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friday 24/10/2008

Depends on the cards you got, check ELO rankings for most used clans and make a deck w/ those in mind, smiley

Always make your deck ELO possible so you can make a shift easily to competetive ELO, smiley

Try this:

Skrumxxt *5
Petra *4 / TrinmkkT *4
Murray *3
Caciope *1
Katan *4
Tyd *3
Cyan *3 / Smokey *3
Spycee *2

GG's! smiley

Cute deck! smiley
@chirs: wakekekeke 1300 indeed! smiley

thursday 23/10/2008

Play in type 2 but with 26-28 stars
or play in type 1 instead
more points in type one, use 21-23 stars deck

wednesday 22/10/2008

First things first AWWWWW LOOK AT THE PUPPY!
now then, to start you off, some good/ok cheap junkz are:
brandon 200
flyer 225
crystal 500
otakool 600
lolly 625
kawan 750
do not attempt to go mono-junkz, they are hard to work with

monday 20/10/2008

Thank you for your helpful advices. Now, I knew I need to get Cassandra but now I know I the other 3 to buy are soushee akendram and boris as hawkings is way expensive. smiley

sunday 19/10/2008

My opinion... XD

1.) Rescue
2.) Sentinel (you don't see too much of that, but I love it >.>smiley
3.) La Junta (scary if used right)
4.) Montana (too low damage, but there aren't really any other clans that can be mono successfully XD)

Yeah you are so good at your lvl~!

Keep on battlingsmileysmiley^__smiley__smiley__smiley__^smileysmileysmileysmiley

Lol Hellfire you just repeated what I saidsmiley except you rephrased somethings. You should have mentioned the search feature though.smiley

saturday 18/10/2008


If you don't put pillz on your card, your total power becomes your attack (also consider if it is affected by ability/bonus)..that would be (power x 1pill)

read game's rules, everything you need to know about power, attack, and pillz are there..

I see nothing wrong with that deck. in fact i have used decks basically the same as this and done very well in ELO.
the only change you might make is blaaster to vermyn n but i like blaaster better

Why did people start rating this down?

Ok so far i have a Sakrohm/Bangers deck:
B Ball
Na Boh

I want to keep this Elo and i have 5000 clintz
I will take any suggestions to make this deck better
thanks smiley


this is my newest preset,please rate + comment


Just a thought, but most type two matches end in KO, so you should really think about that.

Ok , Now I Know How To Auto-Link A Preset .

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