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friday 22/08/2008

If there is a default then why do they call it random, if no matter what, we the players are not in control of the game, all the rules are designed for the mind of a child not an educated man like me who understands the game and knows that all they want is for people to spend money I have reached level 53 without buying credits. Remember this is only a game..

The only obvious overpowered bonus (or just powered) is Upper's -10 atk, 10 is the largest cluster compared to the other - or + attack clans, but most of the time what's overpowered isn't the bonus but the cards... XD

Yookie / Noodile
Micken Moose

B Ball

Total Damage: 33

However With Noodile 34

O Sorry For Mistake.. I thought You was doing type 1.. Sorry For Mistake Im Human...

Thanx For Info Cookies smiley

Its A Nice Deck Hudson... Hawk And Jackie Will Destroy smiley

The guild chatroom works okay for most of the players (like me and my other guild mates) I guess it is just a matter of the compatibility of your system to the chatroom set up.

Theyre Bonus Is Like No Ability... Its Like having a team with too much good people...they gotta eliminate each other.. smiley

We All see it in Sports.. Especially Baseball smiley

thursday 21/08/2008

#1 is bettar XD you have a good cards ; -]

Ahhhh thanks. please close mods =)

Good point
probaly elo [=

This deck helped me in elo...seriously

Ya, i think ill put Oyoh in but is Marina really that much better than Liu? I mean even though Liu is courage based, she is still pretty intimidating, and makes others pill. And i know that Fang Pi need Crs so that puts me in a stump for that half. Thx for the help.

Http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=131928&from=list what du u tink?

wednesday 20/08/2008

First of all, what kind of deck do u prefer to use in elo?

Lea Or Lobo Is A Good Way Tom Start of if your new, then you can make a Mono Rescue and when you level up more you can learn the Advanced Skills WIth Rescue And Other decks You Have faced. An Addition Is Maybe Lobo And Ghoub, Ghoub Is good because of Damage And Power Is Good , Not perfect, But with Bonus He's A tough One..

Good Luck

Yeah 0-Jade I hear what u are saying but i have tried other things but some folks take advantage of that and use pillz against uso it would be nice if more people wanted to have a room without pillz...

I love this deck:


Take a look and and tell me what you think...

@ Delta 9: What on earth are you talking about???

The only parameter that affects the result (other than Power, Pills, Ability & Bonus) is whether you are laying in Random or Non-Random rooms. Not artwork, not card price, and not "enchantments" from having been on the Market.

That must be the weirdest reply I have ever seen...

These cards are 8/6 or higher without bonus/ability:

Kerozinn Cr
DJ Korr Cr
Kiki Cr
Guru Cr

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