sunday 21/09/2008

: Meyen could be a substitute for Bristone.. smiley

Hi guys i wanna see what u think wil be cr i have allready bought tons of the cards i thinkwill be cr and honestly ill give u one so buy loads ill tell u one reason behind this okay terry from the allstars clan shes crap yup okay no point making her cr for that reason BUT and it is a big butt that she is one hell of a old card also that all stars only have one cr with bangers hint hint anyways her bad design is like melissa cr for the sentinels so come vote also now dont tell but either gaia or gaia noel with both chloes

It would be better if nothing becomes Cr at all... XDDDDDD

But yes, because of people's influence on the market who think that she will become Cr, every price change is because of people, LOL XD

Boris is way better

OMG, Sasori stop!

With this four presets that i made
experimetal deck 2

and this one is just for laughs

Yes some of the people who just start out usually don't know the rules that is a fact

Is there really a need for a thread saying that?

When ur knew in something u don't know the rules off the bat u usually learn after finding a set of rules

Usually lower level players that start guilds don't usually get that many people postulating to them

But if they find a person or a group of admins that they think they can learn from than they will follow them instead

Relying on strategy that use a certain amount on pills on this turn or so is shunned by more experience players cause it would not always work. Sure it might worked sometimes but once an opponent saw a pattern you'll be in a real pinch. And if you lose that much pills on the first turn you will really be in trouble.

Strategy is formulated when you are already playing someone, look at what you cards you have and look at your opponent's card then decide which cards in your opponent sides you think is the most dangerous and how each of your opponent's card should be handled based on what cards you have. Learn how to bluff properly, know when to let an opponent's card though and proper pill management.

The only way to learn is to keep playing, experience is the best teacher in UR.

Thats a cool strategy

Okaie if your sellin any of those type of cards let me no


saturday 20/09/2008

alot damage,damage reductors,alot of gd abilities

Love the deck, wish I still had my Copper left =(

Hi I have been playing for two weeks and really suck at this game. Trying to get better but what are you talking about. I am thinking of buying some credits like the 15 us dollar one. How to you suggest I use the credits?

friday 19/09/2008

Http:// newer

Actually, what you should do, is experiment with the cards you have. find out what bonuses you like. then sell cards on the market and on the forums, but only the cards you don't use as much. that way, you have funding for more cards that you like. then you get better with those cards, and if you're lucky, you win tournaments, and experiment with new cards.

No. what you want, until the piranas come out with better high damage cards, is always a half deck. they work well with the freaks. if you have tyd, dahlia, cassandra, olga, akendram, hawkins, spycee, and soushee, you have a good elo deck. when i was using it, it got me up really high, but then I tried freaks/sentinel and dropped really fast.

I'd have to say GHIEST for those awesome non-GHEIST banned weeks. They have some really low stars that are really powerful, so that even more powerful cards like Vladimir can fit in. Some low powered cards are Luba and Platinum, to name a few.

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