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saturday 30/08/2008

Opps messed up on that deck its 26*s. Just put Dragan Cr in for the Tessa cr spotsmileysmiley

friday 29/08/2008

The uppers montana are the best for dailies and here are 3 of the best decks involving them. feel free to use these decks as long as you comment on them and rate them on how good the deck is.

the montana type 1 deck http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=141519&commentLanguage=2

uppers montana type 2http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=141522&commentLanguage=1

uppers type 1http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=141521&from=list

Rescue have Marc and Anita

Thanks everyone for helping me and I think I'm going to go with windthegraets idea. I'm goin with sentinal as half and sakrohm. again thank you everyone.

None of the players who are rejecting the challenges are in my blacklist. And if that was the case it would be unfair because if UR wants us to use QC then it shouldn't challenge blacklisted players. The players who blacklisted more than others would be at a huge disadvantage losing more time than the others.

There's always the ELO (no random) room. It counts for the Dailies.
Two drawbacks though... Your deck must be ELO viable, and you'll tend to run across better players.

To Angle
Thanks Ill try it

Sentinels are currently the best, next is Fang pi clang and their unevovled *2 cards, smiley

Try this:

Lulabee *5
buck *4
Gabrielle *2
warren *1
emmeth *5
bryan *4
Wardog *2
jane ramba *2

GG's! smiley

Clara all the way, courage is too over rated, smiley
But my personal choice is Charlie, smiley

Well, IMO introduce another clan for you to make big in ELO, buy some pussycats or Roots to make a competative ELO deck. Keep your Kolos, Azel, glorg and sheitane, smiley

Read sticky on top regarding bonus and abilities! smiley


Vermyn N at *3 is a classic combo alone. Reducing can be your whole strategy in a match, letting you not rely on damage output for the win gives you more options on strategy and fury. smileysmiley.

Leviatonn hands down, wakeke! smiley

They keep them that level by buying unleveled ones in the market from the profit they make from selling the evolved version of the card, GG's! smiley

Try using Morphun instead of Ambre, this makes your pill usage in later rounds easier to compute, smiley

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Buy rolph, very good investment in ELO, smiley

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Go w/ 2 clans to make use of the strategies w/ the bonus, smiley

Dalhia is a very strong card, possible Collector status here, smiley

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