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monday 13/10/2008

Check out the Cheap deck contest presets. All done under budget of 7500 clintz.

Best for mono decks are Uppers and Rescue, I think.
I hate FPC and La junta, lol.

Cheap yet good cards under 1K smiley yes... UNDER 1K smiley good for budget decks

2* = Prince jr
3* = Frankie Hi
4* = Beetenka/ nellie
5* = Eve

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Prince jr's ability is -2 power min 4.

That means the attack points will be equal unless z3r0 d34d's bonus is activated. In that case, prince jr's ability will be cancelled and z3r0 d34d will win the match.

It can also be because of the presence of hugo. His ability is sometimes taken for granted.

I was also thinking of a junkz deck with veenyle gil and lollysmiley

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Lol thanks chaos and megamagsmiley

Likely an error or glitch showing that ranking, however, it was not recorded..
the player really didn't get that high and he didn't get the rewards..
once you lose or your 30 mins. run out in survivor, your record automatically registers in the survivor rankings and rewards are given to you..no registry means no reward..

try and contact customer support to get an exact answer if you really want to know what happened..
this is not a witch hunt, so please just contact customer support when you have further concerns, anyone is innocent until proven guilty..

I actually like Scubb better with Ambre. Even though the gain is 1 less pill, it is far easier to actually manage to win with Scubb and therefor it is easier to get additional pillz. The gain you get from Ambre outweighs the loss of 1 pill imho.

Aside from losing points in DTs and ELO, people who leave matches also lose percentage in their fair play rating

plz dont say add leaders like ambre or morphun beacuse i cant afford them right now.
plz tell me how to improve this. thanks for looking

sunday 12/10/2008

Actually that is possible for over 20 win s

A) the same way you use any wall. note that the ability isn't necessary
b) hit with Bodenpower first smiley

Te asic strategy behind a deck like this is too use the freaks for their damage in either the first or second round then use dmage reducers to lower opponents damage so they can use the time it takes for the poison to take effect to finish you. and then finnally use a second card like murray or corrina to secure the life difference. (also depending on situation mixing it up and using like trinmkkt or zoltan to attack in addition to your other cards can often confuse the opponent and catch them by surprise)

Can someone help me?

Interesting, I'd never heard of this so I thought it was unique to UR. I guess this thread can close, but it would be nice to have that info and link in the documentation somewhere.

I say go half gheist half piranas
Piranas Gheist
deadeye methane
bloodh rolph
rhed toro
sting vladimir
there bonuses go together well

When can i start editing my writing ek ek in my preset? smiley the intro i mean, smiley

Master a deck with your leader 1st with your current cards, then learn the different bonuses, from there make adeck form the cards you like, smiley

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