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sunday 12/10/2008

Sad...I want a 8 power bangers

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There are guidelines at the stickies, smiley

saturday 11/10/2008

I like to use
Kati , Macumba , Rei, Yusuke
Charlie,Ella,Feelyn and Wanda

Shadow, it is katan with 1 less damage because you put it in the gheist deck too, which means 1-3 pills, most likely 2, in the mono its better, but non mono, katans better

Again nice deck

i'm impressed (as usual)

i wish i could use it

but still i'm too cheap to buy nelie and sharon..

you never fail to impress me

first your 9-card deck theory

then this...

good jobsmiley

For type 2 or type 1?

friday 10/10/2008

Corrina is the best card u are picking from because Caciope is a bad card with no ability and low damagesmiley and even if up against na boh she only gets her damage reduced by 1! and she has an extra 8 attack and more power and her damage is the same as na boh even with his damage reducing abilities

Yeah, that looks close to the top presets. Evolved looks better to me; these cards are already expensive enough without having to trade down level to maintain the limit. With more cards like Ella, it's easier to spend big on guaranteed poison from the first round and contain incoming damage for free. Emma would be a better replacement for Charlie if her ability wasn't Courage.

The problem I have with GEIST/Roots/Pirana/Nightmare is that they just seem like a cheap way to eliminate half the strategy of the game. If I ever do an SOA or SOB, I'd at least split it with the other, because that's at least halfway clever, and I could keep my self-respect.

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@benny its only +15 since hugo is no rescue card

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Thankyou allsmiley

Must have been a great preset..

Kerozinn cr if you have her then hattori by long shot

True, but again too expensive and it has no -Attack, though its power and star count is ...ah...appetizing.

thursday 09/10/2008

Mega..sme of us can't buy credits, so yeah.

And then some newbies go into tourneys for the 50 clintz hand-out, and gladly take a beating for it smiley

Mine is GHEIST/Bangers, that may sound like a silly combination, but one stops the strongest abilities and the other strikes with pure power smiley.

Use vickie or edd that should stop their bonus

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