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saturday 27/09/2008

Its called surfing piranas. tell me how to improve it and plz rate it to

Close it. i private messaged the stuff the minute he posted the q. okay

Actually, I sort of like Bristone, because damage reduction is in my opinion the best type of bluff. I'm thinking of saving for Toro and swtiching it for Rolph, which will net me an extra star, but it's all still undecided. I think I should focus more of the Piranas side because the GHEIST one is decent.

friday 26/09/2008

When I made this post I was hoping to find out what those stats used to be. Maybe in the case of Melluzine and Lunatik a case can be made to go back to their original stats now that stronger cards are out.

Xu52: It has a ridiculous amount of damage and the ability forces your opponent to pill up. The downside is for 5 stars it is a lot of deck space to use on what is essentially a bluff. Whilst he can be used to power though 6 power doesn't cut it for a big hitter.

Now for the de facto best Gheist cards:
Zero Dead: With 7 power and 4 damage and any ability based soas blocked, what's no to like. When this only costs 2 stars he prooves to be one of the best fillers in the game.

Leviatonn: The big daddy and best Gheist card, for 3 stars you have full stop, decent damage and since many cards now are ability dependent for their high power, you can often have higher power to.

Toro/Methane: 9/5 or 7/7 depends on your personal preference which you want and on your individual deck needs, more seem to like Methane, but since Gheist does have room for both so why not. why not smiley.

So there you have it a review of Gheist by a regular user.

With Charlie, you can't blcok its ability unless using a stop-all which will waste it allowing stronger cards to attack.

Yeh Cassandra is powerful but with no ability and a bonus that doesn't really matter she is pretty weak

The other bonuses include attack+ or-, power+ or -, damage + or -, Stop Opponent Ability/Bonus, or Poison. the cheapest cards will probably be fang pi clang cards (damage plus), and they might go well with your power plus. that's all i got.

thursday 25/09/2008

Actually it was Stormwasp's but took over.smiley



need help for those experts

That is exactly what Thylus said smileysmileysmiley

Lehane (U), Marlysa Cr (Cr), Hawkins (U), Gil (U)
but all of this card is really gonna be strong with their bonus
Lehane (U) with + 8 attack and SOB is very scary
Marlysa Cr (Cr) with +2 damage is 7/4 wth SOB
Hawkins (U) is only ordinary 7/2 with -2 pillz min 1 without his SOB bonus
same with Gil (U) that without +8 attack

another good level 2 cards: (with or without their bonus)
Wardog (C),Dean (U), Z3r0 D34d (U), Wakai (R), Graff (R), Esmeralda (U) Sheitane (U), Eadh (C), Wanda (U), Lea (U), Miken Moose (C)

useable: (better to use them with their bonus)
Mario (U), Unagi (C), Sakazuki (C), Soushee (C), Platinum (C), Dash (R), Filomena (U), Gyro (U), Hel (C), Feelyn (U), Prince Jr (C), Ben (C), Lunatik (U), Aurelia (C), Rebecca (C), Bree (U), Warren (C), Samantha (C), Flo (U)

damage reducer:
Gabrielle (U), Ashley (C), Veenyle (C), B Ball (C), Winston (C)

GHEIST is the best for ELO because of there team bonus stop opponents ability(SOA) so id recommend gheist for any ELO tounaments

wednesday 24/09/2008

replacement means subtitute card
vladimir is a replacement for XU52
that means, if you don't have XU52, you can use vladimir

if you say, XU52 is a replacement for vladimir, that means, if you don't have vladimir, you can use XU52 (strange isn't it?)
leviatonn is very good, try to buy credits, and open danger pack, maybe you will get one
or, you can get 1 credit per tournamnet if you enter top 1/3, 20 tournament, and you can open 1 pack smiley

If the rule states that it will affect the points gained then it will affect the points gained. We may not notice much difference but if its how it is then it is still affecting the points unless the rule is referring to some other "rankings". Take ELO for example, the rankings may also signify elo values which is, as most of us, know is really affected by the difference of the elo values. But seeing that this rule is not under ELO game rules then perhaps it is really referring to the differing levels of players and how that will affect the battle points gained per battle.


Darkone is rite if you get SOB cards youll cripple the gheist because the gheist relys on the effect of stopping the opponents ability taking that from them is a major problem for any gheist users ike me you should win with SOBs


Page cr is Lvl 2 max whrer did ya find lvl3

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