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sunday 13/07/2008

I have three decks... my Fighting Dirty Series... and i was wondering about which you thought was best... I've provided links at the bottom... please help and if none are good... please help me revamp them... or make something new...

I have all Fang Pi Clang... except for the CRs... and All Piranas... except for Sting (U), Dalhia (U), and Bloodh (R)...

Fighting Dirty V1: http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=67999&from=list

Fighting Dirty V2: http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=91985&from=list

Fighting Dirty V3: http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=92032&from=list

The first thing you can do about defending a 1hko card is to play damage reducers and 1 pillz, this is helpfull because your opponent will most likely play a non 1hko card if you play a damage reducer and won't use any pillz allowing you to win. If you do not have a damage reducer than check to see if the 1hko card relies on its ability and bonus and check to see if you have any soa's or sob's. If you dont have any damage reducers, soa's, or sob's than usually a player wont play a 1hko on the first round so you can sit back and just play a blocker card. TO BE CONTINUED

saturday 12/07/2008

To beat Rescues its simple, aim directly to win 2 battles and lose the other 2. Don't lead your strong ones, but await with them.

Clara and Baby Q are not good. Yayoi is miles better than any of them.

Rate and comment. Thanks


Keep both theyre not worth much anyway

Are these using fully evolved cards?

: Masamu is a no-no in a half-deck.. it would give you trouble..
: stick to Myke..

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friday 11/07/2008

Get rid of chloe, miss chloe, zoltan, and bristone

Yep second one is better montana is really hard to play without lyse teria cr.

Thanks everybody

Id say both
coby <= attacker
skiner <= attacker / bluff
rick <= bluff / damager
aurelia <= bluff
havok / copper (havok is better) <= attacker
luis <= Soa
rebecca <= filler
miranda <= damage

i seen this before

My idea is
and gaia/wee lee/lulabee

if you have a money
your roots
+nanook,tanaereva,gabrielle.wee lee/lulabee
i prefer lulabee

I think I might go Sakrohm. That seems more my thing. Thanks.

thursday 10/07/2008

I always lose to Ghoub in rescue with my jackie, with her bonus, with 6 pillz!

Very good. the only thing you should change is glorg to kenny but you said you can't do that

Thanks for the tip. Sakrohm's reducers should nicely complement nightmare's offensive power.


Help me.
The deck is good but i tend to lose against ghiest help.

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