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friday 29/08/2008

Sentinels are currently the best, next is Fang pi clang and their unevovled *2 cards, smiley

Try this:

Lulabee *5
buck *4
Gabrielle *2
warren *1
emmeth *5
bryan *4
Wardog *2
jane ramba *2

GG's! smiley

Clara all the way, courage is too over rated, smiley
But my personal choice is Charlie, smiley

Well, IMO introduce another clan for you to make big in ELO, buy some pussycats or Roots to make a competative ELO deck. Keep your Kolos, Azel, glorg and sheitane, smiley

Read sticky on top regarding bonus and abilities! smiley


Vermyn N at *3 is a classic combo alone. Reducing can be your whole strategy in a match, letting you not rely on damage output for the win gives you more options on strategy and fury. smileysmiley.

Leviatonn hands down, wakeke! smiley

They keep them that level by buying unleveled ones in the market from the profit they make from selling the evolved version of the card, GG's! smiley

Try using Morphun instead of Ambre, this makes your pill usage in later rounds easier to compute, smiley

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Buy rolph, very good investment in ELO, smiley

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Go w/ 2 clans to make use of the strategies w/ the bonus, smiley

Dalhia is a very strong card, possible Collector status here, smiley

thursday 28/08/2008

monday 25/08/2008

With half sakrohm i like to mix its -8 attk bonus with a +8 say junkz or sentinel, and sentinel has quite a few decent cards that really arnt that expensive

Drop Erzebet and Deiter down to Hel and Sheitane for some space. Glorg is 4* giving you a total of 13 stars for Nightmare. The other alternative is to drop Kolos and put Kenny in to free up a star.
As for Pirana's ditch Spycee 5* simply doesn't cut it imo. Also get Katan in for some much needed Pirana damage. Leaving Smokey, Katan, Hawkings and then another 3* of your choice.

Thank you Euzebe for your answer.
hmm i wonder why the prices of the nominees shoot up so much
since there is no benefit in owning the nominees for Miss Clint City. smiley

1700 is too little to create a full deck to begin with, however it might be just enough for a 1/2 deck.
I would recommend getting staples: Smokey Spycee & Tyd with 1700.
Throw in a Cyan and you have a decent 1/2 deck! smiley

Just In Case You Dont Have Malrasa Cr Put In Xia Leming 2* Or Windy Mor 2*..... But I suggest Windy Mor So Then it can be

Kerrozin Cr 5*
Yusuke 3*
Windy Mor 2*
Unagi 2*

Ratanah 4*
Lilly 4*
Micken Moose 2*
Yookie/ Noodile 3*

Total Damage: 31

A Good Way To Start Off Until You Get Marlysa Cr smiley

Yeah .. i agree

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