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thursday 03/07/2008

Anyone wanna help me out?

wednesday 02/07/2008

I like rather Vickie, for mainly two reasons :
-SOB, combined to Montana bonus, which allows you to beat almost any card in the game
-deals 8 damage, possibly 10 with fury, and this awesome, you can finish (or more likely begin, i often use Vickie to finish) the job with any card then.
-the third reason (there's one!!) is basically the graphics, one of my favorite in the game

On the other hand, Jackie has SOA, which prevent most damage reduction, or any annoying ability.

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When i say "a big prize" i mean a really expensive old cr.and i say a tourney i don't mean elo but a tourney with knouckout games that the winner gets this cr and maybe the 2nd 3rd 4th 5th get money and some rare cards

He is good for the new mode.maybe thats y he became expensive

Its ur debut for the daily rankings just for today

Nice deck

First, welcome back smiley
rescue clan bonus?
their bonus is support.

Support: Attack +X
CHARACTER’s attack points are increased by X points for each character belonging to CHARACTER’s clan and who is part of his team. Remember that CHARACTER is also taken into account.

in this case, support: +3 attacks

example is easier to understand.
for example:
you have 1 rescue in your hand, but because of the bonus rules, no bonus.

2 rescue: +3 multiplied by 2 : +6 attacks

3 rescue: +9 attacks

4 rescue: +12 attacks

so rescue is best when is used as a mono clan deck

note: support as ability will give the card the ability, for example, alec, ability: support: +1 damage. if he fight alone, he will get +1 damage

piranas? which ability?
+ pillz?
it's easy, when you win, you will get that amount of pillz (this will be a huge advantage if you can use it)

ulu watu pussycats for ELO?
actually pussycats is very flexible now

pussycats: 12 stars
baby q

Ulu watu: 13 stars

All Stars are probably known for their great 4 stars, Marina and Striker, a powerful 5 star could make it back to the days when All Stars were popular with Marina, Striker, Lamar, and Ashley / Flo as a 15* half deck... SO no and no, I don't think All Stars needs anything... XD

tuesday 01/07/2008

It is theoretically "cheaper" to access.

Less texty the rules read:

1) All restrictions of Type 1 apply
2) You may only use COMMON cards that can still be acquired in packs
3) Of all clans you use, an equal amount of characters needs to be in the deck

3 is pretty ridiculous imho... there is not really much apart from 4:4 or 8:0 decks anyway.

Oh, and the mode will change every week [!]

I cant blame him,i used it once and got a 10 streak but i sold Ambre becuase of her higher price


Excellent deck.you could change oyoh with eyrton for most power though

RG365, are the Clintz and point gains in the Tournament and ELO rooms just as much as the Danger Zone and Fight Club? That would be very nice.

I'm sorry...
i'm very sorry to everybody...
but somebody had to say it.

Well... to answer your question, it would really depend on if you're in the mood for a nice savory meal, or a sweet snack.
as i like my Burgers typically for dinner... and the only time i ever eat chiros are for snacks, like at six flags, or they're available in your grocers freezer...

but now for serious.
it really does depend on your deck.
Burger is a nasty 6/5 that becomes a 9/7 this is pretty decent, but it isn't guaranteed.
I dislike Chiro, because that's potentially 4 damage that can be stopped by soa, and if facing yookie... even more will be stopped. of course for it to be 4, you would have to have a full la junta hand to start with.
I dislike Burger because he strikes me as week... though he isn't weaker than other 4 star la junta cards... the courage ability turns him into a predictable schlub(if this word is offensive, i'm sorry... as i didn't realise).
it boils down...
constant 7 damage with bonus? or potentially 8 damage with bonus....
9 power once, or twice a match... potentially 6 if ability stopped...
or constant 8 power.

you should reevaluate your deck. if you have a lot of high power, but no huge hitters?
go Burgerlishous
if you have a few high power, and a bunch of lower power?
then Go Techno Chiro...

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Cus she in the new blood packs and once she gets out she will be worth alot more im hoping atlseast

monday 30/06/2008

You should use tyd because with smokey in the same hand they can't be beat

If you have a Guru cr then that will go great instead of skrumxxt

Either one should work maybe u should use both then figure out wich u like best

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