friday 01/08/2008

: post here the clans you've been thinking of, so that it would be easier to give suggestions.. smiley

: get Vladimir outta their, since XU52 and Vladimir is mostly the same..

You mean that if tou play a deck with fully leveled cards you get more points than a MAX3star used as a 2 star?
I'm gettin quite frustrating with tournaments i win allmost every match and i end 200 points less then top.

No absolutely not. Firstly mayhem basically sucks. And second you should only have one leader in your deck otherwise their abilities don't work and they become 5* cards with no ability or bonus.

Pretty much anything can go together as long as you don't mix in rescue or Sentinel cuz they rely on their support abilities

thursday 31/07/2008

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From tournys u get credits and clintz

Heres the link to my type 2 tournment deck its not complete i still need dalhia and hawkins and il also buy them from somebody post ur offers here

OLD isn't exactly fun but you get massive points to get your leader or level quickly, plus you don't always fight people with good OLD decks, and you can grab unsuspecting people to play you... XD

Another fun idea with OLD is going to Fight Club where there's random. smiley

Have fun!

I can't find your deck, but I can list a cookie-cutter Ulu Watu/Freaks... XD



Have fun! smiley

Is this deck good enough(i need help),clan,asc,all,0,collection,)

It is only a 24 star deck atm... make it 25

I prefer Sheitane over Hel anytime, but it's a matter of personal playstyle. Eadh is imho better than Hel too.

You should look for cards like Hawkins and Tyd, like it has been mentioned already. I'd probably upgrade Dieter to Glorg.

So something like this:

Kolos 5*
Kenny 4*
Glorg 4*
Sheitane 2*

Tyd 3*
Andsom or Smokey 3*
Hawkins 2*
Spycee 2*

This way you get better power into the deck while upgrading on dangerous abilities (poison, pill control) and damage (Glorg, Tyd).

Probably still not that great of a deck because of the low power Nightmares, which require a lot of experience to pull it off. But when you master bluffing with Nightmare, they can become pretty lethal.

Ok...thanks for the help everyone...even though all i asked was if it was good or not...not what should i change my deck to...and to even change my deck will take only a weak or so old to this and i have no clintz to buy anything else...

Oyoh if you're only looking at them attacking each other. The other two have a 50/50 chance of whacking each other and will lose every time (in non-random) if they attack Oyoh with the same number of pillz.

If you're not comparing them in a vacuum, I'd have to go with Armand. He blocks the power reducers that can cripple the other two, not to mention all those pesky damage reducers, attack reducers, power/damage/attack boosters... besides, he's a literal party animal while the other two are a psychologically traumatized warmonger and a 'Judo' expert who'd get himself banned from any real Judo tournament ever held. It's not a hard choice-even if I do usually hate the party animal types.

wednesday 30/07/2008

Well 0-JP, ya got a point there.smiley

For? DT? combine it with uppers
for ELO, maybe with bangers, pussycats, or piranas

haha.. yeah, that will work I guess
but some players forgot about damage reducer or SOA
for example, when I played in tourney, someone use kinjo and go all out, but that player forgot that I have ottavia smiley

But i dont hav morphun thats the problem

Sorry, link didnt it is:

Gheist/Pirana ? Don't they easily fall to clans that have power/attack modificators ?

I don't play ELO, but from the other game modes I can say that GHEIST has never been a threat for clans like Uppers, Montana or Ulu Watu. And Piranas have a problem with high power SOB like Lulabee or Edd too. Idk. Like I said, I don't play ELO so I don't really know.

: since Roots is an SOA clan, go for a clan with not much SOA ( best example : uberly disabled no SOA clan Sakrohm )
: thats what I`m doing in my decks to avoid some complications, and of course, addition of better cards..
: but as always, it depends on what you like, and how you play.. smiley

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