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saturday 06/09/2008

So, i got these cards and want to make a good T2 survivor.. i am saving for Striker:

Loma Noju
Windy Mor

Possbile suggestions? Thx

You Need A Graff And B Ball

To Make This Half Deck..

B Ball

Im Not Sure What Other Hald Deck You will make but this one Is good smiley

For Anything PM Me

I have to decks I use in type 1/elo. One is a Sentinel deck, the other is Ulu Watu. The thing is, I was looking at Hawk and Lulabee one day, and I was thinking about how Ulu Watu and Sentinel both have some good two star cards. I threw this together. I've only tested it a few times, but it worked for me. I published it as a preset if you want to see all of the cards in it.


Tell me what you think.

friday 05/09/2008

Thanks V3ctor I saw you in Elo room and you got high elo points I'lll try this thankssmiley

My vote goes to Bodenpower as well smiley

thursday 04/09/2008

You can gain more clints if you ko the opponent, or loose without hitting him.

Are sure that it is refusal, and not not answering? I think you can avoid a duel by not answering to it without the timeout penalty.

Wud be useful if u tell us what mode u wanting to play
(elo, t1 , t2 or just fight club e.t.c)

i no its not cheap but maybe save up for it
Coby 4*:
Copper 5*
Dayton 3*
Havoc 5*
Hawk 5*
John 3*
Miranda 4*
Chloe 5*

Right i thought i would give up on the cheap and made these ones..

Fang Pi Elo Deck
Linda 4*
Windy Mor 2*
Xia Lemming 3*
Yusuke 3*
Rei 3*
Hattori 5*
Macumba 4*
Ungai 1*
Ghiest / Nightmare Elo Deck
Z3R0 D34D 2*
Levitation 3*
Methane 4*
Dr Saw 4*
Sheitane 2*
Hel 2*
Glorg 4*
Kenny 4*

Yup, experiece and reading may lead to a whole new world! smiley

Nice deck ShamedGod.
Nice to see someone else uses La Junta/Nightmare lol
Slightly different build smileysmiley

wednesday 03/09/2008

deleted is what I use in ELO now. It's a painful deck with the power Nightmare really needs...

Thanx guys... I'll trey 'em out...

A really good deck!

Hugo isn't really necessary... since you already got a great bonus... smiley

I'd play Azel no pills first turn... then Eadh 2 pills... then all pills dieter w/ fury after a kolos bait, smiley
wakokookokokok! spam! smiley

With new cards come change, smiley

tuesday 02/09/2008


thats about the only decent rescue deck you can have with your limit( i think?)
goodluck smiley


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