sunday 03/08/2008

KIki cr always wins

Close this please mods

saturday 02/08/2008

Uppers really only have Jackie and Dorian as scary cards for T2 survivor. Well, Beetenka too, kind of. SOA isn't really too big of an issue in this game mode. Zatman's damage just doesn't cut it and Rubie isn't worth considering in an environment where 7 power is already somewhat low, not even thinking about 5 power. Of course Zatman is still a big wall and he can draw pillz.

If you wanna keep Uppers, I'd go with Tanto's idea and Ambre as leader.

Send me the list of your cards dude and i'll try to help you.

Try playing Survivor read all about it here:

I'm tired of everyone complaining about Rescue I mean Montana cancels out both of their bonuses and Uppers only leave 2 behind and plus their two best cards are ELO banned and seriously just play more strategically and stop complaining how is it that soooo many other people are able to win against Rescue but you aren't? and plus if there were a new clan sooo much better than Rescue then you'd just complain about them and it'll keep going

: it really depends on how you play.. try both, then see whats suits your playstyle.. smiley

friday 01/08/2008

I don't know how much it is from where you're from, or how many credits you get per purchase, but getting 120-160 credits worth of Danger packs should let you start with a solid base.

I say Danger becasue they have the most high value cards, so even if you don't want those clans, you can sell the cards to get your own choices.

And learn the diference between power and atk ...
still have you count the bonuses , the abilities ... the base power can be 6 or 3 but it can be increased - decreased dramasticaly ...

Yeah, they are very good
you can pair them with all clans
high power, SOB, even though low damage but with ability that will annoy your opp

logo UR 14 messages

smiley NO smiley RESCUE smiley AMONG smiley NEW smiley CARDS smiley

You can change vladimir to xu52
but I think, why not playing in type 1?
you can change rolph to toro, and vladimir to methane

@ Axis : no , i dont even know that dude.. hehe

: post here the clans you've been thinking of, so that it would be easier to give suggestions.. smiley

: get Vladimir outta their, since XU52 and Vladimir is mostly the same..

You mean that if tou play a deck with fully leveled cards you get more points than a MAX3star used as a 2 star?
I'm gettin quite frustrating with tournaments i win allmost every match and i end 200 points less then top.

No absolutely not. Firstly mayhem basically sucks. And second you should only have one leader in your deck otherwise their abilities don't work and they become 5* cards with no ability or bonus.

Pretty much anything can go together as long as you don't mix in rescue or Sentinel cuz they rely on their support abilities

thursday 31/07/2008

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From tournys u get credits and clintz

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