tuesday 03/09

Congrats, it's your privates sales smiley

PM if interested or any offers

There is nothing left to sell, thank you very much to the buyers smiley

Buying your Skullface Cr (0xp) for 530k clintz.
Please send private trade if your are interested.

monday 02/09

As the tittle says, trading my Dagg Cr for Lady plus Dorian Cr

Hi! I would like to sell my

Melissa cr 0xp - 1.3m
Kerry Cr 0xp 250k
Quetzal cr 0xp 625k

I will also accept trades and cash combinations. I'm looking for
Crook (400k)
Death adder (1m)
No Love (1m)
Atkinson (1m)

Please PM me if interested! Thanks smiley

saturday 31/08

I decided to increase the Clintz offer to over 1.7mill or I can do Clintz and cards. Just message

Manon Mt full (me) + 500.000 clintz vs Manon Mt 0xp (you)
Scarlett Mt full (me) + 500.000 clintz vs Scarlett Mt 0xp ( you)
Guru Cr full (me) + 250.000 clintz vs Guru Cr 0xp (you)

Just Lyse, now.

I want to buy Maana Cercei any exp for 450k, thanks.

friday 30/08

I can offer you
General Mt ( 0 Exp ) = 14.9m

in exchange for :
Liona ( 0 Exp ) = 180k / each = ( Total : 82x )
Cyb Lhia ( 0 Exp ) = 30k / each ( Total : 495x )

Complement value will be 1m in cards maximum

thursday 29/08

I am aware this is a slightly far reaching offer.
I could throw in Charlie Cr + Kaizerin.
PM if interested.

Thank you for explaining, you guys are awesome smiley

Both cards sold. Please lock and thank you

I will throw in an additional non-Cr card of your choice (could be Behemoth even) if we get this going today smiley

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