sunday 17/02/2013

Nice deck. smiley

Ok after considering both sides and looking at the cards i find roots more appealing thanks for all the advice

saturday 16/02/2013

Um nothing,seems great. The first one has great gap with Russel,Diana and somewhat with Pan. The second one relies a bit too much on Pussycats to make the gap I gotta say,but it might just be me. First of all,try them and make sure they suit your playstyle. So many people use Uppers in DT and they get great scores,but I hate them so much that even with decent decks/hands I still lose. Make sure to test drive both of them and adjust them with the new week's bans

friday 15/02/2013

Kerry,wanna give us the deck that will take you from 1300- to 1450? Really want to see it and study it

thursday 14/02/2013

Drawing glenn with 3 2*s is not that bad, glenn does not have to be used first turn.... all star 5*s sucks. perhaps jungo this week

ongh adler nahema

gheist: ksendra wardom xu52

montana: avola don fabio/enzo/jimmy or i say tino

Interesting deck. I would personally change Archibald to Wyre and Dean to wardog.

BASE damage. The printed number. Not modified by ability or bonus.

I don't find Lulabee, Hefty or Tomas particularly worthwhile in ELO.

Your system may have lagged and if you tried to play it twice the second click caused this message, the the match was not affected it is nothing to worry about smiley

wednesday 13/02/2013

Posting this made me think that I should try a frozn half and see if I can actually do well with it. The result is deleted

1351 so far smiley

Manfred is okay in my book. Since Sasha, Falkenstein, etc. are hard to justify pilling against, his confidence can be activated very easily. And with his 8 power, he can become part of a win-3-rounds strategy more easily than any of the other Skeelz nukes.

Better yet, it's a pain for your opponent when you draw Manfred and Jay together, especially with an easy opener like Sasha.

I once had an epiphany about Marina. Why is she so good? It occured to me that what she really does is make the opposing character smaller. 7/5 is standard base stats for a 4* but often she's going to have both higher power and higher damage than the opposing character. So she has tremendous value.

I think a flex character is someone that almost always has a way of giving me an advantage when I draw them. Marina can DR if you can't win, and she can win if her DR is opposed by SOA. My other favorite flex character was Yayoi. SOA + DR is a topend defensive character, but 7/6 SOA is also an amazing bomb especially for Pusscats that don't need that much damage to win. She is also unpredictable. Her damage can't be stopped, so she is a huge KO threat. Yookie was another character like this.

3* and 4* attack manipulation + SOA is also another popular flexible combo. Rubie is a good example of this, as is Gertjan.

I also like a high power pill manipulator like Corvus. A pill manipulator can be used a bomb (pill forcer) that is immune to DR but can also be used as a wall. Corvus is my 2nd favorite bomb in Skeelz because of this flexibility. The only downside is they are not good as a 4th round anchor.

Protection power and damage characters are great teammates. They usually have good base stats and can also go against SOA.

Flexible characters, often both useful and unpredictable, demonstrate that you don't need raw 8 power to be a good character in ELO.

Lois LD is quite useful i find when it comes to pussycats I'd say:
Selina / Lena - Lois LD
Jayzel - Diana
Cherry - Clover
Ella - Brittany

tuesday 12/02/2013

^ trolololo

monday 11/02/2013

5 messages

@ the ideal

you can make any clan work in elo, but it might not be the ideal smiley
why would you take a clan when you know theres a clan that does the job better?

Yes it's very true

Going with Uppers+Vortex this week, so far 10-1 with this:

I think T Gaank tops Kazayan, and makes Dorian nuts.

Dorian, Nellie, Oxen, T Gaank and Neloe are core to the preset. I can't see X-0DUS being more useful than Rubie. The only 2 characters that I might change are Samantha and Cyb Lhia. I like Samantha for this week as it seems SOB will be quite good. Cyb Lhia is akward to draw with Oxen and occasionally Samantha as well but really in all cases (vs SOA, vs SOB, or vs neither) I'd rather have her than C Wing. If I pull a Bublgmm I might replace Cyb Lhia with him. Changing for Wendel or Jose Star to open up Deea instead of Cyb Lhia is also an option.

I've seen some interesting Uppers + Pussycats this week as well.

sunday 10/02/2013

And to put in the Stop cards, you take out the cards that aren't effective against SoA's.
Naginata included.

saturday 09/02/2013

Mono Piranas is good if you are extremely skilled or telepathic. I had some elo wins with mono Piranas by guessing exactly how many pills they will use and winning rounds with 1-2 pill.

They are good at tourneys though.

IMO, the better pairing for Vortex is Uppers.

Okay 2* characters (Jose Star, Wendel)
High damage higher * characters (Oxen, Herman, Kazayan, Nellie, Dorian, etc.)
Great bonus (Almost always forces your opponent to spend 3 pillz to even try to win. Obviously not as strong against SoB or other atk manip clans.)

A good 4/4 build would be: Jose Star, Wendel, Oxen, Kazayan, Titsouk, Haaken, Stompah, Thorpah
Personal choices and playstyle can change that line-up though.

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