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monday 08/09/2008

Rescue is fine, while true that they would have trouble top 3ing, they are still pretty good. Also, see what new cards they get in their next cycle, that could push it over the top.

What do you think?

sunday 07/09/2008

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THANX EVERYONE! it helps alot! smiley

actually he said that

"and it happened again.. with another character ..same attack..one more pill than opponent..still lost.. why?"

and this is my answer:

"If it's not because of opp bonus, it maybe because his opp has lower star than Darth or move first"

for that one, yes, maybe his opp bonus, or leader

what happen if you use her ability on her self? that will be 9/4
and actually I never use her to attack if not in critical condition
I only 2 need two turns to KO my opp and that suits with ambre

Well, the best Bangers 3* card (for mesmiley) is Vermyn N 3*, however he is hard to keep at that level, second would be Saddy

Wee lee instead of buck! smiley

You definately need some more cards.. Decks are normally made of either Mono-Clan (8 characters from 1 clan) or Half-Clan (4 Characters each from 2 clans). That helps you get your Bonus against your opponents.

As to tournaments, the Exact Winnings Table in the game rules shows how many Battle Points you win in each fight. You want to maximize your Battle Points as much as you can.. Playing lower starred cards that can still win effectively is key to placing high in the Dailies. Key is to play smart, win often, and never stop during that hour. I've had instances when I lost the fight I was in, but still gained 18 points due to the points system. (3 cards at 2* win against 4-5* , lose at the 4th card... Lost the match due to Life Totals.)
But remember, the point you're at now with your cards, you most likely won't place in the top 200. People have a lot of decks that are optimized to win DTs. Aim for getting in the Top 1/3 (eg.. 3000 players, get to 1000) and you'll get a credit for your time. 20 Credits = More cards.

saturday 06/09/2008

: probably Rolph would get a banning since Toro is out there.. XD

I messed up my first post forgot to add this so if anyone coud help me it would be appreciated











Prince Jr




Juicy Lord

Bob Joby




Miss Ming





Could someone help me with this deck since I just bought some packs and Im not sure which I should sell and which I should keep.

@ Rubenes, its Z3r0 D34d

I just turned level 10 and i haven't bought credits so this is all i could afford is it ok?


So, i got these cards and want to make a good T2 survivor.. i am saving for Striker:

Loma Noju
Windy Mor

Possbile suggestions? Thx

You Need A Graff And B Ball

To Make This Half Deck..

B Ball

Im Not Sure What Other Hald Deck You will make but this one Is good smiley

For Anything PM Me

I have to decks I use in type 1/elo. One is a Sentinel deck, the other is Ulu Watu. The thing is, I was looking at Hawk and Lulabee one day, and I was thinking about how Ulu Watu and Sentinel both have some good two star cards. I threw this together. I've only tested it a few times, but it worked for me. I published it as a preset if you want to see all of the cards in it.


Tell me what you think.

friday 05/09/2008

Thanks V3ctor I saw you in Elo room and you got high elo points I'lll try this thankssmiley

My vote goes to Bodenpower as well smiley

thursday 04/09/2008

You can gain more clints if you ko the opponent, or loose without hitting him.

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