thursday 19/06/2008

You should aim for these decks:

T1/DT (daily tournament)

Marco 5*
Alec 4*
Kerry 4* (far better than Ghoub, but Ghoub works too)
Slyde 3*
Elvira 3*
Steve 2*
Larry 2* or Denise 2* (this case is a matter of playstyle tbh)
Lea 2*


Hax 5*
Kerry 4*
Ghoub 4*
Elvira 3*
Slyde 3*
Steve 2*
Lea 2*
Larry 2* or Denise 2* (see above)

Simple, try this:

Enzo *5
Edd *4
Mona *3
Prince jr *2
Bryan *4
Jane Ramba *3
Wardog *2
Dean *2

GG's! smiley

Nope not on 9 cards me use 9 cards but i can enter and battle

: Graff...
: Graff could stop B-Ball`s damage reduction... so it means that, Graff could stop others.. smiley

wednesday 18/06/2008

Veenyle is pretty expensive
i have most of the other good junkz/sakrohm cards though

Hmmmmmmm...............stick to 2 clans m8

yes change vickie to lulabee

but for dailies you need gaia, gabrielle , nanook , ice jim , bree etc.


Hmm, yeah, Rescue is meant to be played as a pure clan but you can always experiment, smiley

Try this instead:

Oyoh *5
Striker *4
Flo *2
Ashley *2
Edd *4
Mona *3
Ottavia *3
Prince Jr *2

GG's! smiley

Try Pussycats and La Junta, GG's! smiley

Gibson/lolly/peeler are all really usefull

Loa_puppychow pretty much has my strategy down

They throw shells

Any deck that is even almost competative would kill a deck full of Platinum. Bonuses are extremely important, which many low level players fail to realize.

tuesday 17/06/2008

I am of the impression...
that Flo is better than Ashley in 8/10 situations.
Rico is better in the attack stand point, but Lilly does pose 2 hit KO potential.
Kolos is one heck of a card to have on your side. the KO potential, and bluff/fear factor alone is worth the 5 stars.
Timmy has a clear advantage in power. but the Poison lacks a tiny bit compared to Sheitane's. also, the 1 star is important.
Hel has primarily the star advantage, but if you hit with Mojo, you can gain more back... but the star advantage is too important in this case, so i chose Hel.


This is just a random preset no made by the staff or for any real reason but to see whos your Fav. man in the city is.

Rhed, Hawkins, Smokey, Spycee/Katan is a nice half deck...

Nightmare and anything that works with a nightmare half deck should be good.

Thank you so muchsmiley i try that recomended decks but i dont have so many moneysmiley Charlie when she have lvl4 she still earn exp too bad

Sentinel might require you to play them pure to make use of their best arresnal if you get my drift, smiley

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