wednesday 13/08/2008

Noodile *2 if you are not already using her maxxed or *1, you'll need the power and SOA against other Roots decks which are so common, but she's expensive to mantain... XD

Change azel to dieter/mojo or timmy(who is just a downgraded azel) and up sheitane to 2*/change to hel and id say its good
goodluck smiley

B, B, A, A! smiley

Welcome bro, try rescue since they are cheap and you can easily start earning during DT, smiley

Just make an ELO deck, smiley

Try a Montana Piranas deck since that looks cute! smiley

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Well those 2 cards are really good, try this and hope it works out for you, smiley

Bryan *4
bruce *3
jane ramba *3
dean *2
charlie *5
yayoi *4
wanda *2
ella *2

GG's! smiley

tuesday 12/08/2008


Not my preset but my deck:
Basically very similar to Tanto89's deck but with Rhed for Tyd and Dean for Wardog.
Otherwise try to avoid the support reliant La Juntas since they can be badly weakened on a split or 1 La Junta card draw.

Usually all the cards become CR aftter a year and then they release 400 new cards for the new year...smiley

Heres quite a cheap freaks/pussycats you could use to start with

feelyn/wanda(feelyn is cheaper)
elly mae
that could be good to start off with
future updates when you have the money are

zoltan to akendram/olga
elly mae to yayoi(but she costs alot)
eve to olga/akendram and meg to charlie(which costs alot) or to clara(clara or eve depends on play style)
goodluck smiley

It seems good togh i personally am not a fan of using unevolved cards...

And i don't see a preset... smiley

Experience, smiley

Please rate and leave a comment guys ..



Roots are my pick, smiley

shakra *5
noodile *3
jeena *2
miken moose *2
marina *4
striker *4
robb *3
ashley *2

GG's! smiley

monday 11/08/2008

Moshe, No One Knows, Sometimes It Just Happens, So It hust pops up, it may come unexpected Like How Chad Bread Cr was when he turned Cr, So its just Like A Star, no one knows when its gonna be big

I had never won with = attack this pass few days... the random GOD has forsaken me... i use to rank at tourney but since yesterday im always at the bottom losing battles after battles due to freakin random... it like fighting Andsom and u use Olga with the same pill or using Krassus with 4 pills losing to Lea... Random sucks....

Change Denise to Larry....Pam is gud but u might wanna replace her with Mark or Anita...if u want a damage reducer use Slyde

Pussycats ftw

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