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saturday 09/08/2008

Are you intresdt contackt me

Zatman banned for ELO, make an ELO deck instead, smiley

Piranas aint that great especially not godly if thats what you mean.

La Junta
Dean 2
Wardog 2
jane ramba 3
The 4 star guy with the bag pipe 4

Piranas / Junkz Is Nice,

But ill go with this probably...



Thats High Power

Total Damage: 30 Exact

So Good Luck, but your Deck Is Ok Too smiley

The best beginning deck has to be All Stars and Freaks... The best cards in Freaks don't even go past 3500 Clintz. Plus, you get Ashley, Alexei, Lewis and Flo each for under 1k and they're decent cards.

friday 08/08/2008

Good luck with that! Nightmare is one of the more expensive clans and Uppers isn't much better.

what kind of budget are you looking at?

Eadh, Timmy, Dieter, and Hel are cards that you are likely to find in both the upper and middle ends of Nightmare decks of those currently under 2k, but those 4 by themselves isn't enough. Glorg, Nistarok, and Sheitane round out the list of the non-super big ones with an honorable mention to Ielena. Azel is still too new, if you are on a budget, wait a few weeks. If you are in a pinch, add Estalt due to the large damage, but know that he is going to have problems.

Frankie Hi should be on your list for Uppers, and Stanford can do enough damage for a 3* to make him a threat compared to his cost on the market. Rubie is nice for the SoA, but her power is a little low. You should probably get her, but it should be a lower priority because I feel that playing her will be too obvious if you don't have good cards to support her. Beetenka, Jeeves, Samantha and Mickey T round out the list with honorable mentions to Sydney, Janine, and Colin for not being totally useless. Gina Glitt could be used, but the cards I list don't deal enough damage to make it worth while.

I think that getting Dorian if ELO or Jackie and Zatman should be a higher priority than Kolos or Kenny if you stick with this group.

Katan can pair with lots of cards to generate two hit kills, or at least create the threat of a two hit kill. In a deck that has other cards capable of dealing 6+ damage, she's usually going to be a better choice than Sting.

If you're really worried about the damage from the Piranas half of your deck, swap Deadeye in for Tyd. He's much harder to play and tends to get thrashed if his bonus isn't active, but can be very effective if used wisely.

Rubie would work.

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Methane > leviatonn .. well i meen you can replace easyer leviatonn then methane ..

In that deck would go with corrina but I think murray is better... still in that deck I think corrina fits better...

How much for havok

Probably Cause, looking back to the DT history, that win would have moved me from 12th to top 10 smiley

I'd replace Rick before Rebecca, but you also probably don't want Masamu in there either. For the price, Amiral Py, Mitch and Leo are not bad cards, and Chiro, Tank, and Dean are not too much more.

Gheist piranas can be a good combo:
toro, methane, z3r0 d34d, leviatonn, hawkins, dahlia, smokey, spycee


rolph, z3r0 d34d, leviatonn, bristone, hawkins, bloodh, smokey, spycee

Go for Rescue (mono) to get full advantage of their bonus.....it works believe me

@ Angel thanks for the comment.

@JP .. whow .. that was deep .. hehe

I used this earlier when I had a couple minutes: deleted
I averaged 28 battle points and didn't lose a single match in those few minutes. And here is the stronger version which averages lower battle points and with slightly higher star count: deleted

Both decks are similiar to what Akuaku uses, just that Lyse Teria Cr is a luxury card that I will never have. I won a DT with the second deck before too.

Its Like They Have to, If Not theyre Mutated Cards


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