thursday 10/07/2008

Damage is their only problem, you lack a pure nuker, try playing w/ Copper since Roots are being banned once every 2 weeks, GG's! smiley

Senior... save for Bryan asap, smiley

Experience, GG's! smiley

Well buying credtis is an important part of the game IMO if you plan on playing serious ELO. But regarding Tournaments, I suddgest you play Type 2, since I noticed I manage more points there, smiley

Nice, try to save for Blaaster, GG's! smiley

Well IMO make a Ulu Watu - Roots deck, then use GHEIST when Roots is banned, GG's! smiley

I had the best luck with buying decks. you might get lucky with the others, but a guaranteed rare is worth 2-3 maybes (
at least to me).

wednesday 09/07/2008

Yeah, just getting enough credits to buy a pack or two will easily win you several thousand clintz.

tuesday 08/07/2008

I'm Making this so that theres a place where we can all post our type 2 Survival Decks to free up all of the individual threads.

Well Here's Mine:

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Hey guys,

I have a Kenny card, but I'm not really into using cards from Nightmare. I'm thinking I should sell this, despite the fact that it is rare, as that would give me 15 000 clintz.
Would this be a good decision?
Also what should I buy with that money? My current deck consists of:
Frankie Hi

Thanks for any help people smiley

Now I know thanks to all of your suggestion it helped very much thank you ^__ ^ smiley

Soz my preset got destroyed try this one

: i think keeping Amelia would be useful.. as long as you could avoid both SOA and SOB..
: Amelia is a 7 /5 card ( with ability )
: and she could leave a gap in power with your opponent, and she could take on cards like example.. Buck..
: just my opinion..

The simple answer for your question is to put cards together that will have an overall total of 26 stars and up for all the cards.

If you know that already and you want to know how to make a wise deck build for type two format then the best suggestion is to keep the star count within 26-28. After that then its all down to how well you choose which card to play against your opponents cards. Keep in mind the more low star cards you have the high chances you'll get a good boost of points when played against high star cards and when they actually win BUT it will also have good chances of loosing against high star cards particularly the insanely powered ones. Keep your deck simple and keep it a monotype deck or two clan deck. This way you'll have good chances of drawing cards with bonuses.

For me, It doesnt really matter how fast you play for the daily tournaments. What matters most is to try to win most of your battles and gain high points per battle. I know that slow players are quite annoying at times seeing that they are hugging too much of your time but hey look at the bright side. Atleast by letting them stall you, you are providing them the only fun thing that they usually do. Players that time-out are also helpful, look at it this way, they give you points withouth much work (its not much but its still points). The best possible technique to do well with a tournament is a combination of patience, right deck, luck and just PLAY.


Actually tanto bruce is a very good card

monday 07/07/2008

A leader can't become a cr since you get them every 5 would be a really cheap cr

Alright and the 3rd and final option would be the gheists mentioned above and Hel, Sheitane, Kolos, Kenny

Except for the junta's animation, every other animation is faster than the old animation. We timed them to be sure of that.
The Junta will be accelerated.

Ya you need to change a lot of the cards

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