sunday 24/08/2008

Please comment and rate my deck smiley

Not a Deck for points now is it.

Unless this deck is made for survivor it is not worth anything sorry dude.

Strategy is a pre-made plan to follow through.
Tactic is spontaneous changes according to the situation encountered.
Nobody but experience can really help you with tactics in a totally unconcrete situation apart from the very unhelpful "try to win".

Also, lazybones should at least have a look at the presets instead of going around asking for 'a great deck'. Lots of presets there.

Umm... It has a sun symbol. Others are just the artist's mark on his work, smiley

If you're not in the top 35, then first 24 hours it's 2 points, next 24 hours 4 points, then 6, 8, etc.

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I will work cause you at least have two different Nightmare card in your hand.The Kolos and Nistarok will their bonus activated in that situation

Lamar Cr

Plz comment thnx

Charlie and yayoi could have been unmaxxed.

saturday 23/08/2008


If you have just started playing you should read the game rules and the UR Gameplay School threads for basic strategy.

1 - If you mean Freaks' bonus then make sure that you two different Freaks in your hand. And the bonus doesn't stack so even if two Freaks hit your opponent it will only take 2 life every turn.
2 - The quickest way is to buy some credits. If you can't then you should play as much daily tournament as you can and build a decent deck to be on top during daily, or play survivor.
3 - if you mean completing a whole clan for your collection there is no added bonus. But if you mean in your hand during battle some cards have ability or bonus that has support keyword. This abilities or bonus is more effective if you have a complete clan in your hand example of this would be the Rescue clan.

Woah..did not see that..really..was too lazy to read the whole thing..XD

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Close This Mods Plz... The Preset Was Deleted

Thanks for the comments, suggestions, and ratings so far. Does anyone else have anything to help me build better decks?

As a word of warning, I believe all the decks are made to win via resulting life totals, none are really made to KO anyone.

@ BullShot ...

what are do you mean.

Im trying to make a elo deck can u help me out on this

Just Pick one.... Tell me what it is?
[SoCC] J/S/F/W
ELO Watu Freaks
Power - Power?
ELO Pill Saver
Power Power Power
ELO Bangers / Sak
Surf's Up
The Price Is WRONG!
ELO Ghiest Freaks

Woot... alot

friday 22/08/2008

Look at the stickied 1 hit KO post at the top

Bodenpower would be better than Cassandra and Olga has more power than her, so she would poison better

I have several deck ideas but i was wondering if any of them are any good... please rate and comment on them... it may take awhile though there are seven...

#1: Fang Pi Clang + Nightmare
Kati (U), Sakazuki (C), Yusuke (U), Xia Leming (U),
Dieter (C), Eadh (C), Timmy (R), Ielena (R)

#2: All Stars + Ghiest
Kang (C), Lewis (C), Marina (R), Robb (R),
Luba (C), Ludmilla (C), Rolph (R), Z3r0 D34d (U)

#3: Pussycats + Uppers
Charlie (U), Ella (C), Wanda (U), Gwen (C),
Beetenka (U), Frankie Hi (U), Janine (U), Rubie (R)

#4: Sentinel + Junkz
Dayton (C), Lehane (U), Luis (C), Miranda (U),
Gil (U), Otakool (U), Peeler (U), Lolly (C)

#5: Bangers + Roots
B Ball (C), Bodenpower (U), Graff (R), Kluwn (U),
Noodile (C), Ratanah (U), Rico (U), Yookie (C)

#6: La Junta + Montana
Bryan (R), Bruce (C), Tank (U), Wardog (C),
Mona (U), Ottavia (C), Prince Jr (C), Don (U)

#7: Ulu Watu + Sakrohm
Gabrielle (U), Ice Jim (C), Lulabee (R), Nanook (U),
Murray (C), Petra (U), Uranus (U), Wakai (R)

If you rate or comment Please use numbers to say which deck your talking about... i can make almost any change you can think of... please help... and thanx in advance...

If there is a default then why do they call it random, if no matter what, we the players are not in control of the game, all the rules are designed for the mind of a child not an educated man like me who understands the game and knows that all they want is for people to spend money I have reached level 53 without buying credits. Remember this is only a game..

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