sunday 06/07/2008

Can someone tell me what cards should I buy to make me deck a good type 1/ELO deck ? I'm currently using
Bangers/Montana type of deck . This is my Bangers cards .

B Ball

Http:// plz post comments

My survivor Preset and comment if you like

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From upers- there isn't even one like that but there are better even---------> frankie hi (and he is very cheap...), zatman (but he is expensive), rubie (she is ok...) and stanford (cheap- awsome card but if it is against SOA he is dead...)
sakrhom- there isn't even one like that but there are better even---------> uranus )he is the second best reducer!), thomson (he is good for begginers vs. begginers - the poison thing is killer!), and corrina (she is great you can put her without any pillz and she might win!)
hope i helped you...!

Cards like Kolos or Lost Hog can do 10 damage, combined with fury that gives 12 damage. This will kill you in 1 hit.

Try going here:
Maybe that would help.

wee lee
for survivor!

Soz i completely counted the deck stars wrong but the piranas half is still gd anyway

Ok, so i am not sure which of the two uppers or gheist is better to take into a ELO tournament, both decks seem to do very well alone, but the uppers deck seems to be better at consistency. so i made a combo deck but that is less consistent than the straight up gheist deck? any and all help welcomed.smiley


Well no one is forcing you to play cards you don't like. smiley You can use card you want.

I made a blog once about a theory in mtg about player types and how it can be applied in UR hope you can find it interesting:

smiley Tyd and Platinum smiley

Cyan is more solid in terms of power always 7 so will probably win more than wheeler but with either 1 the abilities could be used against u by playing low

saturday 05/07/2008

I'll second uppers, Pussycats and shakroms also work as Gheist can be played with a low star power allowing the big hitters from these 2 clans to come out. (having 2 -5dmg min1, cards in your hand is scary smiley

Spend 40 credits on two danger packs and then sell the cards on the market
then post again with how many clintz you have after that and then it will be easier for me or someone else to help you

Mods ive made my decided on the pussycats, please close

Fang pi calng is not really a competitive clan even if you have all of the cards including collectors, and use unevolved as well.
Their best is something like marlysa cr, kati, kerozinn cr, xia lemming 2* which is not as potential as shakra, rico, yookie, miken moose.
You should replace the fang pi part totally with something else.

Btw the good cards are always expensive even in a weak clan, so a budget card is ususally not competitive as a more expensive one. Eg.: platoona and blaaster: patially blaaster is more expensive because he is a rare, but he has also +1 damage, and his ability makes him way better than her.

Lilith is good

I say your best bet with Fang pi clang would be an attack, or stopper clan.
a good bet would be the new Piranas cards, the + pillz will help offset the lack of Attack +/-
also Roots would be a decent bet as well.

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