monday 21/07/2008

To get 1315 ELO all you have to do is to play a lot.

half GHEIST is good, la junta is nto a bad option, bangers or pussycats is a more popular one, but actually junta, ulu watu, pirannas or even shakhorn would do.

Yep........petrol price go up..must save PAPER

This deck is 40 cards like yu-gi-oh!!!

Depends on whart you want to do...i would sell timber because i really dont need help with damage, except life per damage, but vansaar has helped me save so many clintz by buying low level cards for a lower price and leveling them up

I personally prefer t1 and a sakrohm / uppers deck
(with this deck i got 10th place in a tourney)
frankie hi


Mona, see my post in your other topic.

sunday 20/07/2008

G.H.E.I.S.T. or rescue

The first one, althou playing Tank and Hawkins might be a good idea.

Thanks, I was thinking about XU52, I guess I'll try,
And yes, it is t2.

Mono Ulu Watu in Elo is a bit fun because of their high power, and if you include a leader to enhance them, it might even be competitive... smiley Here's one:

Eyrik *5 (He himself has good stats and makes your opponent's cards smaller and yours bigger)
Gaia *3
Nanook *3
Hikiyousan *5
Lulabee *4 (unevolved)
Gabrielle *2
Veenyle *2 (only for defense)
Warren *1 (unevolved)

Makes Nanook 11 power, Gaia 10 power, etc. The stratergy would be to keep your opponent from getting through 3-4 rounds (2-hit KOs will not be common) with the super high power... smiley


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Try Roots w/ La Junta, you can play mono LA junta in the long run and still keep w/ the metagame w/ Roots or Pussycats, GG's! smiley


I need help with this deck?

Correct the thing is because u will be using lower star cards concentrate on winning for example if a 4 star kills another 4 star it will get less points then if a 2 star kills a 4 star so by concentraiting on winning using low stared cards you can possibly earn more points

Type 2 damage +2 2 hit ko guaran
rate and comment

My ELO deck

I was thinking of a Leader that activates all clan bonuses in your deck, even you don't have 2 cards of the same clan in your deck. It would allow playing practically anything! It shouldn't be too overpowered tough, maybe like Ambre 6/4 or so.

Montana | La junta is what I use for these two. The preset was already made though.

This is the Montana/La Junta deck I use, it does well in non-random. I usually prefer the random room, but I haven't used this one there much. I think Montana plays well with La Junta since you want to use more pillz on La Junta since they have no power/attack bonus. I would almost certainly pick an attack bonus clan for La Junta (Sakrohm or Junkz seem better than Uppers (ELO) or Sentinel), or possibly Pussycats, Roots or Piranas.

When I play Montana, I like to keep their attacks around the 10-16 range in non-random and 16-21 range in random rooms. Since this requires fewer pillz on the high attack cards, this allows more pillz on the other clans. I like All Stars with them; Freaks are okay, but the plays seem to come off as more obvious I think. You could try Gheist, Bangers, or Pussycats.

It also looks like you are on a tight budget based on the cards you have in the preset. I would recommend saving for Mona, she will make a difference for you. You might want to swap out Mitch for Chiro until you can afford better, I think the 8 power will do better than the SOB and you will do similar damage. Rosa and Dean might go well until you can afford Bryan, Jane, and Wardog.

Tourny you mean tournament elo or type 2 or 1.

saturday 19/07/2008

Go with the pack u hav a better chance of getting a card from a clan ur using or looking for.
full deck has a chance for a rare but the rare could be worth nothing.
the full deck is made of all the clans in the game so u could get nothing usefull
hope this helpssmiley

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