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friday 18/07/2008

Elvira is a first choice, not a substitute...
Larry is good because of high power
Kerry is also good because of the optional sob

Thanks for the suggestions smiley
rasiel i wish i could afford marlysa that looks interesting smiley

I agree ulu + bangers is the best of those... definetly dont go with rescue


out of what you have listed i would say the allstars... the better more sucessful in elo side of bangers tends to be more expensive

vermyn n 3* especially expensive

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: hmm... probably a Stop clan... Gheist, Roots, Nightmare, and Piranas...

You might want to try this one
DAMAGE/POWER COMBO by 0 - Jellyfish - 0
Jane Ramba

Yes, certain clans can be countered by others, making there no "best clan" smiley

Example: Roots beats Gheist when they face each other (in most aspects), such as Ratanah vs Methane, Ratanah will become 8/5 with no ability and Methane will become 7/5 with no ability. Another is Ulu Watu's low damage which is their major weakness. smiley

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Not the greatest Idea considering in order to use both clans effectively you need their more expensive cards bacause their cheap ones aren't that good. If I were you I'd suggest trying out for an Ulu watu Montana or uppers Deck. These are great for beginners

Read the game's rules..it's there..

From the game's rules:

With regards to the EVO mode:
The non official "EVO" mode was used by a number of players in the past in order to maximize their characters' XP wins. This new way of training should resolve all the problems inherent in the "EVO" mode. No more need to reach an agreement, no more need to play in a mechanical way and above all, there's now a real incentive to win your fights.

All your characters receive a 100 XP bonus if you win the match (to ensure that you have a good incentive to win).

That should help... smiley

thursday 17/07/2008

Lmao you dont need +/- attack bonus for anything really all you need is to be able to think out your situation and you can win with anything

Im going for Sakrohm/Ulu Watu and i need advice

heres what i was thinking

Uranus (U) (U)
Lunatik (U) (U)
Na Boh (R) (R)

Ulu Watu:
Nanook (U) (U)
Buck (R) (R)
Gaia (R) (R)

Any Suggestions Im Using Ulu Watu as the offencive half and Sakrohm as the defence half of my deck.

Please reply !

I think it will be dudadadadadada ....... the prettiest nanastasia freaks need some better cards or couldnt we have a transvestite like jackie

Don't use hax in a competitive rescue deck. 5* with only 5 damage is not good. Anita is much better, or you can even try out hugo, or lobo.

How much clintz do you usually get when you score 25th and below in ELO??

Umm... get a bruce, jane ramba, wardog and coby then ur good to go, smiley

I have a contract fully topped up and i want to buy credits will the cost come of the contract or be an additional cost

Depends, read the Urban Gameplay ekek on the sticky for some tips, smiley

Try this:

Kolos *5
Glorg *4
Sheitane *2
Hel *2
Bryan *4
Bruce *3
Jane Ramba *3
Wardog *2

GG's! smiley

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