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monday 29/09/2008

Bugs have been happening a lot, it's hard to live with them, LOL XD

I put a Page Cr on sale then cancelled it, but was checked green as if I had it although it was no where in my collection... Then it said I had -1 of it and all that jazz...>.>

The same thing that happened to Nintendan happened to me too, and I wasted unevolved pussycats smiley (terrifying XD)

Try contacting some higher being (Stormwhisper >.>smiley, she'd love to help you... XD

sunday 28/09/2008

Lobo has no gender...

@0-JP and Breakpoint he i agree too :]

@ABDIZUL1 its called natural SOA................... easiest way to take him down

Hmm fang pi
i find fang pi are rubbish in 1 pill 1 pill play and there defence is lacking.
try sakrohm because they will aid u in 1 pill 1 pill play and sakrohm boosts high levels of defence meaning 1 hit from you fang pi and u have basically won.

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Oh very strange

Tanner (U)
Kimberley (C)
Klaus (C)


John (U)
Larry (C)
Linou Chun

One after the other

Check the presets, but dont expect another persons deck to work for you, it needs to suit your playing style

Lol a christmas clan u say
sick of year after year of producing presents to clint city St. rick decided to lead an army of elves and other things into clint city.

st.rick (parody of st. nick or santa claus)
armed with his rocket lauchers on his sled and man eating reindeer it don't matter if your nauthy or nice with this pychopath.

tree (yh)
aimed with babble bombs tht drop on any1 tht goes under him u better not put anything under thisn irate tree.

despite the fact he would melt except for winter, he is armed with more snowballs then u can shake a stick at.

these elves aren't making any presents this year. there amazing crafting skills mean they can produce killer weapons and rockets for St. rick.

lol a christmas clan but yh tht will be wat it would look like.

Problem is that any serious Gheist deck seems to need Leviatonn in the 3* slot. Not many other cards can compare to him for that number of stars, due to the combination of Stop All, power and damage. Some cards may be better in one or the other, but all three together makes him a very solid card.

Thus, expensive.

Nightmare in general is an expensive clan to use. Almost all their competitive-worthy cards can completely turn the game around by themselves.
Sheitane? 7 damage if the poison goes off first round. 2*
Hel? She can hit for 4 with fury, giving 4 life, which is a nice 8 life point difference. 2*
Kenny? He's 9 life, 15 with fury. 4*
Kolos? 1-hit KO. 5*
Timmy is a little weaker, which is why you don't tend to see him as often. Good power, though. 3*
Eadh is probably the weakest of the cards you might see in a competitive deck... and that's usually because the player already has Sheitane or Hel in the deck already. Personally, I value Hel higher than Sheitane, but both are good cards that can save *s for the even better cards that win you games.

Check out my preset! smiley
ONE PIECE! smiley

Timber *5
Rolph *5
Methane *4
Luba *3
Ludmilla *2
Z3r0 D34d *2
Morlha *2
Platinum *2

GG's! smiley

More damage pls, needs kolos, smiley

saturday 27/09/2008

Rate and comment them plz

Close this subject. i sold half the preset

Its called surfing piranas. tell me how to improve it and plz rate it to

Close it. i private messaged the stuff the minute he posted the q. okay

Actually, I sort of like Bristone, because damage reduction is in my opinion the best type of bluff. I'm thinking of saving for Toro and swtiching it for Rolph, which will net me an extra star, but it's all still undecided. I think I should focus more of the Piranas side because the GHEIST one is decent.

friday 26/09/2008

When I made this post I was hoping to find out what those stats used to be. Maybe in the case of Melluzine and Lunatik a case can be made to go back to their original stats now that stronger cards are out.

Xu52: It has a ridiculous amount of damage and the ability forces your opponent to pill up. The downside is for 5 stars it is a lot of deck space to use on what is essentially a bluff. Whilst he can be used to power though 6 power doesn't cut it for a big hitter.

Now for the de facto best Gheist cards:
Zero Dead: With 7 power and 4 damage and any ability based soas blocked, what's no to like. When this only costs 2 stars he prooves to be one of the best fillers in the game.

Leviatonn: The big daddy and best Gheist card, for 3 stars you have full stop, decent damage and since many cards now are ability dependent for their high power, you can often have higher power to.

Toro/Methane: 9/5 or 7/7 depends on your personal preference which you want and on your individual deck needs, more seem to like Methane, but since Gheist does have room for both so why not. why not smiley.

So there you have it a review of Gheist by a regular user.

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