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thursday 09/10/2008

This is a clinz colector

wednesday 08/10/2008

Spycee is like the only stop all in Piranas, so V3tor...

No piranas if u use piranas use them with gheist

I was playing around to make a Pirana/Nightmare T1 tourney deck, so please have a look and rate smiley

Thanks for the ideas guyssmileysmiley

i might try and get marlysa cr lke rg365 loa said

thanks to everyone!

Uppers,Montana and GHEIST.

tuesday 07/10/2008


I don't have much to spend, but where should I look to improve on this? I'd like to try and change Beetenka for Dorian at some point.

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Read the manual, please. It's all there.
Short answers which intentionally do not answer it completely but force you to the manual:
1. random(?!)
2. automatically activated unless cancelled by other ability/bonus
3. I have no clue about what you mean. "week"-cylce? For ELO, yeah. "Weakness"? Not really.

No. base power is calculated. you have to do the math yourself for someone like copper, or dragan cr.

Thankyou for answering that!!!

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Ok thanks

monday 06/10/2008

@Ghoulin, Luba is not even close to Leviatonn's standard, she is a fairly average situation dependent card, he is the best Gheist card and one of the best in the game, merely having him in your hand means the opponent can never be sure of their heavy hitting ability dependent cards.

Also why Erika, Dr Saw clearly out classes her as does Toro and Methane.

Prob Spycee because it is perhaps the only Stop All in Piranas, but of course I only have two cards from the pirates, but still I looked at a lot of pirate (I'm lazy to wirte the full hard-to-type clan name) cards. Hawkins...I hate it for the same reasons I hate Kolos: I don't have them, too expensive, and kills me most of the time in combat.

I guess I can take that as a good thing smiley

Well, i am going to start collecting Montana so Torres-1996, that could work

See above: "Any way you could signal concession to your opponent is likely to be second-guessed". That's why playing your cards "in an obvious way" is 9 time out of 10 a self-defeating purpose.

More points are good, but more time is also worth points. If you can't imagine the ways it would benefit you to accept a concession, I'll describe some.

1. I know I'll win, but I'm not going to get a K.O. I was just going to throw all my pillz away for the rest of the match. If my opponent also knows this and wants to quit early, might as well let him and get on with the next match.

2. I'm sure I'll win, but it'll cost all my pills to get a K.O., so the bonus just isn't worth much. I could just steamroll over him, and some players seem to do this on principle, but if given a choice I stand more to gain by just letting him off the hook.

3. SLOOOOOOOOOOW player! Yeah, I could probably K.O. him with a fraction of the pillz I have left, but I'll probably gain more gray hairs than points while waiting for him to play. I thought he was going to time out at least 3 times, but apparently he's come back to the keyboard long enough to ask to be dismissed, and the paint I was watching has already done dried, so I will GLADLY get him the heck away from me as soon as possible.

Can you imagine any realistic or effective way these could be abused?

Better w/ a leader, smiley

It works for ELO, cute! smiley

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Try this if you are serious about using them in ELO,

Clara *5
yayoi *4
ella *2
wanda *2
Wolfgang *4
Olga *3
Akendram *3
Esmeralda *2

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