friday 06/06/2008

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Axel, although they have awesome abilities it dosn't help them win... play in no random and watch them get owned smiley

+ pillz is a bad ability smiley

i fear that lots of people will get them and it'll be a case of losing alot of pillz... htey are sorta like la junta and i like that clan though .. smiley

I think you have to try to speak normally with no sms language. Thank you

Here's the link!



comment and rate pls

a pretty good deck i must dont need SOA or SOB

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Why is roots suddenly the best and why bangers aint the best?

Personally I've heard two that sound somewhat likely or cool, (I guess I'm too uncreative to come up with any good ones myself XD) those are Bonus = Opp Bonus (or ability) and Bonus = 1 Minus pills for every successful attack (or some amount of pills taken away when a pirana wins)

But then of course this was started as "Crazy" clan bonus ideas smiley not possible ones XD lol

Just look at the cards yourself, almost all card's comments include a description of the final power damage and abilities, or go look at some pre sets which show the final level.

thursday 05/06/2008

I know that but i dont have gabrielle so i use bree..


There is no clan that has 7 good cards for under 500 clints. You have to go two clan. I also recommend finding a couple heavy hitter cards that you'd be willing to spend 1000 clintz on. Cards like these give you lots more options: Lennox, Kawan, Jeeves, Emma, Hammer, Erpeto. They aren't great, but good bang for the buck.

I can check the rule of cards and credits distribution of ELO prizes on UR's official webpage.
But i can't find how the ELO clintz jackpot shared for players in detail.
Would anyone plz tell me the rules ?

Miken Moose

Wardog is better than bruce, if you do that then burger can be changed to no nam, if you keep bruce, I would change burger to gertrud or bryan, since those two are more stable and you need a SOA or SOB

Tip 1: Stick with 1 or 2 clans..preferably bangers and junks...

Tip 2: Since you haven't bought credits yet and don't have enough money for a decent deck....
This is what i suggest you to buy:

for type 1 / ELO

onik 3*
lolly 3*
otakool 3*
gibson 4*


If you have enough money, change lolly to veenyle and otakool to rowdy.

kevin 3*
leila 3*
b ball 2*
Platoona 4*

If you have enough money, kevin to graff, leila to blaaster, and platoona to vermyn n.

Good Luck!

I think it will be alternating Pussy / Roots / Bangers / All Stars / GHEIST
GG's! smiley

Waaa! check the date base! smiley

wednesday 04/06/2008

A clear example.
even someone who can do math can make mistakes.
though i was just over excited at the prospect of poison 4 min 2 smiley
and +4 life per damage...

and for hugo, yeah, that was just a simple finger slip.

either way, i find the extra .5 stacked on top to be a bit over powered none the less...
even though it would do wonders for the game play element of calculating values....

as for +1 power, it wouldn't be as over powered, but it would be a bit unnecessary.
i mean why go +1 power, when you can use Courage +3 power.

I agree that most of the leaders take up too much space for ELO. Fine for Type 2 but you would be better off using Emeth instead. I'm using <A HREF=""><b>this mono La Junta deck</B></A> currently in ELO and it's been pretty decent smiley

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