thursday 04/09/2008

Right i thought i would give up on the cheap and made these ones..

Fang Pi Elo Deck
Linda 4*
Windy Mor 2*
Xia Lemming 3*
Yusuke 3*
Rei 3*
Hattori 5*
Macumba 4*
Ungai 1*
Ghiest / Nightmare Elo Deck
Z3R0 D34D 2*
Levitation 3*
Methane 4*
Dr Saw 4*
Sheitane 2*
Hel 2*
Glorg 4*
Kenny 4*

Yup, experiece and reading may lead to a whole new world! smiley

Nice deck ShamedGod.
Nice to see someone else uses La Junta/Nightmare lol
Slightly different build smileysmiley

wednesday 03/09/2008

deleted is what I use in ELO now. It's a painful deck with the power Nightmare really needs...

Thanx guys... I'll trey 'em out...

A really good deck!

Hugo isn't really necessary... since you already got a great bonus... smiley

I'd play Azel no pills first turn... then Eadh 2 pills... then all pills dieter w/ fury after a kolos bait, smiley
wakokookokokok! spam! smiley

With new cards come change, smiley

tuesday 02/09/2008


thats about the only decent rescue deck you can have with your limit( i think?)
goodluck smiley


Due to the non-existent preset, I am now closing this thread.

-Thread closed-


Main point: courage will ONLY activate if your card is chosen first versus the opponent's card in a battle.

It is not based on random. Courage will not be activated randomly. You should ensure to play your card wisely to be able to activate it. Play it first against your opponent's card and it will work its magic.


Ghiest piranahas is what i use pretty good they smiley lol

Try this:

emeth *5
gertrud *4
bryan *4
bruce *3
jane ramba *3
dean *2
wardog *2
molly *2

GG's! smiley

Kolos *5
Azel *4
Eadh *2
Sheitane *2
Nellie *4
Burt *3
Rubie *3
Samantha *2

GG's! smiley

Try this bro!

Don *5
Sharon *3
mona *3
oscar *3
Blaaster *4
vermyn N *3
Graff *2
B Ball *2

GG's! smiley

The market normaly fluctuates, smiley

Use Pussycats,

charlie *5
yayoi *4
gwen *1
wanda *1

GG's! smiley

Gheist smiley

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