friday 11/01/2013

You're still overlooking a few strategic points. Ector is one of the highest gaping characters in Piranas. What's more, unlike almost all of Piranas, he goes through DR -- this is essential in a low damage clan. Having him in your hand allows you to harass your opponent with cards that it's not desirable for them to fight: Taljion, Puff, the unpredictable Hawkins, attack manipulators from another clan, etc. Depending on how your opponent reacts to those cards you are likely to gain a low-cost life advantage or a pill advantage. That pill advantage, in turn, helps Ector secure an easy hit.

Look at it this way: Opening with 1-pilled Taljion when Ector is in your hand essentially transfers Taljion's round-winning advantage to Ector (unless your opponent lets Taljion through, which is even better!)

tuesday 08/01/2013

I have said this before but I will repeat it. We can tell you hundreds of good decks and we can tell you how to play them, but that won't have any effect when your playing ELO - experiance is what counts. Learn the concept of ELO, build your deck off this weeks ELO bans and play strategically.

Since you asked I'll share one of my favorite decks (it's a bit expensive) smiley

Kerozinn Cr, Kusuri, Zhu Tang, Shifou, Z3r0 D34d, Bristone, Leviatonn (or use Klawz if Leviatonn is banned) and Methane

monday 07/01/2013

Lol he obviously has no money, but i suggest u sell ayah to make cash at the moment she is complete crap.

Ditha > lena
ward hg > ward hg hes a good card for offense, cyb lhia limited to turn one? your choice though
dagg > t gaank

sunday 06/01/2013

Oh, don't do that... shifou is great and Kati is, well, bad... if you REALLY want that SoA, replace randy with Alexei and Zhu Tang with Chan...

saturday 05/01/2013

Hi guys, i was thinking about making an fronz/vortex deck and was looking for some opinions the deck would be
Ward hg

my budget is 27,500 and ideas and sugestions?

friday 04/01/2013

Nice deck. smiley

Interesting deck. I would personally change Spycee to Tula.

Ok deck. I would personally change Magda to Flora, Olga Noel to Akendram and Amanie to Wolfgang.

Nice deck. I prefer Jimmy to don.

Interesting deck. I would personally change Nakata to Zhu Tang and Zack to Numar.

thursday 03/01/2013

Thanks for your input oracle. So far the soa match up hasn't been to difficult, but I haven't faced to many roots and Gheist tend to have low power as well.

I think your right that Dorian will do better than lady when he's available he adds some much needed power to the deck
Not sure how hefty would do I'll have to try him out some time

I will try cyb lhia--> ward hg

Honestly I dont think u NEED to have a 5*, as gheist 's 5*s arent outstanding, good but not supreme.

never a big fan of z3r0 d34d, so...

z3r0d34d + gork --> bristone + hriger
robb cr --> karen, cuz your deck is not that strong vs SoA

wednesday 02/01/2013

Pegh --> Jean (8 Power + 3 Life Gap + SOA = Boss)

Charlie --> Leela or Lena (Like them better but just preference)
Noemi --> Cherry (Solid 8 Power and Heal works really well w/ DRs and +Life)


Here's the staff announcement.

Miho > Melanie
Silvia Ld > Elvis
Cortez > Sprinter
Neloe > Cyb Lhia
X-0dus > T Gannk


OK I take back saying alexei is a BAD card, but there are better options for SOA out there. well you can you him, but personally I always choose a clan in a half deck with a good SoA card. just to name a few: jean, rubie, elvis, the new angelo.

tuesday 01/01/2013

Ugh you guys done complaining about an under powered clan? In case you didn't realize the topic is called "rate up this rescue deck" not "discuss things that annoy us".

Pretty good deck but you should definitely switch Vinny for Lothar, forcing pillz plus exceptionally high damage is a lethal combination and it's certainly not something your opponent would want to just let through. Oracle is right though the only good 4 star that rescue has is Kerry and her courage doesn't mesh well with Anita's, I personally would go double 5 star like you have.


I think honestly it is ok to be 'OP'. look at mok or mawpin for example. 8/4 with SoA/SoB is not very balanced either... but they think is if their abilities gets stopped they are weak.

I think that perhaps high minimum would be fine, but another thing that I think UR has to make are DRs and defeat. currently, tiwi ld is the only defeat, and without it frozn is almost unplayable (unless kalindra the beast is released). Making cards even more predictable with double revenge or courage + revenge is NOT smart....

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