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thursday 24/07/2008


This is what I would do... But remember, your not me smiley

I need some input on a deck before i go and make it. pm me please.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

wednesday 23/07/2008


Any comments? smiley

From my days when i wasnt able to sell cards freely in the market. Here's some tips from my experience on affording a good deck:

1. Try to participate in every single tourny you can. If you dont have much time, just fight once to get that 50 gold. If you do, get into the top 1/3 to get that extra credit.
2. Also, if you can, do ELO for sure. Its probably your best way of getting money and credits.
3. Watch out for the prices of cards. Some are sold for lower than what you can sell to Kate. For example, Phonos lvl 5 can be sold to Kate for 500 clintz.
4. Since you can't sell cards in the market, buy packs that contain the cards you need. That way, it'll save you clintz.
5. When buying cards (this apply to everyone), post in the forums and you may get it for lower than the market price. Also, if a card just came out. Wait until its being out for a while which means when its almost out of the New Blood pack. On top of that, some cards price drop fast and below the selling point to Kate, watch for that.
6. Patience. Patience is the key to your success. Dont rush things. Buy cards at lvl 1 instead of maxed since lvl 1s are usually cheaper.
7. In case of the fact that you got a soon to be Cr (I got a Tessa Cr smiley), save it. A lvl 5 rare Cr can sell for over 16k to Kate. But its probably better if u just buy 50 credits.

Well..that's about it i think. If you guys have anything else to add, feel free.


try thi if u have enough clintz my guild helped me make it smiley

Anything pretty much. To make a good deck, u need lots of money which u dont have right now. Stick with watever cards u have most of and build on that. Then after that, u can choose watever u like.

Don't use Freacks, they just don't work.

Don't use Bridget.

Tank is an ok card, if you get expensive cards from La Junta you will be ok.

: lets have a clan for.. Robots!

Leader : Megatoon
Stars: 5
Stats: (3) 4/5, (4) 6/6, (5) 7/7
Ability: Power / Damage + 1

Clan Bonus: Mirror ( copies enemy clan bonus and its effect is halved )

I see you are only Senior, and i guess by seeing that you are on quite a tight budget.
Thats why i won't go for cards over 2.5k for you.
This is a decent deck for a budget La Junta-Piranas deck:
La Junta: 13*
Burger - because of his courage when you use him before your opponent has chosen his card, he will go to 9 power 7 damage. Thats quite devastating for a starter.
Uxoh - He gets a total of 3 damage with his bonus. And then he gets 3 life up from his ability if you win. Thats a gap of 6!
Tank - He has 6 power 5 damage with bonus and he is a decent blocker to take out good cards.
Masamu - He is a sneaker. I have had a few times, the opponent underestimated him, and he came out winning against Bodenpower, Tyd and even Buck.

Piranas: 12*
Mayhem - He doesn't have an ability, but when you put a few pillz to him, he will blow your opponent away from his cannon.
Smokey - You need him to lower your opponents pillz. Enough said. (when you get better, replace Smokey for Hawkins.)
Aktara - This card goes from 5-4 to 5-8 if you use him when u have to choose first. If you give him and Mayhem both 6 pillz, you could just win yourself the match with a 2HKO.
Trey or Spycee - You have to choose which you like best. They are just fill-ups to get your team up to 8 characters.

This is a decent deck for a beginner.
Later on when you get better, you can buy better cards.
But for now, i think you will get along with this.

The exact first cards i have.... get a rescue deck, thats what i got

Juntz for a half deck



Sentinal for a mono-clan.... cooper can be used at 4 or 5 stars depending on how you want to work your deck. Stay away from Cleo if you can. Tessa Cr is a good play if you can afford her.

tuesday 22/07/2008

My elo deck at the moment :

I havent lost too much with this deck.

I recommend Freaks + La Junta

Olga 3*
Esmeralda 2*
Soushee 2*
Akendram 3*
Jane Ramba 3*
Wardog 2*
Dean 2*
Bruce 3*

Poison them with freaks. Block. Finish them off with La Juntas.
Weak against pirates, nightmares thou..

Yeah I'd rate it a 3

: this could be my suggestion if you would use Freaks - Roots..

Jeena / Yookie ( if you like power, Yookie, awesome damage reduction, go for Jeena )
Noodile = 15*

Boris / Titus / Akendram ( surprise = Boris, no SOA = Titus, pounding = Akendram )
Soushee = 10*

: that would be great..

: for Freaks - Pussycats

Boris / Titus / Akendram

Charlie - Clara
Baby Q - Yayoi
Ella / Feelyn

: this is also great...

I can help you.
I have started with Gheist myself.
I can recommend you this:
Nina (4*)
Platinum (2*)
Vladimir (5*)
Morlha (2*)
Luba (3*)
Meyen (3*)
Brutox (3*)
Gheistling (3*), Bristone (3*) or Lilith (3*)

It's very cheap, but still good for a starter.
This is the deck (with last card, a Gheistling) i have started with, and look at me now.
7 Collections complete (without cr's) and only bought credits twice.

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