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thursday 02/10/2008

I wasn't jokingsmiley lol only kidding is a good deck u should be proud

: Sakrohm : Hugo / Eyrik
: Piranas : Eklore / Morphun / Hugo
: La Junta : Ambre / Timber / Hugo / Morphun / Eyrik

You should read the UR Gameplay School forums b4 posting these ideas. Coz its not that good for experienced players

wednesday 01/10/2008

Hmmm....this is a bit out of you price range but heres a cheap ulu watu deck I would recomend
ice jim
gaia noel

that totals 25 stars so you can use it in elo...i beleive the over all is like...5k?

Ehh maybe without copper and havok it might be but, dont have any ideas for em. thanks anywayssmiley

@ B-Debo

Agreed, but your draw is random, you just need to make sure that your deck can handle bad draws ok...

In t2, you can get more points if you have a lower starred deck, like a 26 starred deck, so I would use this for t2 survivor really, and ambre and kolos works well, just remember to bluff every now and again with it, don't keep thinking it will always work.

Get the reducers from Sakrohm or a high damage clan ( say Bangers ) and use em with Freaks


please rate and commentsmiley

"Some people even thought that red faces should be punished, but some of them are just people who have bad internet connection so it would be unfair"

Its unfair that green faces and angel faces will have benefits

because its really good to have equal traits no matter what having benefits is unfair to "us" who has bad connection to internet"

so this is nothing...

tuesday 30/09/2008

: if Nightmare would have an 8 power card, i bet it would have no ability..



prince jr


Eadh / Sheitane

Prince Jr

Happy Days
Low on damage but if you take in the + lifes and the -Damage cards THKOs are not really needed as bad so I will stick with the high power.

monday 29/09/2008

Http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=175140 green faces apreciated

If you leave or let the game without playing you lose some points at any room.

I honestly prefer the look of OP's deck, Bryan is slightly redundant alongside a SoA clan.

As for Bruce vs. Trish, it's a matter of personal taste as far as I'm concerned, you're looking at 2 damage vs SoA immunity. On one hand the rest of the deck shouldn't have a problem with SoA (Though dean wouldn't be too sound) so you can probably get away with it though in the current meta game it does need to be watched for.

As for Noodile Rico and Yookie, I personally Favour Rico and Yookie over Noodile. Yookie is irreplacable for me and alongside Jane Ramba will provide your only damage reduction (unless you slip in Winston for Dean, but I'm not sure that's a great idea). Rico vs Noodile comes down to -6 attack vs 1 power. Noodile will do better against SoA, though with the bonus that's not too likely to come into play too often. For basic attacks Rico will outperform Noodile on any less than 5 pills with equal attack on 5 and less on 6 or more.

But yeah, if you don't mind the deck sitting out ELO every other week (until the meta-game shifts again) it looks very solid to me.

I dnt use la junt i use ulku bcs nt elo so tan and lulabe and wee lee

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