friday 04/07/2008

Now wit the new cards i love the lookf of bloodh and also sting



: Charlie 5*
: Ella 2*
: Feelyn 2*
: Wanda 2* ( 11 stars )
: Gaia 3*
: Lulabee 5*
: Nanook 3*
: Ice Jim 3*

: haha.. thats all i could think of..

thursday 03/07/2008

I began starting out with la junta and i had the same question so i added some new members from the ghiest clan

from the ghiest you get SOA which helps alot but soon i got tired of la junta and wanted a SOA and SOB dck so i got piranas and ghiest

you should try mixing up clans to get better advantages against otther clans

ex: ur opponent has all rescue and u have all piranas, it helps take out their support and attack them throughly

Ahem... Can someone close this please? smiley

I really like Piranas. The +/- pillz abilities and SOB bonus are awesome.

Http:// post comments plz



I have no idea how u r goin to afford that(just checked ur level and u havent got many cards) unless u buy credits
either way good luck
also fang pi isnt really a great clan but go with wat u want i guess

Rescue isnt exactly good as a half deck but i suggest changin frida into pretty much anything if u still want this deck

and when you quit the game, the background just like no channel TV,.. smiley

Anyone wanna help me out?

wednesday 02/07/2008

I like rather Vickie, for mainly two reasons :
-SOB, combined to Montana bonus, which allows you to beat almost any card in the game
-deals 8 damage, possibly 10 with fury, and this awesome, you can finish (or more likely begin, i often use Vickie to finish) the job with any card then.
-the third reason (there's one!!) is basically the graphics, one of my favorite in the game

On the other hand, Jackie has SOA, which prevent most damage reduction, or any annoying ability.

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When i say "a big prize" i mean a really expensive old cr.and i say a tourney i don't mean elo but a tourney with knouckout games that the winner gets this cr and maybe the 2nd 3rd 4th 5th get money and some rare cards

He is good for the new mode.maybe thats y he became expensive

Its ur debut for the daily rankings just for today

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