monday 30/06/2008

You should use tyd because with smokey in the same hand they can't be beat

If you have a Guru cr then that will go great instead of skrumxxt

Either one should work maybe u should use both then figure out wich u like best

Leaders are best with mono-clan. Timber is only good with life gain decks(Nightmare). Ambre are the best all around with anyone but her weakness is her own stats(so you have to win with your other three cards most the time). Hugo is best with +/- attack clans. Morphin with +power. Eklore is an odd critter, mainly to make your opponent panic and waste pills early which combos nice with her high damage. Eryik is best with All Stars. Vholt... near worthless with that high min. Maybe Pussycats but really no. Ashigaru, really hard to play but good in Survivor with high star decks, also good in decks with really strong powers like Nightmare or Piranas(But sadly Ambre is better). He is underestimated because his power gives you no math advantage just a stratigic one.

Well there's always the DZ room or the no-random elo room as well, but yet no type 1 no random,,,,,

do u think if we made a petition n got people to sign it or watever, maybe the UR staff would give us a no-random type 1 room? smiley

I prefer Mono-clan because you never have to worry about not getting your main bonus. Also Mono-clan is the only way you can really use a Leader well. You can also add in a powerful ability offclan card like Veenyle, Uranus, Hawkins, Smokey or Andsom without losing bonus. Of coarse you get more variety and combinations with 2 clans and don't have to settle possibly for weak clan cards (Like K Cube).

Don't you think that poison and pill reduction should be similar?

Poison takes effect at the end of next round,
but pill reduction hits you at the beginning of the next round.

I think they both should work at the same period of the round.

@ half-pint

poison doesn't give extra's just an ability/bonus that reduces life points to a minimum..
read the game's can find how scores are computed there..and other things such as what can give extra points..

sunday 29/06/2008

Hard deck to play cos its a bit predictable in my opinion.
try the four nightmares with four sakhrom stoppers. totally unpredictable.
also deiter would be a good addition.

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Thanks for the advice. I'm definitely struggling to adapt, and I had a horrible showing this week, but at least I have some sense of why. Hopefully I'll be able to put these tips to better use in the future.

I like the choice to switch Dieter for Hel and Glorg for gives your opponent the disadvantage of dealing with two monster cards if they are dealt in the same hand for you. You can try Na Boh to reduce more damage which i prefer than Lunatik in that case...

As for your questions...
I think Piranas would be a welcome addition because now if your able to get pill out of the advantage it would help you out even more. But really their bonus to stop bonus would just be pointless. I would rather see another clan like Gheist to stop abilities or Montana to lower attack power to really make the opponent think twice. What to choose? Stop the OHKO train or the cards that can stop my attacks without pills...

You can't block a card from level-up as far as I know...but if they ever allowed that or it exists...let me know smiley

Well let's see what we can do with what you currently have...

I guess you can do the deck this way...

Noon Stevens

Rass (if you get it)
Ice Jim
Warren or Tafa here

I mean personally I rather see Hugo as well but if your maintaining damage control then Bridget it is. You got a lot of ability concentrated cards and you need to watch out for SOA. If you get a chance...try to grab Wanda for one of the Pussycats or Doloress Boss...they pretty cheap and can build up your strength...Don't worry man...we all started out the same way...just use what you have best for now!

saturday 28/06/2008

Im not sure if this is a tip or not.
anywho i think the speed in which u play a card in elo could be effective
for example if you play fast in elo this puts pressure on your oppenent
on the other hand
if you play certain cards slowly your oppenent thinks u have thought about your desicion and probally wouldn't expect a bluff.

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You can try baby q, yayoi, wanda, ella and lulabee, nanook, gaia, gabriela!

friday 27/06/2008

@ 0 Alin - That's the deck I use smiley I was trying to avoid Selsya Cr though.

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Well remember Krunstall you don't get the chance to run 2 leaders until level 10 and you should have a few decent cards by then.

Wee Lee

Only lost twice with it so far in survivor.

Fifty Lennox Kevin all should go.
Since you do not want to play unevolved cards I am sure, try this

2* B ball
4* Vermyn N
4* Blaaster
5* Bodenpower

this only leaves you 10 stars which honestly is not a lot for montana

2* Filomena
2* Prince Jr
3* Ottavia
3* Mona

obviously your bangers are your big hitters but don't count your montana out.

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