sunday 15/06/2008

Freaks-banger maybe? since freaks has good low star and still high power..
how about this build for elo?
bodenpower 5
blaaster 4
b ball 2
graff 2
esmeralda(the freak that has +10 attack)

even the worst draw is playable..sentinels is quite ok but i think the consistent in power means everything..smiley

saturday 14/06/2008

I found it in a random site and thought it was interesting

Do you have anymore clintz to spend ? (You might need to add cards)

If u have blacklested someone an u ant to unblacklist them wot i do is go to my messages via community my messages and click on manage blacklist u can withdraw all of them or one of them

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I think something should be done to earn more clintz.. it has been like this since 2006.

The best scores I've ever seen from Type 1 are earned with low-star decks. 19* Fang Pi Clang + Montana, 22* Rescue, etc. WIth good play and good luck, those can get 450 points of more. Fewer points in a deck means you're going to get more points for each win, and when you multiply that across - as Force Majeure said - 22+ games, you're looking at 70 - 80 extra points vs. a 25 star deck playing and winning the same games.

I've broken 400 several times with deleted, but no higher than 425.

For T1

for T2

Juicy Lord/Vermyn N 3*
B Ball

Make a rocking recue deck

friday 13/06/2008

ELO half deck for allstar(13*):

Oh k ty

You have to go to the homepage and look at the updates box and it should say something like claim your leader card or something

thursday 12/06/2008

Maybe try a Mono/Leader deck like Nightmare, La Junta, Fang Pi or Piranas and Ambre? Or Junkz/Uppers/Montana/Sentinals/Rescue/Hugo. Or Ula Watu/Bangers/Morphin. I prefer them to the two clan decks because you never get 3/1 screwed. You can even throw in a cheap powerful ability low star card like Veenyle/Hawkins/Uranus/Smokey to any of these and still always get the bonus you were looking for.

Here's an example Sheitane wins the first round and has 2 min 1, if no one else does damage she will do a total of 7 damage. 1, 2, 2, 2. If she hits the third round she only does 3. 0, 0, 1, 2. One of the quirks with many poison characters is rather then high power they do high damage so they hit the min pretty fast like Crassus. Nice thing is though if he just gets SoA'ed then he'll still do 9 damage hitting first round. Also a wierd quirk is if you hit min then gain life the poison doesn't start again. Not sure if that is a bug or intentual.

Typically any deck that does +/- attack is the best because no matter what happens your opponent has to waste pillz to win and your getting it for free even on bluffs. They control the game. Damage Reduction/SOB/SOA are the next best. A lot of teams depend on high damage or strong abilities. Stealing that away hurts them bad.

Um, don't use ghiest?

But if you have to hmm... not enough 2 hit KO's for Ambre... not enough +attack/power for Hugo to help win every fight... not enough power to make use of Morphin. I would have to say either Eyrik or Eklore. They hurt your opponents ability to attack and Eklore would give you some 2 hit KO chances without fury.

Yay no ones done roots-
roots high power. thts about it really, there damage is fairly low and there abilities aren't tht gd.
in all fair honesty they r like uppers because the uppers clan has limited amount of gd cards but the rest is just a waste and not worth buying.

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He isn't banned because he is overpowered... ulu watu was an overpowered clan so admins made a pool to ban:

tanaereva and wee lee, nanook or gaia and the users picked to ban him and wee lee.. that's why wee lee is banned along side with tanaereva!

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