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thursday 29/12/2016


Most powerful uncommon in the clan you choose? Some clans need an uncommon. And there are few uncommon cards that are breaking the meta like so god mode level that they win you the game.

wednesday 28/12/2016

Got the same problemsmiley says that the quick battle is at moment unavailable, to try later, then i receive letter from Kate that i dropped too many matches, that's ridiculous

funny thing is it seems like it does not affect everyone, some guys were still adding pts hen i was checking the DT table ranking

tuesday 27/12/2016

Though I don't really like leaders, I always like new missions and in this case every leader getting his own.
I would love to see these and the clan missions get implemented!smiley

OK i found it. It only appears if you actually have a private sale waiting.

Silly child, I cannot play that old version on my tablet.

monday 26/12/2016

Use internet explorer people.

If Elite, I would pick Piranas, Frozn, Sakrohm and Skeelz. This is particularly because they dominate ELO usually.

New Blood... I would if another Ymirah level character showed up. The closest thing to Ymirah in that pack is Aegis in my opinion in Aegis is not in the same level as Ymirah as he relies on that ability of his.

sunday 25/12/2016

Tyd op pls nerf ; ( blizz


Kylorenne Noel would have been a great surprise imo

saturday 24/12/2016

This year was 4 - 4 - 2 - 4+2 - 4. Last year was 3 - 4 - 3.

Miss Sloane was indirectly mentioned in being the only 9 base damage.
Boostr isn't gone, they just paired up with a publisher.

Yeah it's safe to buy Nekron or you could wait another week.
Wait 2-3 weeks till buying Vixen or Faiza imo.

They stop making Rbs. they gave you a copy of the original card for every rb you had

friday 23/12/2016

^That seems too deep for my poor mind to understand smiley

wednesday 21/12/2016

Alec CR and Kalindra CR
i could get them by selling unnecessary cards but i'm too lazy to go through my collection and sort cards out smileysmileysmiley

Well,maybe later they will change which CRs you can get from which chest, e.g. Flavio Cr was before in silver tokenz chest and one is in golden tokenz chest

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