sunday 10/03/2013

This might be my New elo deck, but not sure wich i should put in for uranus :/
Anny support ?


Thanks in advance


Is this legit yet? I haven't got that new Berzerk 2* card yet cause it's pricey.

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Oops, forgot to paste it. deleted

saturday 09/03/2013

I think it's 2 days. 2, then 4, then 6, then i don't know.

I think Snowflake is fine I guess, I wouldn't want my 4* to have only 7 power and risk in.
From playing against multiple Roots players in Elo, I find that players tend to put Treeman as a junk card. In that case, Flora could be a better alternative.

If you're keeping Snowflake, I suggest drop Gretchem and get Tuck since you're lacking in attack manipulation and you may tend to over-rely on raw hard power. Other than that I find it's a good deck to play with although I've never played anything like that so I wouldn't know smiley

thursday 07/03/2013

wednesday 06/03/2013

Its Bin 3 years since ive played ELO mode so not sure if im doing it right
To if could leave comment thumbs up ( or down )it would help me out!
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Thanks in advance

State Of Mind

Ottavia and angelo/prince jr

monday 04/03/2013

Heal and poison usually doesn't do well together, but you can find quite some defeat+life cards... A kind of healing!
Most of good poison cards are usually banned, so choose wisely. The most reliable poison still comes from freaks bonus.


How about this? I removed Lilou and Sol Hona from the deck and added more reliables sources of life gapping.

sunday 03/03/2013

The preset is unplayable. You'll be wrecked by SOB.

Frozn's biggest weakness is that they have no character with more than 5 base damage. This implies that the best complement to a Frozn 1/2 should include at least 1-2 characters with at least 7+ damage. This is also problematic for Montana, another clan that also has fairly bad base damage. I mean, the Montana you chose have 1, 3, 4 and 5 base damage. 13 base damage for 12*s is way below curve: 12* should give you at least 16 base damage.

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Very nice. smiley


Q: Hey Gryazzie, why did you put Rudy in? Replace it with Lola!
A: Lola is too expensive. Rudy is a nice card to pill on when your opponent thinks you're bluffing it since they think you want his active to proc. 7 power is always nicer than 6 power considering the fact that everyone you face has mega high power ( >7 ) and both lola and rudy does not have atk manipulation. Also Rudy is less rare so you have the element of surprise.

Q: Your team have enough SOB, put taylor out and put some other 5* berzerks in!
A: Yes I intended to put Hilly Billy in but then SOB is good smiley. Also I only own 2 5* berzerks which is taylor and hilly billy.

A: Tyd good.

thursday 28/02/2013

Recently, it seems to me La Junta just turns ELO into a meat grinder. They aren't good enough to lose against consistently. They deal enough damage that you can't beat them consistently either. So you just cycle up, then down either playing with, or against them. La Junta half decks can be quite good, but mono is just too average for now. When Snake Pilzkin is widespread, that may change.

wednesday 27/02/2013

I made another mono-Piranas deck since I got stuck at 1200 ELO. Kept running into Avola spam and Gheist.

There are alot of preference cards in here but I wanted to keep the power on the high side.

tuesday 26/02/2013

Personally I would keep Desmond, he is a solid card to have for Montanas.

monday 25/02/2013

Wow, I just made Karrion work out for me in an All stars - Nightmare deck I just made. It has the stability against SoA I've been looking for!


Ain't all this in the rules somewhere?

sunday 24/02/2013

On the luck-skill thing

First of all,I am talking about Tournament/ELO in LoL which means that its not so random based,especially when you pick champs. You pick first,you have a chance to either pick an op champ or you might even stay open and have a natural counter of your champ,on your lane. So unless we talk for completely random games,its not that much about luck

I am gonna say that I have to agree with you guys,basically since you are more experienced than me and I want to respect your scores. But still,I don't know if it's the way that the discussions go in these forums or something else,there is a shroud of mystery in deck building and how some games are won. Want my suggestion? Maybe someone could stream for 1-2 hours this Monday,explain a little bit about how he will build his deck with the bans,and then play for some time,discussing his choices in the various games. That will probably help a lot to clear many questions less experienced players like me have(how do the proz think,what do I do when I draw a shitty hand and how can I turn a game around)

They do the streaming think like everywhere,it would be a good idea to revive(cause I have seen some old videos on youtube) it again

friday 22/02/2013


new card, new deck
rate and comment smiley

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