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friday 15/08/2008

Half the deck is 2 stars

thursday 14/08/2008


PLZ put green Face And Comment, Its a good Deck With Damage , and it beats Alot of Clans, Try It smiley

Jane Ramba


Im just sayin

While it's not smart to do that, here are some counter arguments for each case:
1. If you have Smokey and some crap card for rounds 3 and 4, your opponent expects you to play Smokey in round 3. If they play first, they probably will play to beat your Smokey. If you play your other cards, and can still win with Smokey in round 4, that will probably be an easier win.

2. What if the life difference between you and your opponent is 7? Play Rhed with fury, thats 5 damage, plus the 3 life, for a difference of 8.

3. If your opponent plays his only strong card, and all the rest of his cards have low damage where they would have to fury to make it up, and you play Katan first with all the pillz, you almost ensure that you win with Katan, and get an extra two pillz to ensure that they cannot fury and win with the next three.

So while you shouldn't on an everyday basis do the above things, there are exceptions.

I have the best luck with full decks, but most will swear by new blood.


Switch timber to emeth
jane ramba is a much better than leo and is gr8 on the attack as well
now mitch to tank maybe, but mitch is a gd choice because then u have 1soa and 1sob, but tank has better power than mitch but its your decision. yh the balance is ok but really la junta are an agressive clan so defence is the last thing u need to think about when using this deck. gl and ggsmiley

Poison doesn't stack
The last poison attack will be the one to take effect (even if it is weaker)

Bangers-Roots are my pick, all out power to stifle the attck reduction. smiley

wednesday 13/08/2008

Taham (R)/Peeler (U) to Gibson (C) (I would remove Taham (R))
Na Boh (R) to Otakool
Kawan (U) to Rowdy

That will give you SOB and SOA and spread the power and damage more evenly through your deck. Currently right now you could draw Dash, Gil, Veenyle, and Na Boh and good luck winning with that hand

It's a good deck, but this deck have too many stars
you will have a hard time to enter in top 100 in DT
fun to use maybe in danger room or survivor type 2

3x jackie
3x Dorian
2x Zatman
and maybe 1x morphun

Noodile *2 if you are not already using her maxxed or *1, you'll need the power and SOA against other Roots decks which are so common, but she's expensive to mantain... XD

Change azel to dieter/mojo or timmy(who is just a downgraded azel) and up sheitane to 2*/change to hel and id say its good
goodluck smiley

B, B, A, A! smiley

Welcome bro, try rescue since they are cheap and you can easily start earning during DT, smiley

Just make an ELO deck, smiley

Try a Montana Piranas deck since that looks cute! smiley

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Well those 2 cards are really good, try this and hope it works out for you, smiley

Bryan *4
bruce *3
jane ramba *3
dean *2
charlie *5
yayoi *4
wanda *2
ella *2

GG's! smiley

tuesday 12/08/2008

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