friday 08/08/2008

Katan can pair with lots of cards to generate two hit kills, or at least create the threat of a two hit kill. In a deck that has other cards capable of dealing 6+ damage, she's usually going to be a better choice than Sting.

If you're really worried about the damage from the Piranas half of your deck, swap Deadeye in for Tyd. He's much harder to play and tends to get thrashed if his bonus isn't active, but can be very effective if used wisely.

Rubie would work.

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Methane > leviatonn .. well i meen you can replace easyer leviatonn then methane ..

In that deck would go with corrina but I think murray is better... still in that deck I think corrina fits better...

How much for havok

Probably Cause, looking back to the DT history, that win would have moved me from 12th to top 10 smiley

I'd replace Rick before Rebecca, but you also probably don't want Masamu in there either. For the price, Amiral Py, Mitch and Leo are not bad cards, and Chiro, Tank, and Dean are not too much more.

Gheist piranas can be a good combo:
toro, methane, z3r0 d34d, leviatonn, hawkins, dahlia, smokey, spycee


rolph, z3r0 d34d, leviatonn, bristone, hawkins, bloodh, smokey, spycee

Go for Rescue (mono) to get full advantage of their works believe me

@ Angel thanks for the comment.

@JP .. whow .. that was deep .. hehe

I used this earlier when I had a couple minutes: deleted
I averaged 28 battle points and didn't lose a single match in those few minutes. And here is the stronger version which averages lower battle points and with slightly higher star count: deleted

Both decks are similiar to what Akuaku uses, just that Lyse Teria Cr is a luxury card that I will never have. I won a DT with the second deck before too.

Its Like They Have to, If Not theyre Mutated Cards


Support Is Like Team Work, Its hard to use support if your deck isnt full of the same clan

EX: Chiro, Its easier to use Chiro When Your Whole Deck Is La Junta, As Well As Rescue and Alex

I would Say Azel To Kenny For Life Luck smiley

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Maybe Striker And Marina, Then The rest will be easy to save up and Make a half deck smiley


Total Stars: 13

Total Damage: 16 I believe,

I usually Use Murray Because He Got high Power With Life Gain And Can Be Usefull

For Half Deck ELO i might Use..


12 Stars *

I believe 17 damage, But I Would Run This Deck For Type 1 As well

Along With JP, This is a good deck that Made someone i know Win 1st In ELO, so try it out

So Far Shadow For ELO, Im Guessing that Uppers Is Good, With The Lost Of Zatman , ELO is easier, but Uppers Is Still Dominating, So Try Uppers, Roots, Or Maybe Sohkroam (Sorry is Spelled Wrong)

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