thursday 10/07/2008


Help me.
The deck is good but i tend to lose against ghiest help.

DerMagus is right..cancel leader would not activate, however, additional xps from 2 or 3 fully leveled Vansaars won't apply..regardless of how many Vansaars you have +90% xp will still apply..only +90% nothing more than that..

New resistance? wakekekeke! smiley

Cute deck, but Roots will outpower your GHEIST, GG's! smiley

Easy, Use then un-banned clan for the week, Currently Pussycats and Roots to pair w/ your Sakrohm will make a powerful deck, GG's! smiley


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Play more daily Tournaments and save your clints till your next pack (i prescribe Danger packs), GG's! smiley

Damage is their only problem, you lack a pure nuker, try playing w/ Copper since Roots are being banned once every 2 weeks, GG's! smiley

Senior... save for Bryan asap, smiley

Experience, GG's! smiley

Well buying credtis is an important part of the game IMO if you plan on playing serious ELO. But regarding Tournaments, I suddgest you play Type 2, since I noticed I manage more points there, smiley

Nice, try to save for Blaaster, GG's! smiley

Well IMO make a Ulu Watu - Roots deck, then use GHEIST when Roots is banned, GG's! smiley

I had the best luck with buying decks. you might get lucky with the others, but a guaranteed rare is worth 2-3 maybes (
at least to me).

wednesday 09/07/2008

Yeah, just getting enough credits to buy a pack or two will easily win you several thousand clintz.

tuesday 08/07/2008

I'm Making this so that theres a place where we can all post our type 2 Survival Decks to free up all of the individual threads.

Well Here's Mine:

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Hey guys,

I have a Kenny card, but I'm not really into using cards from Nightmare. I'm thinking I should sell this, despite the fact that it is rare, as that would give me 15 000 clintz.
Would this be a good decision?
Also what should I buy with that money? My current deck consists of:
Frankie Hi

Thanks for any help people smiley

Now I know thanks to all of your suggestion it helped very much thank you ^__ ^ smiley

Soz my preset got destroyed try this one

: i think keeping Amelia would be useful.. as long as you could avoid both SOA and SOB..
: Amelia is a 7 /5 card ( with ability )
: and she could leave a gap in power with your opponent, and she could take on cards like example.. Buck..
: just my opinion..

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