wednesday 24/09/2008

If the rule states that it will affect the points gained then it will affect the points gained. We may not notice much difference but if its how it is then it is still affecting the points unless the rule is referring to some other "rankings". Take ELO for example, the rankings may also signify elo values which is, as most of us, know is really affected by the difference of the elo values. But seeing that this rule is not under ELO game rules then perhaps it is really referring to the differing levels of players and how that will affect the battle points gained per battle.


Darkone is rite if you get SOB cards youll cripple the gheist because the gheist relys on the effect of stopping the opponents ability taking that from them is a major problem for any gheist users ike me you should win with SOBs


Page cr is Lvl 2 max whrer did ya find lvl3

My first junkz deck..go easy on me

disclaimer:no rowdy cuz of euz.....

Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Shayna... Buck is WAY better... especially in T2 survivor... Shayna's damage is laughable in this mode (and not just in this compared to Buck) and she is predictable.

but tbh...

Ambre / Morphun
Miss Lulabee
Wee Lee

But then again, this deck exists already... just with Buck instead of Miss Lulabee

tuesday 23/09/2008

Yeah but you also need average-good damage for a Damage Reduction deck to work

I posted my original Preset, Poor Man ELO, and discovered that many people don't understand how hard it is for someone who doesn't buy credits to get a good deck.

So here is My ELO deck, which i can't use this week because GHEIST is banned...AGAIN.
Comment, Rate, and Critique, so that I can make a good deck


BTW, i got to 1200 with this deck last week, which is pretty good considering my tiny budget. =P

Splata Cr 5*
Olga 3*
Akendram 3*
Esmeralda 2*

Charlie 5*
Yayoi 4*
Wanda 2*
Gwen 1*

There ya go... poison and defend or simply 2HKO. There are enough possibilities for 2-shots even without the poison.

preset: 167887

vote now and comment powh! smiley
GG's! smiley

Use charlie *4 and repalce lolly for gibson, smiley

Nah, id rather play w/ more deck options and combinations, smiley

Take the damage or use alot of pills, smiley

Simple, swap baby q for yayoi, meg for ella and replace uxoh for bryan, gg's! smiley

Depends on your current cards, smiley

monday 22/09/2008

My guild fits this subject:

Thanks everbody for your help mods plz close.

Check public presets, smiley

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