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wednesday 30/07/2008

: i dont think you could make a mono-elo Freaks..
: if you`ll go Freaks, i`ll say go also with Pussycats..
: like my dream deck:

Akendram = 10*

Baby Q
Wanda / Ella / Feelyn = 15*

Good deck w/ cheap fillers, smiley

An old post revived, Montana / All Stars / Piranas = GangsterGG's! smiley

Best to play w/ bonuses, always a win win situation, smiley

Get a Kolos, teh game willbe constantly changing, knowing that as a fact, a 7 powered 1 hit KO is a good buy, also don't spend on leaders, just buy cards that can help you in ELO or Tournaments, lastly, save your clintz for cards that you will get in packs, smiley

The 1st one is cute! smiley

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Read rules, smiley

Try this for now:

Lulabee *5
Buck *4
Bree *2
Gabrielle *2
Bodenpower *5
Kluwn *3
B Ball *2
Graff *2

GG's! smiley

Check Elo ranking for most used clans, there lies your answer, smiley

Honestly, when I see thread titles like this I already know that the thread will be a failure...

That said, it does not convince me. Morphun costs a big deal, most cards have only low damage and not really great power - SOA+SOB can only do so much as well and SOB is all but guaranteed on each card here. Aparently the deck aims at hitting with the pill modifiers early. Unfortunately they are easily stopped by SOA. And late-game they might be of almost no effect. Thus, the most dangerous thread is a single(!) 6-damage card. Not even Kenny can supply enough threat to this deck. Your opponent can afford to lose every round he choses without being directly threatened afterwards.

tuesday 29/07/2008

Wanda is used as a level 1 filler but she is really dear too buy on the market at level 1 apared too her cheapest price but she is a grrat card if you want too make room for charlie baby Q and Yayoi ect

Quick challenge is the quickest way

monday 28/07/2008

Thanks for the help everyone, I have decided to go with a pure pirana deck. I have sold my cards and have just under 20k which I can spend on a new deck.

Read the manual.

Can some busineseman post here on trading technique on the market? e.g. supply and demand stuff (i didnt do economics so had no idea how it works)
also, i realise the weeky clan band from ELO affect the price greatly but can somebody explains it please! thanks

I don't know, but SOA will kill wakai (one damage only, too bad)
clara.. but she only has 5 damage.. but I guess it will work smiley

@ Blue .. hehe .. parehas lang yun .. lumakas ka ..
yeah na ban nga ako pero ok na .. pinapalaro na ulit saken

Read the game's rules: http://www.urban-rivals.com/game/rules.php?show=abilities

Have you read the game rules before you start to play?

The bonus activates when you have 2 or more characters from the same clan in the 4 characters you have when you are playing a game. The little symbol at the top left corner of each card shows you which clan that particular character belongs to.

As for what each ability and bonus do:

I personally thought i would never get the whole collection, hehe!
If i were you, make an ELO deck and your collection will sprout from there, what you get is what it is, not unless you buy credtis, hehe!
GG's! smiley

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