saturday 16/08/2008

All right, thanks guys, I'm gonna do a Bangers/GHEIST Deck. smiley

well, I already explained it above the 6 power card use 3 pillz = 24 attack

"I'm just saying each of your pillz bring same attack with your card's power
note that if you said using 2 pillz, means 3 pillz in your card since there is originally 1 pillz in each card
or if you said 3 pillz, that means 4 pillz"

Either Mojo had SOB or your opponent used hugo (12 against 18 is still 12/30 chanse to lose): Then u didnt even have 66% so...

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In that case play kolos and use fury maybe you'll win sometimes smiley

friday 15/08/2008

Is this a good combo?

If you look closely at the page where you choose what room you will play in you could see a dice like symbol on the right side of the room name. If a room has this symbol it means that the room has no-random. That's the most sure way you can be sure that your playing in a non-random or a random play room

Good advice.

But sometimes when I do the dumb thing and lost I felt I was being dumb smiley

I got all gheist including Cr's.
anyone can plz give me a good GHEIST Deck build (and if anyone can give me a deck with Miss Twice Cr it will be better) ty for anyone that will help

Need help if u can please do i want a full deck plz


Adding on to the list, here are some deck-building tips and advice aimed at beginners but may even be helpful to more experienced players.

16. I found this one out the hard way. Be careful that you do not sell any characters that are a part of your saved deck presets. If you do, the next time you try to load that preset it will disappear. This is true even if you replace the character you sold.

17. The Urban Rivals database [] is an invaluable site for getting to know the cards abilities. I find it much easier to build a deck by browser the card database because it shows all of the cards leveled up and you dont have to scan the comments to learn each cards' abilities.

18. Its sometimes preferable to play with a character that isnt fully leveled. Noodle at 1 or 2 stars, Wanda at 1 star, Yayoi at 3 stars, and Charlie at 4 stars are all good examples. Often that single extra star gained is enough to create a much more cohesive deck. But be careful, it gets expensive which leads me to my next point...

19. On weekends when the competition is heaviest, these unleveled cards are in high demand and are more expensive. Conversely, at the same time leveled up versions flood the market and can sometimes be had for a bargain.

20. If you are leveling up characters and have reached level 10 be sure to use the Training Rooms (Lost Warehouse) and Vanasar. You get more experience, and also losses do not count against you or effect your win/lose ratio.

Depends on deck u use if ur using pirana nightmare banger or ulu watu
ambre is better because after 1 hard hit it's hard to catch up

Half the deck is 2 stars

thursday 14/08/2008


PLZ put green Face And Comment, Its a good Deck With Damage , and it beats Alot of Clans, Try It smiley

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Jane Ramba


Im just sayin

While it's not smart to do that, here are some counter arguments for each case:
1. If you have Smokey and some crap card for rounds 3 and 4, your opponent expects you to play Smokey in round 3. If they play first, they probably will play to beat your Smokey. If you play your other cards, and can still win with Smokey in round 4, that will probably be an easier win.

2. What if the life difference between you and your opponent is 7? Play Rhed with fury, thats 5 damage, plus the 3 life, for a difference of 8.

3. If your opponent plays his only strong card, and all the rest of his cards have low damage where they would have to fury to make it up, and you play Katan first with all the pillz, you almost ensure that you win with Katan, and get an extra two pillz to ensure that they cannot fury and win with the next three.

So while you shouldn't on an everyday basis do the above things, there are exceptions.

I have the best luck with full decks, but most will swear by new blood.


Switch timber to emeth
jane ramba is a much better than leo and is gr8 on the attack as well
now mitch to tank maybe, but mitch is a gd choice because then u have 1soa and 1sob, but tank has better power than mitch but its your decision. yh the balance is ok but really la junta are an agressive clan so defence is the last thing u need to think about when using this deck. gl and ggsmiley

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