saturday 27/04

I am HipHoppa, and I approve this message.

This is a great mystery to be solved let's hope it gets solved smiley smiley

Thanks a lot for the replies and I shall now close the forum.

Hope this helps a lot of our friendly rivals.

friday 26/04

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thursday 25/04

Thanks for explanation, NaaRcho! Guess was real unlucky didnt get chance to get rare for he past days smiley

Arcade is the best options for the reasons that others listed, but Personally the most important one is the free Cryptocoins.
Stockpile them up and wait until a big 5(or 4 now?) cr increase drop rate or if an expensive cr goes mt they always have a drop increase when they go mt and if you are lucky
Big 5/cr->mt drop increase + crypto pack discount
Thanks to the coins I got from arcade I got a lovely guru CR

wednesday 24/04

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I'm still confused with the damage exchange. Kindly clarify.

So I have a Pericles Mt, my opponent has a Harrow Ld
It's the 4th turn.
Will Pericles Mt do 5 damage?
Will Harrow Ld do 4 damage or 8 (due to total Growthdamage ability of Pericles Mt?


tuesday 23/04

Alright, thank you guys/girls

monday 22/04

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@Homie Jesus
Your comments made my day, lol!

As per your Leader query, you can assess them based on your available cards only. If you don't have the expensive low star count cards, you can't leader.
For me the best leader will be Morphun, since multiplier is the name of the game; however he is banned in ELO.
For ELO, Solomon is the only leader that is viable for anything.
I'm still leveling till 100 to get my Robert Cobb, can't wait to experiment with him.

For all the other leaders, except Vansaar, they can all be used in Survivor, shot out to Vholt, John Doom, Melody and Bridget.
I rarely use Ambre and Eklore in Survivor, but they work, esp. if you have Heal 2 or Toxin/Poison activated on your opponent.

friday 19/04

Wait, -life works against Nemo again? When was that changed? smiley
Nemo is confusing. If I remember correctly, he was released he was released as a +1life per round max 1 card, and was classified as a +life card. This meant his ability kicked in after dmg was delt, but before psn, -life, and heal cards. Then he was changed to rebirth which is classified as a heal/regen card, (which makes sense to me). But, at the same time, it made it so only psn cards could KO him.
But then, maybe I imagined the whole deal...

tuesday 16/04

Well now the last LD mission is not counting training KOs even thou there is no mode specification...

0/17 so it is active...

win 17 fights through knock outs

won 2 training matches through knock out still 0/17

sunday 14/04

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Don't give market players more reasons to ruin the market

tuesday 09/04

Big cards tend to follow the playstyle of the clan. Hence why the Freaks big is a great opener, Jungo big is a life manipulator, Uppers big is a low piller. and so on.
But I don't think Riots really has a 'cemented' playstyle. They are frequently used for pill manipulation, but they don't particularly rely on it (the clan doesn't suffer much from SoA/SoB). But at the same time, they don't have the most amazing stats either. They feel like a support clan; cards that will make it easier for scarier cards to win rounds.

monday 08/04

The most important thing is to add elo-banned label in the Market, so that we can see whether the card is usable when we buy and sell.
Atm we only see the bans in My collection pro and efc mode banned card by each clan.

friday 05/04

Allrighty, friends.... With this, i announce all my further involvement with UR is over until further notice, most likely permanently. It was fun, but all fun stops when the weird guy picks up an acoustic guitar and starts poorly singing an already annoying song called "Wonderwall".

The winnings are here and are as follows:

Skeni - 2x Crazy Legs, #Romana
Eleos83 - #Hemdall, Gruber, 5x Zlabal
Bulgaru21 - Figaro, 2x Miss Jigi, 3x Consuelo
DUC Edwin - Wardom, El Mariachi, Tormentah, Surstorming
Ashy Larry - Iris Morana, 3x Deea, 9x Skipper
DUC-Dwerg - Fiddler, Dreen, Michael
DUC-Bramvs - Crazy Carlo, Glover, Earl
InherentVice - 13x Friskah, #Valhala, Lennard
NaaRcho - #Gibson, 2x Mr Dark, Noctezumama
DUCAmazingMew - Virginia, Dashra, Mr Dark, Dr Elisa
debelko - 3x Madabook, Oshitsune, Walker
DUC-KevinAFCA - #Romana, Michael
FatAlbeRimjob - Shinobi, Vermyn N, Nabrissa
Emp Hutson - Olga, 2x Cyb Lhia, Drorb Cr
HoA Chipolino - 3x Schredder, 4x Figaro
Roserath - Dr Six, Faiza, Rex Sweig, Elvira
Homie Jesus - Kawamashi Cr, Draheera, Lee Long
Turgoyak - Leviatonn, Lee Long, Cardigan
-Kunta - 4x Sabrina, Shaakarti Cr, Wardom

Aaaaand, That's a wrap!

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Thanks for the info smiley

Regarding your "This clan doesn't have enough Collectors". I don't think it means anything. For all we know the staff could do the same as Pericles and make Buxter Bratton, or Raam, go MT one week after going CR. It's surprising enough.

I also think that General was a recent decision based on Can Jo being stabilized around the Big 5. He was clearly the weak one among the 6 of them and was considered Big 5 based on his story on the game only. Now, even though he's weaker than most big cards, he'll probably be the most expensive one in the game. And Can Jo gets to complete the Big 5.

thursday 04/04

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You got a fake card! lol.

Thanks for the assist! It's really hard to dig in the forums for these things! smiley

I am playing on Steam, today the music of the game decided to pop up and never leave, even if the settings are still regulated to keep it at 0.
I do not want to be rude, but that abomination drives me crazy. I also like to play listening to Spotify. How can I fix that?

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