tuesday 19/08/2008

How do you vote??? i want to vote

I recommend:

SkrumxxT smiley

No leader if you use dual clans.

Did comment but nice deck smiley

monday 18/08/2008

smiley I understand that it makes people want to play those classes but by throwing in these power hitters with SOA and SOB the strategy of the lower cards dies out.

U won't find any deck that is "Best" in UR.....Everyone finds his or hers personel best...if u hav price issues i'd recommend Rescue or maybe even Montana

The admins are doing a good job of banning cards, in my opinion. A lot of cards have similar stats, and some are elo banned while others are not. This is because the staff is trying to balance the clans, and you can probably tell that cards banned come from the most popular clans at the moment. Marco is banned from elo because the Rescue clan was dominating all of the others. Marco and Alec's ban was good because it allowed other clans to step in to prevent Rescue from destroying the field. Right now GHEIST and Roots are the most popular clans, so either other clans will get some amazing cards to help them in elo, or maybe those two clans will get a card banned from elo themselves.

Here is a preset that I made the other day. I feel that it can be really competitive but I wanted to hear what you guys think. smiley


sunday 17/08/2008

Press the "print screen" key (next to the backspace)
You paste it on a word page and send it to the support smiley

Definitely smokey, by far the best 3star piranas and one of the best in the game.

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True i think im going to have both vladimir and bristone and interchange them depending on what i want to play

That is a gd deck

There is of course the question of the rest of your cards and the damage potential you can dish out.
i know you've made your decision...
but since TrinmkkT has 6 damage it is often possible to achieve a two hit ko.
especially since TrinmkkT is a damage reducer, it;s often(some times) unexpected to use Her as a damager.

by the way... if anyone didn't know...
TrinmkkT is female, GraksmxxT and SkrumxxT are male.
(statement made because someone, not to be named recently referred to her as a him, there was much offense taken)

I wanted to ask if a sentinel deck with a hugo in it would stack attack bonuses. would the total attack amount to a +14, or does the higher of the two attack bonuses take place? kinda new here, so i was wondering if that would work. thanks!

saturday 16/08/2008

I already bought Frankie Hi and Samantha.. together with Janine and Zlatar i have Half a deck? what cards should i buy from the Junkz? and what card should I replace Zlatar with? I currently have 1600 clints and 13 credits.. planning to wait until i buy a booster pack and i'll see what i'll buy from what i get

All right, thanks guys, I'm gonna do a Bangers/GHEIST Deck. smiley

well, I already explained it above the 6 power card use 3 pillz = 24 attack

"I'm just saying each of your pillz bring same attack with your card's power
note that if you said using 2 pillz, means 3 pillz in your card since there is originally 1 pillz in each card
or if you said 3 pillz, that means 4 pillz"

Either Mojo had SOB or your opponent used hugo (12 against 18 is still 12/30 chanse to lose): Then u didnt even have 66% so...

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In that case play kolos and use fury maybe you'll win sometimes smiley

friday 15/08/2008

Is this a good combo?

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