saturday 31/05/2008

I use Kirlad all the time

SOA = stop opponents ability
SOB = stop opponents bonus

It doesnt matter if you played your cards first. When your cards has SOB (like nightmare) then it will automatically stop your opponent's bonus, unless the oppont have SOB as well. Therefore, if you put SOB (nightmare) against SOA (as a bonus like Gheist) then Gheist's bonus wont be activated coz it is cancelled out by the SOB.


friday 30/05/2008

Thanks guys! I'm gonna try these builds, and see what works for me. smiley

Ok, thanks so much everyone I suppose it is just luck, sorry =(.

Yeah. i think the no bonuses would make it quite fun.

when i first played this game, having no idea what was going on, i enjoyed not worrying about bonuses, and if i was in a tourney with a completely new deck of strange characters i would probably be glad to not have to worry about bonuses as well.

i think it would be damn. BTW, anyone else having troubles in this tourney? i have had loading problems and have been getting disconnects or delays the entire time. I'm just wondering if this is my problem, or UrbanRivals' problem.


I started with the pussycats, at this point in time, it really is about finding one you are comfortable with and discovering strategy, good luck smiley (Junta can be a fairly good one for beginners too...)

My T1 tournament Ulu/Sak: deleted

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You need more damage, but if you dont have dieter, doubt you have kolos, but if you do, enzo to filolema, erzsebet to kolos, then save up for ottavia to replace filolema

The reason for kolos is that your cards are low damage, you have 1 that does 6 damage, and your five star only does 5 damage, the poison is weak with a high minimum, and you'll find if you dont get if off first turn, you'll rarely put the poison to use. Kolos changes things, it makes your opponent cautious, afraid to use pills, so you can sneak some damage in with sheitane and glorg, then finish them without the need to fury on kolos. Basically kolos is there to make up for the damage your team is missing.

thursday 29/05/2008

It lacks damage, and neither of those clans has obvious high damage cards to help out. Murphy isn't any good. Skrumxxt is pretty good (especially at lvl 4) but he's a liability with SOA out there. I like Rosa over Edd for this deck. It gives you a Two hit KO (Rosa + Trinmkkt) and your damage reducers can help take advantage of the poison.

Here's the Montana/Sakrohm deck I've been playing around with: deleted

Blue3inho daca nai carti de 5* in deck castigi mai multe pct ,deci ajungi si mai repede in top 10
Dar in rest e bun

Try using my Type 2 deck if you like All Stars...........

I put 2 Stars there on purpose so you can get a little more points...

Here it is:

I used to like Leviatonn but then when i used him in Elo, it ussualy came down to stats and pillz, thats where six power and no extra help kinda throws you down. mabey my lucks been gone for too long but then a gain he is also very predictable. THink about you aint going to use him on a card with no ability or bonus(MOst people, stress on most). If you get him ussualy you want to use him on a good shot but thats just me. So yes XU52 smiley

wednesday 28/05/2008

Thanks everyone for answering! Appreciate it

Thanks for the info guys that really helps. Apprecicate and Gl to all

Im running an ELO slash Level 1 sentinal deck:


currently, I cannot defeat kolos decks or Uppers. most other decks i am fine at defeating.

I am looking for someone to look over my deck and see if I should make any changes. I think my deck is about as solid a solo sent deck can be, although I curious about using a Leader. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Rosa is good, 1 less power, but 1 more Damage + poison is good.
if you hit with Rosa, in the first 2 rounds, you can potentially 2 hit KO with a 4 or 5 damage card without using fury.
or a 2 or 3 damage card with fury.
Rosa opens a lot of doors.
while Edd, stop bonus, which is really important... only has 5 damage.

if you use em both together, you can use Edd for the second hit.
also, Uppers and Rescue have both been hurt recently, but Pussycats have come back in, so less attack bonuses, but potentially more damage reduction bonuses....
it's debatable.

Already covered in <A HREF=""><b>this post</B></A> smiley

50:50 chance of win. hopefully you win since I almost always lose everytime I have same attack with my opp

What cards do you have now? Unless you plan on buying more credits I'd just go with the majority clan you have now. All have advantages and disadvantages and mostly it will depend on your style of play. Are you more of an aggressive or defensive player? Are you looking for a Type 1, 2, or ELO deck?

If aggressive then Rescue, Nightmare, GHEIST, Montana, & Bangers are my personal favorite clans. If defensive then Pussycats, Roots, & Montana are good to work with.

Most of the time it's best to mix two clans unless you're going with Rescue as OC-Luke mentioned.

I'd also check out the public presets for ideas and narrow your search to the type of game you want to play smiley

Why Toro?
just asking

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