wednesday 17/09/2008

Please message me.

Im just wondering...

Its ok guys this threads now 1 week old and have given up on La Junta So Mods plz Close

For all stars you need marina, because she is their most useful card currently.

With ulu watu you can search the public presets:
- Beatdown Ulu Watu/Montana!!, and deleted are very good for elo.

- Tanaereva+Charlie=BOUM!, and T2 Survivor: Deck de tops are nice for survivor type 2

Thanks everybody I got a idea now mods plz close.smiley

tuesday 16/09/2008

It says that your battle has expired sometimes when someone challenges you and you don't accept or refuse for about a minute

Is it just me, or is it rare to see someone use more pills that a card has damage?

Only times I really see it otherwise is on life gain cards, or if a card can end a match, either with fury or without.


a much more relyable t2 deck
the cyan is there for a reason
( most newbies tends to use low power but high powered cards )
most common = mort bax , crystal , lost hog etc.
just send out cyan and then BOOOOM

Wasn't thinking out of the box. I agree Lehane is much better as a wall card. or could even squeeze a Gil in as a surprise card.

Eyrik *5
Rolph *5
Methane *4
leviatonn *3
lilith *1
Striker *4
ashley *2
lewis *1

GG's! smiley

Cute mono build deck, needs Lyse Teria cr, smiley

Clintz = MONEY in UR! smiley

Make an ELO deck, makes the transition faster in your ELO growth, smiley

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Random, smiley

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I agree, give more money to survivor players, smiley

Check the market for current prices, smiley

Use a calculator, smiley

Umm.. try this bro! smiley

Bloodh *5
Tyd *3
Smokey *3
Hawkins *2
Bodenpower *5
Kluwn *3
Graff *2
B ball *2

GG's! smiley

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