tuesday 16/09/2008

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I agree, give more money to survivor players, smiley

Check the market for current prices, smiley

Use a calculator, smiley

Umm.. try this bro! smiley

Bloodh *5
Tyd *3
Smokey *3
Hawkins *2
Bodenpower *5
Kluwn *3
Graff *2
B ball *2

GG's! smiley

Get Oscar, smiley

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I miss him! smiley


monday 15/09/2008

sunday 14/09/2008

My Aim Would be To Help Lower Levels Know How To Spend Their Clintz Wisely. I See Too Many Low Levels Have Lost Because BONUS Wasnt active and Rescue Half Deck Dont Help. I Want to Make Them End Up Big! smiley

I Would Also Make Lottteries Like Once Every 2 Weeks Or So. So Then More People Will Have To Be Active On Message Board Besides The Mods And People Like Me, Wind, Onion, And M&M, ETC. I Want To Make Message Board Filled With People And Many Subjects To Talk About. Itll Make A Bigger Community In Clint City And We Can All Benifit From it


Oh yeha lol .. i didnt play the game for 6-8 month and i couldnt find it HAHAHA smiley thanks

saturday 13/09/2008

So who won?

Don't forget
event: 1 = Battle Royale 10
player: 1 = samael
guild: 1 = guild:1

There are tons of ways to stop kolos dmage reducer and soa are the main one some other way is to put some card like bloodh with 10 pillz and he will maybe use kolos with 9 pillz +3 for fury meaning u hafve about 2 pillz left. if he dosent do that then ur as good as dead since he would have about 10 pillz more than u

Its great :]

Oh, that's much better smiley

Let's make this thread hot, please smiley
I like things being hot smiley

Link's broken again. Besides, it sounds awful.

Splash is when you just put something in there for some purpose
Staple is something you find common in something (example: a card commonly used in a deck of a given clan)
a Wall is a big card that's hard to beat even with minimal pillz used on it (example: Zatman)
a Blocker is something that's used for blocking purposes (blocking your opponent's card)
a Pinch is a tight situation
a Filler is something (preferably a low-star-count card) that's just used to fill in a missing piece/s in a deck

thursday 11/09/2008

Well if you're not talkin about elo, in TQ Kenny is not very use, and it's not all that usefull 'cause of his low damage, that may make you win, but slowly and maybe not for Ko, witch makes low points. Kolos himself in TQ's is not very used and personally I would never use him: the clan is'n that good because it's bonus is not optimal counting that you find lot's of deck's without bonus at all, and he is 5stars witch make you win very few points(even if a 1hotKo at 1st turn is a fast victory), I think a 2hit Ko is a better strategy in TQ's more points less risks and more/less same time to finish.
In Elo, Kolos can be a big problem if your Soa's are all stopped by Kolos bonus, and if you have no damage reducers...A VERY BIG PROBLEM! He put's you in the position of putting on 8/9 pills on 1st card very often, personally when I use Kolos in these situations I put like 3 or 4 pills without fury very often, cause trying to 1hit Ko is very risky. Kenny used with sakhrom is powerfull but agains Soa he becomes a very weak 4star card, and again, trying to get in with fury may give you the win but can also be very risky. In the end I think Kolos is a very strong card in Elo, for Kenny i see that many strong players in Elo prefer using Glorg in his place because he is much more solid, but he remains my favourite even if i have low experience with nightmares.

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