monday 06/10/2008

Oh srry i left out 1 star for Cyan, so its 25*s

I've a new preset made for a contest of sorts.


It's a great deck, please rate highly with green faces for a high rating smiley

sunday 05/10/2008


alot of defence so if you hit around 8 u will be almost certainy win

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Ok thanks guys

Actually Ghiest or Roots would be slaughtered by Kolos because his bonus stops their bonus

No it started in 1999 got to the 1st page and click on masterx it started in 1999

wheeler for smokey
cyan for sting
grand vista for tyd

but if u cant aford that just swap grand vista for sting

Yeah im workin on collecting themsmileybut im not there yet

I kinda prefer dhalia

saturday 04/10/2008

K update......for my mono deck montana i am having trouble deciding how to set up. i was using using Edd (R), Hugo, Filomena (U), Mona (U), Ottavia (C), Prince Jr (C)., Sharon (U), and Simon. However I have recently finished evolving Don to full 5*.

Yeah 0-Jade like two of the newest cards, Arno and Lou, have numbers 560 and 561 respectively. Also, this was a cell phone game???


I can only think of one improvement which would be to replace either rhed or tyd with hawkins and then replace sharon with edd. But unfortunately that move would cost me over 12,000 clintz and i only have around 800 XD

Too many 3* .... Ulu Watu is better with Ambre though ... or maybe u could change Eyrik to Lulabee. .... . but it is difficult to play Ulu Watu mono .... U can pair em up with All Stars or Bangers but i use em with La Junta right now

Yup Larry can get u out of some pretty bad situations

Gheist is very good, it's the clan I satarted with and they are pretty cheap, once I got more clintz I moved up to a 1/2 deck with a Nightmare/Gheist combo, and it kicks arse! smiley go bad guys! smiley

I don't think people would think that since it hasn't been brought up...

Can i do my deck better?

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