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tuesday 02/04/2013

It's UR's way of punishing you for brazenly posting and complimenting your own decks in the DM boards ^___^

monday 01/04/2013

Who's hp guy?

wednesday 27/03/2013

Emeth is too good though

saturday 16/03/2013

Nice deck. smiley

tuesday 26/02/2013

Ok thanks

sunday 24/02/2013

thursday 21/02/2013

No I have every character under 2k but have 10k to bye new charaterss

sunday 17/02/2013

You also need to complete the mission in order 1/2/3 e.c.t

p.s I have cleard you cache incase it was a bug.

thursday 14/02/2013

saturday 26/01/2013

I had written , hit red if u like it , thats why

wednesday 23/01/2013

Nice deck. I would personally change Bill to Phyllis and Edwin to sargh.

monday 21/01/2013

I like ray over bryan but thats just me
good deck and sweet general cr smiley lol

monday 14/01/2013


Perfect= C Wing for fastest KO in Standard DM, just saying from past experience.

And personally, X-0Dus to Shaakarti exchange is a tricky one. X-0Dus gets rid of DRs, Spyke, Kalindra Ability, etc. To be honest tho, Shaakarti is a nice choice. Really screws up fellow Vortex players. But now, if you wanna be honest, Put spyke over X-0Dus. Stupid OP card who should have been banned along with Caelus Cr in the Rotation.

Oh yes, hint to player....

•Pill around 8 pillz if you have morphun and easy 2HKO, because you can easily all pill everything with Morphun in hand, and you won't lose any pillz
•Vortex are EXTREMELY weak to SOA and Power Reduction do not use Vortex when SOA legendary or All Star Legendary are out and about.
•Use C Wing. He wins automatic games if you find the right hands to play against.

Hope this helped a little...

friday 11/01/2013

Nice deck, also id suggest more the morphun standard DM so you dont run into the big cr cards

friday 04/01/2013

wednesday 02/01/2013


Rate, comment? c:

thursday 27/12/2012

All DRs murder him, All DM decks make him obselete, All life gap 5* make him obselete in ELO, He sucks at DT because he loses too much life for you. SOA clans can't make him better. Any questions?

thursday 20/12/2012

wednesday 19/12/2012

Ah yes rolph as well good call aaabattery smiley

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