monday 04/08/2008

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Low damage, smiley

Going cheap are we:

gibson *4
lolly *3
gil *2
Veenyle *2

good *11 stars = GG's! smiley

Dont sell, save, smileysmiley

I like your build rather than theirs, hehehe! Good luck! smiley

Try this:
Repalce Kenny for Kolos and downgrade na boh to caciope *1 then replace murray for Uranus, smiley

Simple, your second deck rock! smiley
Poiizzzzzzzzssszszszszsszszon! smiley

Tanto89's deck will work for you, smiley

Umm... no. Try using a mono clan Sentinels or mono clan La Junta,
GG's! smiley

I'm using Nightmare - Piranas, hope that helps, hehe! smiley

Only pussycats in the current metagame, their high star cards need a great support w/c only pussycats can offer, smiley

Pussycats smiley

Dalhia over Morphun, the pirates need their bonus to be effective, smiley

sunday 03/08/2008

1. That would be 28 attack vs 55. Double 28 is 56, so 55 does not double it and thus does not ensure a 100% win.

2. 1hKO's are a tricky matter though it can be assumed that they can often be knocked out, you're not likely to see many ELO decks for instance that can't deal with a kolos & kenny hand. Unfortunately this does keep up the pure power of SoA / SoB in the meta game and can lead to stale-ness. Hence the arguements, but inherantly 1hKO's are not broken in and of themselves.

3. This game caters to a very wide range of players with many being aged just 10 or younger. People want to know their children aren't going to be subjected to terrible language, prejudice, sexual remarks, etc.

As such the public forums are kept clean with posts being moderated to weed out the bad seeds. This is not a solely mature market with an age limit that would give people more chance to be crass and act however they like. There are plenty of other places for that.

Please read the game rules about abilities and why would Elly Mae's ability work if it has been SOA'd?

SOA would cancel an opponent's ability so why would an opponent 's ability work if it is canceled?

KIki cr always wins

Close this please mods

saturday 02/08/2008

Uppers really only have Jackie and Dorian as scary cards for T2 survivor. Well, Beetenka too, kind of. SOA isn't really too big of an issue in this game mode. Zatman's damage just doesn't cut it and Rubie isn't worth considering in an environment where 7 power is already somewhat low, not even thinking about 5 power. Of course Zatman is still a big wall and he can draw pillz.

If you wanna keep Uppers, I'd go with Tanto's idea and Ambre as leader.

Send me the list of your cards dude and i'll try to help you.

Try playing Survivor read all about it here:

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