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friday 08/08/2008

Support Is Like Team Work, Its hard to use support if your deck isnt full of the same clan

EX: Chiro, Its easier to use Chiro When Your Whole Deck Is La Junta, As Well As Rescue and Alex

I would Say Azel To Kenny For Life Luck smiley

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Maybe Striker And Marina, Then The rest will be easy to save up and Make a half deck smiley


Total Stars: 13

Total Damage: 16 I believe,

I usually Use Murray Because He Got high Power With Life Gain And Can Be Usefull

For Half Deck ELO i might Use..


12 Stars *

I believe 17 damage, But I Would Run This Deck For Type 1 As well

Along With JP, This is a good deck that Made someone i know Win 1st In ELO, so try it out


So Far Shadow For ELO, Im Guessing that Uppers Is Good, With The Lost Of Zatman , ELO is easier, but Uppers Is Still Dominating, So Try Uppers, Roots, Or Maybe Sohkroam (Sorry is Spelled Wrong)

Sahkrohm Is My favorite and good with damage reducers, Like JP i also would chose Bangers

Why not post your choices, smiley

Get Skrumxxt for damage, smiley

Cute deck, smiley

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More damage needed, try this:

Skrumxxt *5
Petra *4
Murray *3
Wakai *2
Striker *4
Robb *3
Flo *2
Ashley *2

GG's! smiley

Darkevilange, that's a strong deck!
As for a replacement clan, Roots is your bread and butter, smiley

Qucik challenge eliminates the choice of opponents, w/c makes the game more balanced, and fair i guess... smiley

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Bonus is important, 4/4 still the best combination, smiley
You may use 5/3 using leaders, smiley

Good. You have an ELO La Junta/Montana deck filled with crap cards. First switch out Pino for Don. Next, get rid of Winifred, she sucks. Replace her with Chiro. Then switch out Leo for Masamu. Finally, take out Aldo and put in Flesh Pimp. And since you got room, put in Giovanni.

Let's see here:

Don 5*
Filomena 2*
Flesh Pimp 4*
Giovanni 3*
Ricardo 2*
Chiro 4*
Masamu 3*
Mitch 3*
Molly 2*

*= 25

Hope it helps jojo. smiley

To win you need damage... smiley
Replace Ashley for Jane Ramba and Niki for Bruce, replace Gran vista for deadeye and trey for katan, smiley

4 messages

Lamar cr *5
Splata cr *5
sum sam cr *5
jim cr *4
Lyse teria cr *3
Marlysa Cr *2
manon cr *3

These are my choices, smiley

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