that i you against +/- attack clan, don't use 0 pillz except you want to sacrifice that card
their advantages are they have many solid support cards and they have good power


and there are two option though..
jane ramba
tank / trish / bruce (tank if you like SOA, I prefer trish over bruce even though they are virtually same)
this one is the regular one


trish / bruce / tank
trish bruce / tank (choose two that you don't cohoose in the first one)
jane ramba level 2

this one is for ELO though

saturday 08/11/2008

Ok i decided to choose Sakrohm.
-------> MODS PLEASE CLOSE <-----------

Yeah but i sold most of my cards and bought this deck for survivor

Elo = a rating system created by Dr Elo or something for chess..but currently being used in nearly all games
Evo=Evolution= 6 pillz on your card when you are attacking(you first to move) and 0 pillz when you are defending(second to move) AND maximise the star difference(5 star and 1 star is the best) it is used to increase the exp gained by the card...It is used before the "new" warehouse appears
Bump=to make the thread go higher in the section..It is currently "banned" thoguh...if your post contain only bump it would not be approved by the mods..

Hope this clear you questions..smiley
At your service,


plz rate my preset !

@fluffy rbe
isn't that my deck, but with no bristone so it is 7 cards?
that has no relation to my deck whatsoever and i think the clown clan has the worst bonus in the game.

friday 07/11/2008

When cards are in the new blood packs their price stays low because the supply is high. Once they leave the New Blood pack the supply starts to drop and the price will rise. There is not ussually a dramatic rise but in a month or two cassandra should cost more. That is why cards can be picked up cheap a couple of weeks before they leave new blood packs.

While playing in the tournament at 17:43 i came up against a player ug lolo44580 or something like that (does any one know him/her?) anyways the time bar went all the way to red and should have timed out but it didn/t i waited more than 8 minutes cause i didnt want to loose by refreshing page so i waited and waited but they did not timed out so i wrote to a moderator about it and i searched for the player in the data base and i cant find them the only thing i have to show that i did wait is...17:58 ..you have almost won against DI_chema_77, DERKESTHAI IBEROS (5-6) – your wins: 11 points and 2 Clintz
17:43 ..you have narrowly escaped from TM-jojowdumv, Team Miss (9-6) – your wins: 25 points and 5 Clintz
ifu look at at the times i waited from 17:43 till 17:58 almost 15 minutes and the record does not even show that i fought the person which i cant find in no search


Tell me What cards to change!smiley

Training Day

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i'm sorry that's the correct one
plz comment and rate

As ghiest/root are used every other week i think if you team up your allstars with pussycats

Check public presets for decks you may build w/ your current collection...
regarding how to play, read the UR Gamplay ekek sa stickeys, smiley
experience is best, smiley

Well since u insist on type I. Use a 21-23* deck. This will help u get more points for a victory, remember some key points though, try to ko using as few pills as possible, match low* cards against high* if you can't ko. Also non-random dts are easier to calculate pill usage since its easier to know when you have won.
Since u mentioned sentinel try Skiner, dayton, aurelia, lehane, john, coby, rick, and rebecca that is 21*. The problem with sentinel is the lack of dmg so you may have trouble with the ko. Other than that play fast and hope for noob opponents.

-4 each day u dont play in elo

Actually I would have to go with Lunatik with his one. Wakai is good for Elo but in DT you need to beat the opponent quickly. Wakai stalls while Lunatik has the damage to get the job done.

thursday 06/11/2008

There we go. smiley

Thanks guys. I misunderstood the support aspect of the card.smiley

I didn't realise it was per person.

Got An Idea Of A Deck Format ?

Post it Here !


ER 65

- Your Deck cannot contain fewer than 8 characters.
- The sum of the character levels in your Deck must not exceed 25.
- The sum of the character power and damage in your Deck must not exceed 65.
- Your Deck cannot contain fewer than 3 Clan(s).
- Your Deck cannot contain more then 4 characters of the same Clan.
- Your Deck cannot contain any of the characters forbidden in ELO.
- Your Deck cannot contain any double characters.

wednesday 05/11/2008


rate that
i did NOT DO well with that last deck
haha live and learn i gess
anyway somthin clicked in my head like 20 min ago
and this is what came out
i think its solid
tell me what u think smileysmiley

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