tuesday 24/06/2008

All stars

@ PuppyChow..

Enzo to Bodenpower
Saddy to Ottavia

monday 23/06/2008

Sell them on the market for lots of clintz

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If i had selsya i would change it

Wrong on the six months thing simple, its 2 every year. No time just two every year.

When i get credits i always buy rainbow, i got kolos and many other good cards there.

sunday 22/06/2008

Guys, as you may know, the new clan Piranha has come out, and this has inspired many new decks. Could you guys give me some idea of what good decks to use in ELO now?

He is right.you definitely need some expensive cards for a good deck

I combined the two clans and i made 1300 in about 4 hours smiley smiley

Cool thanks everyone, anymore help??


I agree with Capn Clintz. I've only been playing for a while and testing a few strategies of my own but I can say that you find what suits you best as you play. I'm figuring out my own style. lol. Do what you think is best and experiment with another clan. See if it compliments your Junta playing.

saturday 21/06/2008

talent scout / record producer (off 12. oz mouse)
starts at level 5 (no leveling up)
stats at level 5 8/1 xD
ability - team pillz +3

it's the talent scout/record producer =D holding his shark zoo day t-shirt smiley

Wee Lee

Miss twice with methane/toro and selsya max or with platinum. gg's

The problem is nobody reads the Game Rules. There is nothing bad learning while you play but if people at least read the game rules we won't have any topics like this anymore.

I dont know if it was ELO I think I would go with Enzo and Big boss (aka Edd) lol

Nanook and Tyd if pitted w/ each other means they have equal percentage of winning
Noodile and Nanook if pitted w/ each other means Nanook wins w/ 10 power
Tyd and Noodile if pitted w/ each other means they have equal chances of winning
1st. Nanook
2nd. Tyd
3rd. Noodile

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