wednesday 28/05/2008

Why Toro?
just asking

3 guru cr and 1 grakssmt

I think is a good strategy but you first need a deck like sackrom an uppers or montana!!!
these clan's are very expensive..
ex: Zatman
lyse terrya cr

Junkz are not that deffensive: gibson, rowdy, venyle, otakool is not that deffensive.

You can use many other clans with junkz: from uppers to nightmare, from cats, to sakhrom, even la junta, or freaks.

It depends what do you want to use it for, and what your opponent(s) will use.

Uppers montana dream 3 star team:
Zatman, Frankie Hi, Rubie, Stanford
Mona, Ottavia, Lyse Teria, simon

Or you can go monoclan rescue:
Anita, Bobby, Elvira, lobo, Slyde, Pam, Tanner, Mark <----isnt is crazy how rescue can have a decent deck just with 3 star fillers....

Any deck combination will do great if the player using it is familiar and at ease with the particular combination. Experiment with deck combinations and see for yourself which one works great for your style of play. There is no point to tell you that this card is good and/or that card will be great on your deck, if you are not really comfortable with that particular card. It is better to check out the game strategies/school of play tactics on the stickies to gain some new techniques for your play. Remember, cards are only half of the reason why people are winning their battles here in Urban Rivals, it takes a good technique, calculations, predictions and etc to get to a better rankings not only for Daily tournaments but for the Elo tournament as well.


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As far as I am concerned, no, there are no ways you can reduce random or make it work for you. The best thing to do is to simply avoid having below half of your opponent's attack points for that will cause you to lose due to sure shot. Daily tournaments are based on random. Dont kill yourself if random didnt work for you. Just laugh at it. Play for fun and everything will work out just fine. Less worries and less problems = you a happy player.

Mermaid.. smiley

I think ashigaru is not very good at elo, since the rest of your cards are 20 stars, and it ensures only that the opponent will start pretty much every time.
(You probably know, that the player with more stars start the duels.)
I don't think putting ashigaru in any elo deck worth 5* (instead of bodenpower, kolos, or charlie)

Bridget is not bad, but still not very good for elo, although if you add some more defence: steeve, and denise, it can be useful.

Yup the typical leaders for elo are hugo, which makes your advantage 15 attack points, or ambre, which adds you some needed power.


what do you think, no leviatonn people...NO LEVIATONN!! I'M TO POOR OK!?!?

btw.....this deck is quite good, kills off ability and knock them off with buck smiley

Svelthlana (power=opp power) pretty good 1 star if you want ability, but wanda 1 star is by far better, since her power is always 8

tuesday 27/05/2008

Well the packs with 3 cards in are most likeley to get you a ccu
thats the most likeley since you must! get a uncommon in each pack

Forest of Demons

With the P-cats come back I like nightmare/roots nightmare stopping the -damage bonus. Roots stopping abilitys and having high power.


well? vote and comment thr..

I LUV COMMENTS! ( and votes)

I bought 100 spare Tyler because I thought he'd go collector

(this is not a joke)smiley

Try using montana..aside from their bonus some characters are cheap...

Ok ill try to reach out just 30 suggestion so its 20/2 8 more please

I like Danny Diamond's point. ELO has more restriction making it more competetive and fun, smiley

Use Darkone178's cute DT deck, smiley

What is hard with Pure stoppage is the low damage, GG's! smiley
Kolos is a must in any Pure Stoppage deck to cover their weakness, smiley.

monday 26/05/2008

OK, Montana has a disadvantage, - 12 min 8 means you can't 0-pill without Hugo (a hefty 5 stars). Rescue has a disadvantage (can't use a leader, can't half-deck with suitable partners e.g. pussycats). The only one you haven't complained about, Uppers, is your only real opposition here...and I suspect they're MEANT to bust Junkz, in the rock-paper-scissors way the game has (the same way Rescue busts Montana without Hugo, as they do in the comics). I've got a few Sentinels, and I think that they're vastly powerful...I agree with Tfjoc that even without bonus they're mighty. Also, their bonus has no disadvantage. All you end up with is -2 att vs Uppers, in terms of direct disadvantages. If you can't surmount that, then...I don't know, maybe they are awful.

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