wednesday 20/08/2008

First of all, what kind of deck do u prefer to use in elo?

Lea Or Lobo Is A Good Way Tom Start of if your new, then you can make a Mono Rescue and when you level up more you can learn the Advanced Skills WIth Rescue And Other decks You Have faced. An Addition Is Maybe Lobo And Ghoub, Ghoub Is good because of Damage And Power Is Good , Not perfect, But with Bonus He's A tough One..

Good Luck

Yeah 0-Jade I hear what u are saying but i have tried other things but some folks take advantage of that and use pillz against uso it would be nice if more people wanted to have a room without pillz...

I love this deck:

Take a look and and tell me what you think...

@ Delta 9: What on earth are you talking about???

The only parameter that affects the result (other than Power, Pills, Ability & Bonus) is whether you are laying in Random or Non-Random rooms. Not artwork, not card price, and not "enchantments" from having been on the Market.

That must be the weirdest reply I have ever seen...

These cards are 8/6 or higher without bonus/ability:

Kerozinn Cr
DJ Korr Cr
Kiki Cr
Guru Cr

I dont think this worked the first time,, anyway rate and comment plz smiley

Hmmm....since I use those cards what really hurts me in DT is Sakrohm. Their bonus almost blocks my bonuses. and their damage reduction abilities help lower the damage of the Non Jackie. Also I'd suggest the other have Pussycats for the same reason

tuesday 19/08/2008

The ones I know that are 5-Star and start at Level 1 are:

~Guru Cr
~All the Leaders
I think I got them all.

Probablecause has it right. I asked this question a while ago, and secretly I was hoping that the cards would waver back and forth until the computer exploded from pain. smiley

Bangers are a very balanced clan with very good 2-5 star cards to choose from.
You just need to start using them to get a feel of how good they are.
2* = Graff, B Ball, Gyro
3* = Saddy, Juicy Lord, Kluwn
4* = Blaaster, Vermyn N
5* = Bodenpower, Willy
A typical Bangers deck usually involves having some damage reduction cards as pills are required to be conserved to dish out damage with the 4* and 5* stars. I recommend you try the cards yourself to figure out what type of play suits you best. Too many good combinations as all the cards above are decent cards to play with.

Some Suggestions: For ELO and T1 1/2 decks, try Bodenpower, Blaaster, B Ball, Graff 13* for high powered heavy damage cards or you can go for a balanced build with Blaaster, Saddy, Juicy Lord, Kluwn 13* if you like to play bluff and keep opponents guessing

Rescues Or Montana


What do you think about my freaks/piranas deck? WHat should I change ?

How do you vote??? i want to vote

I recommend:

SkrumxxT smiley

No leader if you use dual clans.

Did comment but nice deck smiley

monday 18/08/2008

smiley I understand that it makes people want to play those classes but by throwing in these power hitters with SOA and SOB the strategy of the lower cards dies out.

U won't find any deck that is "Best" in UR.....Everyone finds his or hers personel best...if u hav price issues i'd recommend Rescue or maybe even Montana

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