friday 25/01/2013

Lol didnt expect that coming, not especially game breaking (a bit sad because of that terrible 5 damage) but easy round winner and also common card YES great investment opportunity (gonna have the same fate as sledg) replaces michael in my book.

wednesday 23/01/2013

Please could you post a link to your deck.

Nice deck. I would personally change Nakata to Ralph.

Interesting deck. smiley

Nice deck. smiley

After debating with myself for a bit I think Oracle is right here is a new build im currently trying.


tuesday 22/01/2013

Junkz! There is no overpriced staple character in Junkz. The closest would be Qubik who is a bargain for 8k. Ok, Ramona right now, but you could sub her for Jiro, Otakool, Onik or even Stiko with only a modest drop in performance, and she might come down in price by next month anyway. You can even save a few thousand on the 5* by using Maazk instead of Peeler/ Taham/ Fuzz, and Maazk is still really playable.

The best clan in ELO week in and week out is also by far the most affordable.

monday 21/01/2013

"What does he have that Pegh, etc... don't have?"
Let's see... 3 more stars that could be put to better use elsewhere? Say, towards high gap cards that "need to be stopped" but have higher power, or some kind of round-winning bonus/ability?

sunday 20/01/2013

7/2 SOB may not be that bad. Problem is all of her same-stat comparisons (Lucy, Flanagan, etc.) are a star less. I know you know that, but when your splash card is carrying an extra star than it should be, there are probably better options. Hehe. smiley

saturday 19/01/2013

Yeah you might want to consider half-decking. Vortex fight well when they have an advantage (generally speaking of course), but actually going out there and getting that advantage is difficult unless you had a good draw or got lucky in the opening rounds.

Pairing them with an attack manip clan that has decent damage like the uppers is a good idea, as it gives you leeway in the first two rounds to gain a considerable pill advantage or get a cheap shot in, though it doesn't help much against SOAs (unless dorian is unbanned).

Another approach would be using a low-star vortex half to gain a pill advantage while leaving the heavy-hitting to your other half. Dagg/deea/cyb lhia/C wing is pretty much the standard half deck for this purpose, while clans like gheist and bangers have a bunch of good high-star cards in need of the attack manip dagg and deea provides.

friday 18/01/2013

I would try to fit in Benicio. Protection power/ damage is definitely amazing to draw with All Stars, and he's also pretty insane with Ongh.

Curious how Karen is working out for you. I tried her last week; she was solid and affected plays, but never once did I actually hit with her ability.

thursday 17/01/2013

monday 14/01/2013

They can work together, but their bonuses are too similar to compliment each other. It'd be like running a Roots/GHEIST deck.
If you want to go half with Bangers, put in an SoA or SoB clan if you aren't going to use Graff or Randal.

sunday 13/01/2013

Yeah i know, roots are too strong right now, and this deck is really good against them.

Interesting deck. smiley

Interesting deck. I would personally change Cortez to Taylor and Jeffrey to Roger.

Bit top heavy i prefer




Build evens out the hands more. However the low star cards have potential in this particular deck.

saturday 12/01/2013

So what clans in your opinion complimeny montanna or uppers well?

Ulu is just a bad clan to get your SOA. If you want SOA, use 3 Montana such as Desmond+Spiaghi+Angelo. Those are 3 abilities that really help Ulu.

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