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thursday 26/06/2008

You're a lv 26 guru!!! You should have better cards than that, or at least more money!!! Anyway, deck 2

Ive used this deck once or twice and i have gotten 15th in a tourney

Vicke (lvl3)
Ottavia/ Lyse Teria Cr
Jackie (lvl3)
Dorian (lvl3)
Frankie Hi

Ok now i tried to make this the est i could and tried it a couple times and got 15th place with this so
i thought i would share it with pretty much anyoe who thought it was a good idea, here it is

Lyse Teria Cr/ Ottavia (if your poor like me)
Vicke (lvl3)
Jackie (lvl3)
Dorian (lvl3)
Frankie Hi

If you want a fun deck to play with use Piranas.
They play alot different than the other clans because of their pill maniputing cards
which adds alot of fun to it

wednesday 25/06/2008

If you go in the round tester ( http://www.urban-rivals.com/game/rules.php?show=abilities in the bottom)you can see that last on the list are piranhas,rescue,freaks etc. which means that in the top of the list are the first clans of this game.then if you go in the cards section of the montana(the first clan) you will see that the first cards were pino lino borsa don and ottavia.
i hope i helped!!!

tuesday 24/06/2008

Boss, John and Rick have support. He's plane sentinel as a half deck

You must take into consideration two things
firstly the 3rd round is the most important round no matter you win or lose.its the perfect time and the most crucial too for a bluff(either a wining or a losing one)
secondlynever become too corky.once in elo a guy beat me in the first round with kenny and furry.he also had eklore.i managed to get a draw with him because he was corky enough to put all his pillz on kenny.
thats it guys!!!!!!!!!!

Sentinel is not good for dual-clan decks so I would say replace sentinel... still we can tell you what clan to leave better if you post your deck!

All stars

@ PuppyChow..

Enzo to Bodenpower
Saddy to Ottavia

monday 23/06/2008

Sell them on the market for lots of clintz

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If i had selsya i would change it

Wrong on the six months thing simple, its 2 every year. No time just two every year.

When i get credits i always buy rainbow, i got kolos and many other good cards there.

sunday 22/06/2008

Guys, as you may know, the new clan Piranha has come out, and this has inspired many new decks. Could you guys give me some idea of what good decks to use in ELO now?

He is right.you definitely need some expensive cards for a good deck

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