wednesday 06/02/2013

Even with the bans roots is still one of the strongest clans in elo mode, as for why they are always getting bans its because they are simply to versatile as a clan without the bans. Shakra and lou are solid high damage cards that are trouble to deal with due to soa, Ratanah is an above average 4 star with attack manipulation and soa, arno is a DR immune to soa that isnt roots/gheist. Yookie got banned because having 3 3* cards that are some of the best made roots half decks too strong. Roots has always been a clan that is extremely powerful with low star count, when most of the staple roots cards are 3 or fewer stars its really scary how efficient of a clan they are. They have their stronger 4 and 5 star cards ban to prevent them from being strong in every way, without a reliable nuke they at least have some weakness.

tuesday 05/02/2013

Kyle -> Tobbie? You don't need both Kyle and Flinch.
Sammie -> Owen or Havok. I mean, all of the ELO legal Sentinel 5* are pretty budget.

monday 04/02/2013


Balance is all well and good, but, there's so little in the way of punch in your lineup that you'll have a tough time if you can't win 3 rounds. I'd switch out Nahi Cr for a 2* (Treeman/Flora/Jeto), as well as Onik for Flanagan. That leaves you with 2 extra stars to play with-- you could upgrade either Noodile or Rico to Gretchen and Jiro to Qubik (for a 22333444 setup), or upgrade one of those to a 5*.

sunday 03/02/2013

Build solid decks. Analyse all scenarios before you play.

I tried with this deck for a while and just ended up struggling at 1300... but then again im not as good as o the oracle

saturday 02/02/2013

Well, tell us how it goes smiley

friday 01/02/2013

Interesting deck. Played skillfully it could do well.

Sorry tho a sakrohm deck is not complete without petra. ngrath + anakrohm to petra + spiaghi

thursday 31/01/2013

Bogdan / Grudj / Pyro / Maciej over Igor.

Karmov > Piotr. Stronger against SOA, +Life has better synergy with Poison and CHEAPER by far.

However, Piotr/Karmov can be replaced by a bunch of 3* Freaks. Akendrum, Quasichoco, Boris or Olga Noel are all valid options. Mira, if you want to drop Ivana for whatever reason.

Consider using Lucy.

Experience with Cherry + Freaks has led me to the conclusion that she doesn't contribute very much to winning. She can be replaced with any of the 3* or even a 4* if you want to cut Jayzel to a 3*.

Jayzel can be replaced by either Noemi or Clover. None of the three are strictly better than the other, although Noemi is rather vulnerable this week, with Montana, Sakrohm and Uppers flying around. Jayzel can become a DR in certain situations and a damage card in others. Revenge: SOA is not to be underestimated. Clover's main benefit is her 5 damage. She can be a surprise damage card. The DR is more or less going to serve a similar function as Jayzel's SOA.

Or you could upgrade one of the 3* cats to Diana, Lois Ld or Veronica. Diana is the first choice. Lois Ld is good if you're lacking in Power / Attack manip elsewhere.

Veronica is decent if you have damage elsewhere AND you are good at pilling the EXACT amount necessary to win. There is little room for mistakes (even overpilling 1 or 2 can cause you to lose especially with Freaks/Cats) but it is a powerful card if you're that good.

tuesday 29/01/2013

Great to know, thanks for the answers smiley

Nice deck. I would personally change Oraya to Serena.

Nice deck. I would personally change Buck to Numar and Oraya to Serena.

Personally I like Chlora over Vermyn N as SOB makes it all but impossible to win a round, I choose Pegh over B Ball obviously for the greater reduction. I played with both of the cards over the week and I eventually settled with Pegh as I didn't see B Balls extra 1 power and damage needed that often if at all. Normally I would have choose Spiaghi over Pegh but he was banned the week this deck was used.

sunday 27/01/2013

I'd change Dwan for the new Skeelz, Minerva, and Zeke for Snowflake.

saturday 26/01/2013


pls rate advice smiley

friday 25/01/2013

Lol didnt expect that coming, not especially game breaking (a bit sad because of that terrible 5 damage) but easy round winner and also common card YES great investment opportunity (gonna have the same fate as sledg) replaces michael in my book.

wednesday 23/01/2013

Please could you post a link to your deck.

Nice deck. I would personally change Nakata to Ralph.

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