sunday 18/11

Selling vickie cr full 3.5m cash pm me

Just finishing my collection and need only one of each. Thank you!

Searching for:
Sum Sam Cr 3.9 million clintz
Armanda Cr 2.8 million clintz
Berserkgirl Cr 2.2 million clintz

friday 16/11

My Copper Cr 0xp + Edd Cr 0xp for your Melissa Cr 0xp . Need for collection thanks for considering

Upp #b mappe still 8M

I would like to buy B Mappe Cr. I have 7 million clintz and I can offer cards to make up the difference compared to the market price.

I.E.Marshal Cr, Behemoth, Shinobi, Dorian Cr (0xp), Butcher Braxton, #Zavelli, And more ...

Je voudrais acheter B Mappe Cr. J'ai 7 millions de clintz et je peux proposer des cartes pour compenser la différence par rapport au prix du marché.

I.E. Marshal Cr, Behemoth, Shinobi, Dorian Cr (0xp), Butcher Braxton, #Zavelli, Et plus...

thursday 15/11


Jane Ramba Cr
Cassio Cr
Seldnor Cr
Diyo Cr
Copper Cr
Emeth Cr
Skullface Cr
Dwain Cr
Beltran Cr
Thaumaturge Cr
Swidz Cr
Melissa Cr
Sylth Cr
Ambrose Cr
Nahi Cr (0 xp, full xp)
Jim Cr
Ombre Cr
Tanaereva Cr
Marlysa Cr

I prefer them full value.
I still got these for selling:
Ymirah Cr 0XP x 2
Cannibal Jo Cr 0XP
Quetzal Cr 0XP
B Mappe Cr 0 XP

Swap for a full XP + Clintz
Nemo Mt 0 XP

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You can still get cards with Clintz.

Hi, im looking for Numar 0xp at 170k each, you can send them directly in my private sales.
If you have lots, please contact me in pm so we can talk about it (prices will increase according to the quantity of Numar)
I have some cr like Vickie Cr Spyke Mt Ymirah Cr Noctezuma Cr to trade for bigger lots

2 death adder 0xp vs 1 crook + 1 nolove?


I add a lamar cr full xp 4.300.000 and
Vickie cr full xp 3.500.000

wednesday 14/11

Clintz preferably.
Also looking for:
Xantiax Robb cr/ will add clints
Alec Mt/ will add clints

16.5m and 2x Kougloff

pm me if you have any offers as well smiley

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