friday 29/06/2012


A high risk and way higher reward for a huge sum of 10k. Are you willing to risk it all?

thursday 28/06/2012

Mods thank you.You can delete this thread.

Triplamente Rock 'n LoL

RoCk aNd LoL is happy to invite UR community to his third birthday smiley

Lottery open to all with extraction 22/07/12 smiley

Good luck to all and HAPPY BIRTHDAY RoCk aNd LoL

wednesday 27/06/2012

Currently 27 Participants!

Only 24 Hours Left to Join! smiley

monday 25/06/2012

Can i borrow one kerry to try in survivor?

wednesday 20/06/2012

Please do not spam the events page barrette2

friday 15/06/2012

Indeed a very nice price.

wednesday 13/06/2012

Good Day everybody,

Just an update on this event, there is now ~50 participants totaling 9.5k as well as more donations. So please support this event, through joining and if possible donating so you may have a chance of winning something big.
Just something for you to think about 100 people= 19k
200 people= 38k

tuesday 12/06/2012

Hooray! Misfit Madness #2 is now underway! I will post here live updates as the players face off against each other. Eventually we will get to the winner who will be celebrated here!

sunday 10/06/2012

Read the rules (English rules written under the italian rules!) to see how to join! smiley

Masterpeace Lottery!

Plz join, the next 2 people who join will get a character (the first person has already joined)

thank you

saturday 09/06/2012

After my pause,My collection Take value,so i doing a lottery with robb cr to win,Not hesiting to doing Donation
We have 1000 player in 2 day


Tanks for let past this

thursday 07/06/2012

Lottery smiley join!

wednesday 06/06/2012

Sherylboobs is our First winner who wins a Marco Cr ^.^

There is our Winner no.1

@After you get your Marco Cr please write in the comment of english


Our winner no.2
Wins a Boyle , Alice , Kharl , Sai San
After you get these cards Please write on the English section

tuesday 05/06/2012


Join up

thursday 31/05/2012

I was so surprised to see it under my private sales!
Thanks I was going to post ben dover and Jack Mehov later smiley

saturday 26/05/2012

Hello All,

It's me again =p

I have news for you !!

The event has actually 2730 points, if before Monday the event obtain more than 3.500 points, every day during the event I will organize little games ( Quizz ) in the event's forum ( Cesky section ) with many lots.

The little games will be accessible for ALL players, even, if player isn't in the tournament.

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