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friday 24/10/2008

Cute deck, can be improved w/ Collector cards, smiley

Force Majeure's choices are mine too, pero madami din maganda na *1 stars ha, hehe! smiley

Random factors make good "i lost to that sh*t card" stories, smiley

Nightmare due to kolos, smiley

I still use rescue when im bored, hehe! but you need Aurora or not at all! smiley

Ulu-skwatter! smiley
bored as usual! smiley

Hikiyousan *5
lulabee *4
buck *4
warren *1
blaaster *4
vermyn N *3
b ball *2
graff *2

GG's! smiley

Cute deck, replace Eadh for veenyle so you can have a damage reducer, smiley

Both, but i make it a habit that i have a card w/ 6-8 damage in there, smiley

It's about baiting and pill conservation is your path to victory, smiley

Best to use her at 3, i like using jeena *2,

shakra *5
ratanah *4
noodile *3
jeena *2 / Arno *2

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Check public presets, smiley

Cute deck! smiley
replace betty for ella and upgrade Trinmkkt for skrumxxt for the mamaw factor, smiley

Play ELO, ok! smiley

Cassandra and Crassus are good finishers, smiley

Alot of room for improvement but good start, smiley

I'm not a survivor fan... but I would use Alexei instead of Hammer and replace Yookie for Nahi cr for anti-abilities like Bloodh and Kolos, smiley

Cute having Zodiack and Morlha, hehe! smiley

Cutie deck! smiley

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Fix the link brow... smiley

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