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tuesday 16/09/2008

It says that your battle has expired sometimes when someone challenges you and you don't accept or refuse for about a minute

Is it just me, or is it rare to see someone use more pills that a card has damage?

Only times I really see it otherwise is on life gain cards, or if a card can end a match, either with fury or without.


a much more relyable t2 deck
the cyan is there for a reason
( most newbies tends to use low power but high powered cards )
most common = mort bax , crystal , lost hog etc.
just send out cyan and then BOOOOM

Wasn't thinking out of the box. I agree Lehane is much better as a wall card. or could even squeeze a Gil in as a surprise card.

Eyrik *5
Rolph *5
Methane *4
leviatonn *3
lilith *1
Striker *4
ashley *2
lewis *1

GG's! smiley

Cute mono build deck, needs Lyse Teria cr, smiley

Clintz = MONEY in UR! smiley

Make an ELO deck, makes the transition faster in your ELO growth, smiley

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Random, smiley

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I agree, give more money to survivor players, smiley

Check the market for current prices, smiley

Use a calculator, smiley

Umm.. try this bro! smiley

Bloodh *5
Tyd *3
Smokey *3
Hawkins *2
Bodenpower *5
Kluwn *3
Graff *2
B ball *2

GG's! smiley

Get Oscar, smiley

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I miss him! smiley


monday 15/09/2008

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